From best friends to lovers- SwaSan (Part 4)


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Here’s the fourth part-

Days passed on and Sanskar was enjoying his new phase of life with Kavita whereas Swara, she was feeling ignored.
Now Kavita was also a part of their group cause of Sanskar.

It was just an week before exam when Swara called Sanskar.
“When will you come?” ssked Swara flipping pages of her books.
“Why and where am I supposed to come?” asked confused Sanskar.
“Dumbo…bhul gaya kya? Our exams are gonna start after one week and we both are yet to start our last moment studies..” giggled Swara.
“Oh..yeah.. This Kavita na.. It seems I’ve become gajni…kuch yaad hi nai rehta” chuckled Sanskar
“Yeah.. Romeo” teased Swara.
“Shut up yaar Sammie” blushed Sanskar.
“Stop blushing Sanky and be on time. I’ll be waitingggggg…” she sang it.
“Umm.. Actually Kavita have so many doubts in few subjects so she needs me. I mean she wants that we two study together” said Sanskar nervously.

Swara was hurt again but she didn’t showed up. She again felt ignored.

“Hello.. there?” asked Sanskar.
“Yeah.. Umm.. No problem. I understand” said Swara with tint of hurt.
“Thank god.. Tu maan gayi… I was scared as how you’ll react” said Sanskar with sigh of relief.
“Hey dad is calling me. Talk to you later” she lied controlling her tears.
“Okay…see ya” he said with smile.
Swara didn’t knew when she started sobbing and when she dozzed off. Shekhar was noticing the change in their friendship. His daughter was no longer behaving like a typical Sammie so he took one decision regarding her life.
“I think I should wait till her exams gets over. This will be best for her” he thought.

The whole week Sanskar didn’t met Swara. They only had phone convo. Swara studied along with her gang where as Sanskar continued his studies with Kavita.
It was the day of their exam.

“Btw you don’t need any luck cause like every time, you’ll top it” said Sanskar hugging Swara.
“Without your luck I can’t do anything you know na” pouted Swara.
“But this time my Sanky baby will top as he have his lady luck by his side” chipped Kavita.
“Kavita this Sammie never allows me to top” Sanskar pouted.
“I’m so sorry Kavita for not letting your Sanky baby top in exams” mocked Swara.
“Its okay but this time he’ll gonna nail it. Bye baby” Kavita kissed Sanskar on his cheeks.
Everyone was looking at Sanskar with teasing expression except Swara. She felt disgusted.
“Ahem ahem Sanky…kissy wissy and all han. Had that kiss?” winked Ankit
“Which kiss you talking about” blushed Sanskar.
“You know very well which kiss he meant” teased Laksh.
“Guys, the bell rang..let’s go” Sanskar avoided.
“Arey…atleast answer the question” mocked Ragini.
“Yes… We had” said Sanskar while walking towards his class.
Swara’s eyes welled up instantly. Her tears were disobedient. She rushed to washroom and broke down there. She was crying uncontrollably.
“Why am I hurt? Why? Why I can’t see my Sanky with anyone else? Kyun tu itna durr chala gaya mujhse? You don’t need me anymore na? Laksh..Ankit, even they are my friends but I never feel hurt when I see them with Ragini and Nisha then why do I get hurt when I see Kavita with my Sanky? Kahi me usse? I can’t. This can’t be true. No..damn it!! How can I love him? He’s Kavita’s now…I lost him. Lost him forever”.
She was sobbing but no one was there to comfort her. Soon she heard the last warning bell to enter class and she rushed to her class pushing everyone in her way.

Soon the exam week got over and Shekhar was ready to talk to Swara as he decided. These days Sanskar and Swara hardly exchanged words as he was busy in pampering his new found girlfriend and she was busy in wetting her pillow every night.
“Swara come sit here” said Shekhar spreading his arms.
“What happened dad? You sound serious…” said Swara looking into his eyes.
“Well… Yes I’m serious. We need to talk something very important” he said in serious tone.
“Yeah go on. I’m all ears” said Swara adjusting on sofa.
“Do you trust me? ” he asked
“What kinda question is this?” she asked confusingly.
“Yes or no?” He asked.
“Yeah I trust you. I don’t need to say this” she said with a big smile.
“I’ve took one decision for your life and I hope you won’t disappoint me” he said.
“What kind of decision?” she asked with hesitation.

She was shattered after hearing the decision taken by Shekhar but she promised him that she’ll fulfill it. She was trying to contact Sanskar for umpteenth time. Finally he received the call.
“Kya yaar? What happened? Why are you calling me?” yelled an irritated Sanskar.
“Umm…I wanted to tell u something. Where are you” she controlled her tears.
“I’m in Goa with Kavita on a small trip” said Sanskar.
“I want to tell u something. It’s very urgent” she said.
“Please Swara. He’ll talk to you once when he’ll be free….bye sweetheart” said Kavita.
“Fine. No need of being free now and enjoy your gala time” said frustrated Swara and hanged the call.
“You’re changed Sanky. You don’t care for me anymore. Fine even I don’t care now. I’ll do whatever dad will say now” she wiped her tears and made herself ready for the upcoming events in her life.

Here comes the tragedy. Swara and Sanskar are separated. Will they be Sammie and Sanky urf SwaSan again or this is the end of their friendship?

Kavya..I hope you don’t regret your request πŸ˜›

Credit to: Ruhi

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