From best friends to lovers- SwaSan (Part 2)


“The condition is even you’ll have a boyfriend. Not now but very soon” Sanskar grinned.
“Have you lost it? Yeh boyfriend and jaisi chize, I can’t handle it. You know me yaar” pleaded Swara.
“She’s right yaar! No doubt she’s beautiful but I don’t think any boy will dare to date her” said Laksh logically.
“Then how can you say me to date when you yourself can’t handle such cheesy stuff” huffed Sanskar.
“Arey cause you are calm and composed unlike this tomboy” said Nisha poking Sanskar’s forehead.
“It’s my final decision” smirked Sanskar.
“Fine. I’m ready but…” sighed Swara.
“But..?” Sanskar cocked his brow.
“First we’ll find for you and then we’ll see that this relationship stays how long. If it will run for long time then only you will find a guy for me” said Swara crossing her fingers
“And why you thought so?” asked Sanskar.

“Ummm… I don’t know. But now its decided” declared Swara.
“Okay done. So please start your search” Sanskar rolled his eyes.
“We want a hot chick for you. Hey what about that Diya?” said Laksh.
“Nah. That make up ki dukan…” said Sanskar and Swara in unison.
“Then what about Preeti?” Asked Ragini.
“Nah. That qutub minar!! My Sanky have to wear heels” said Swara
And they hi fived with each other.
“Guys I’ve so much of work. I think you guys should carry on then lemme know my so called girlfriend’s name” said Sanskar
“I know you’re our college’s president but sir, even India’s president won’t be this much busy” mocked Ankit.
“You’re correct Ankit” said Swara.

“Fine! I’m not going anywhere. Happy?
Hey what about that Kavita? The new hot girl of first year MBA ” drooled Sanskar.
Everyone’s eyes got popped up by listening a girl’s name from Sanskar.
“Yeah. She’s damn hot dude” mouthed Laksh and got a nice punch from Ragini.
“Don’t u dare to talk about any other girl” glared Ragini to Laksh.
“Baby I was just saying for Sanky” Laksh made an puppy face.
“Oh shut up you Romeo and Juliet” yelled Swara
“I like Kavita. What do you think Sammie?” asked Sanskar.
“Perfect! Even I’ve heard about her hotness. You just have to ask her to be your girlffriend. That’s it cause no one can deny you” winked Swara and Sanskar blushed.
“Yeah. You don’t even need to dress up or do an cheesy stuff to propose her” said Laksh.
“So now that’s decided. You’ll propose her today after I leave from here. Warna mujhe dekh ke mana na karde” Swara said in a dramatic tone.
“But you’re my best friend yaar. How can I do this without you?” said Sanskar.
“Arey baba! You just have to propose her. Then in evening, I’ll meet you guys at CCD” smiled Swara.
“Okay” he smiled back.

“All the best! I’m leaving now and later on please update me han” teased Swara.

Scene 2- At CCD

Swara and whole gang were waiting for the new couple at CCD.
Then after sometime there they came hands in hands.
Swara jumped on Sanskar and hugged him. He hugged her back.
“Congrats Sanky” chipped Swara.
“Thanks Sammie” said Sanskar.
“Atleast now leave my Sanky baby” said Kavita flashing her teeth.
They broke hug and took their seat. It was for the first time that they were seating away from each other.
“Hey, I’m Swara” she forwarded her hand.
“Hey..Kavita here. Yeah I know you are his best friend” smiled Kavita.

“That’s great! Yeah we’re best friend since childhood” said Swara excitedly.
“What would you like to have Kavita?” Asked Sanskar politely.
“One cold coffee with chocolate and cream on top” said Kavita sheepishly.
“Ahan..kya baat hai… Behaving like a perfect boyfriend han…” Swara said and hi fived with Laksh.
“Shut up yaar Sammie..stop embarrassing” said Sanskar scratching his nape.
They all were chit chatting with each other. Somewhere Ragini was not liking Kavita but she thought to stay quiet.
“So when you’ll come home?” asked Swara.
“I’ll be there around 8” said Sanskar.
“Why so late? I’ll die out of hunger” pouted Swara.
“What do you mean?” asked confused Kavita.
“Every Saturday I cook pasta for her. Then we do dinner together and we watch late night movie. And we dose off 😀 then on Sunday she cooks breakfast for me and uncle” said Sanskar smiling.
“Oh..but we were supposed to go on a date today. Our first date” said Kavita sadly.
“Oh! That’s okay with me. I’ll eat something else. Enjoy your date guys” winked Swara
“No.. I’ll come. Don’t worry Sammie and Kavita, we’ll go on date too” said Sanskar assuring both the ladies.

“No. Don’t spoil it yaar. Its your first date. I can eat anything” chipped Swara.
“She’s right. Please I wanna spend this whole day with you….please baby” said Kavita pleading
“Okay. As you say but kha lena.. Don’t starve warna Jackie chain version ka kya hoga” said Sanskar smiling half heartily.
They departed from there hands in hands again.
Not even one person in group liked Kavita except Swara as she was happy that her Sanky is finally a boyfriend now.
Sanskar and Kavita were enjoying their date and suddenly Sanskar realised something and he excused himself from her and took out his phone and called someone.
“Ummm… Kavita I need to go now. Mom is not well and its late too ” said Sanskar in hurry.
“Okay fine. See you tomorrow baby” said Kavita.

Sanskar drove restlessly and found himself standing at the door of Swara’s home.
He pressed the bell and Shekhar opened the door with a smile. Sanskar greeted him and went to kitchen made pasta and sprinted to her room. He saw her tossing her on bed and chuckled
“Bhuke pet chuho ko neend nahin aayegi so they won’t let u sleep too.” Said Sanskar.
Swara jerked up listening his voice and she smiled like a 5 year old kid.
“What are you doing here at this hour?” exclaimed Swara.

To be continued… Stay tuned 😀

Credit to: Ruhi

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