From best friends to lovers- SwaSan (Part 3)


“What are you doing here at this hour?” exclaimed Swara.
“You’re reacting as if its the first time I’m coming here” he chipped.
“But why you came?” she asked.
He came and sat in front of her with plate in his hand.
“To spend time with you. Now open your mouth chalo…” he ordered.
She smiled brightly and opened her mouth. He was feeding her.
“Duffer! You said ki you’ll eat something else then why didn’t you eat?” he scolded.
“Woh.. Aadat se majbur. I tried to eat that rajma chawal but gale se neeche nahin utra” she said flashing her teeth.
“I knew it. You’re such a drama queen ” he mocked.
“Leave all this. And tell me how was your first date? What you did whole evening? ” she asked excitedly

“We went for movie, then dinner. We had a great time and you know what..she’s really sweet” he said blushingly.
“Awww… My Sanky is blushing” she teased him pulling his cheeks.
“Yeh girly girly baate na kar mujhse. You sit here and choose the movie and I’ll be back” he said while getting up from the bed.
“Where are you going?” she asked confusingly.
“Sammie, shall I go to wash my hands or wipe it off on your shirt?” he chuckled.
“Oye go fast. Till then I’ll select which movie to watch” she said while getting up from bed.
He came back in a flash with popcorn and she was ready with movie.
“This movie. Wow! Hatt moti this place is mine” He said while adjusting himself beside Swara on bed.
“Yeah..our favorite movie..JAANE TU YA JAANE NA”.

They beamed in joy.
They were watching movie on a mute mode and both were delivering the dialogues. They had watched this movie umpteenth time. They remembered each and every word. Later soon they dozed off. Swara’s head was on Sanskar’s tummy. Sanskar was sleeping vertically and Swara horizontalally.

Soon morning crept in and Sanskar woke up. He saw Swara sleeping on his tummy like always. His lips curved into smile. He woke up and placed Swara comfortably on pillow and pecked her forehead and went to get fresh. He came out in sometime and saw her still sleeping like always.
“Uth ja khumbhkaran” stroking her hair
“Just 2 mins.. Plijj” she said covering her face with duvet.
“I know your two mins which always turns into hours of slumber sleep. Wake up you sleepy head” tickling her.
“Idiot! Don’t tickle me” she said laughingly.

“Then wake up. I’m hungry. Go and cook na” he pouted.
“Bhukkad” she hugged him with morning wish.
“I’m waiting downstairs. Be quick” he ordered.
“Yes sir. I will be on time. Now lemme get fresh” she said.
She pushed him and went to washrom.
Meanwhile Sanskar was chit chatting with Shekhar. She came and sprinted to kitchen for making delicious breakfast.
“Taddaaa… Breaky is ready. Come fast you two” she chipped while plating their food.
“Ahan! The aroma of the food is yummylicious” said Sanskar.
“Yeah. You just cook like Mishty” said Shekhar.

“Thank you thank you. Now Attack” she said grabbing toasts with baked beans.
“So what’s your today’s plan?’ asked Shekhar to both
“Like every Sunday we’ll go to NGO for playing cricket.. Aaj to me hi jeetungi.. Last time you won it” Swara said twisting her lips
“Ummm.. Actually I don’t think I’ll be coming. I’ve to go with Kavita for shopping as I promised her” Sanskar said with apologetic look.

“Toh you’ll shop whole day or what?” she said sarcastically.
“No but it’s new relation toh thoda time to dena padega na” Sanskar said casually
“Oh..ya.. Obedient boyfriend” she said with pinch of disappointment which went unnoticed by Sanskar. But Shekhar sensed it but he chose to remain silent.
Sanskar finished his breakfast and bid adieu to them and left from there in hurry as Kavita was waiting for him.

“Baby where were you?” Kavita said playing with his fingers
“Sorry! Was having breakfast with Sammie and his father so got late. Sorry for making you wait” he said.
“Sanky baby, now I’m your girlfriend. You should spend time with me na” said Kavita pouting.
“Yeah. That’s why I’m here with you. And she’s my best friend too, I can’t ignore her” said Sanskar and dragged her inside the mall for shopping.
They were enjoying the their shopping followed by lunch.

Kavita and Sanskar spent the whole Sunday with each other.
And Swara was spending her day by playing cricket with NGO’s kids but she was missing Sanskar as no one was there to compete with her.
She called up his gang and they had there dinner together. But she was missing him and everybody noticed that as she was less talkative. She had faint smile plastered on her face. it the beginning of their drift?

To be continued.

Stay tuned!
Thank you all for liking the story. I’ll try my best not to disappoint you guys! 🙂

Credit to: Ruhi

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