From best friends to lovers- SwaSan ( Part 10) (Last part)

Thank you all very much for liking the story amd I’m sorry too for not posting it earlier, but I’m back with a long part which will be the last part. Thank you again for reading and supporting me! 🙂

“Thanks a lot Sahil beta. You did a wonderful job” DP patted Sahil’s back.
“Dad” Sanskar’s orbs widened.
“It was my pleasure helping you uncle. And had to open this idiot’s eyes” Sahil chuckled.
Sanskar glared him for calling him idiot.
“Sanskar don’t give him that look. Don’t you remember your own Sillu?” DP mocked.
“He’s Sillu? ” Sanskar asked with shock.
“Yes idiot. Bhul gaya mujhe na?
Han, I know I’ve became more handsome with passing years so its not that easy to recognize me” Sahil said with an wink.
“God! You’ve seriously changed from nerd to handsome guy” Sanskar said hugging him.
“I’ve missed you all this years ” Sahil chipped.
“Even me. But you never contacted me, then you became a memory for me” Sanskar said breaking the hug.
“Don’t you wanna know the writer of this play?” AP chuckled.
“Mom, you too? Please guys tell me what’s all this?” Sanskar pleaded.
“Shekhar came to me one day and told me about your changing equation with Swara, then me and Annapurna decided to take step to make you realise the worth of your love” DP narrated.
“And what about him?” Sanskar pointed towards Sahil.
“I told him the whole story and he was ready to help us as we couldn’t risk Sammie with any random guy for our plan” AP said.
“And finally you realised your love for her. Jealousy always works” Shekhar teased Sanskar.
“Yeah thanks to Sillu” Sanskar twisted his lips like a kid.
“Call me Sahil” Sahil made an baby face.
“You still look like a baby Sillu” Sanskar chuckled.
“Stop teasing me and go to Swara or else I’ll go” Sameer teased
“Aye! I’ll see you tomorrow. Now lemme go to her” Sanskar hugged everyone and chipped thanks and ran to her room with an lemonade glass.
“Haaye.. I never knew you look so beautiful. Was I so blind? ” Sanskar questioned himself.
He went to her kept the glass on side table and caressed her hair lovingly.
“I never thought that I’ll fall for my own Sammie” he chuckled on his own thoughts.
“Arey yaar, when will you wake up? I can’t wait anymore to show you my confess my love…to make you feel my love. Wake up khumbh ki maa” Sanskar said making baby pout.

Sanskar was just admiring his sleeping beauty. Swara twisted in sleep and twitched her nose in sleep and murmured something inaudible but it seemed she was cursing someone, may be Kavita.
Sanskar smiled looking at her cute antics. The hangover time was over according to Sanskar’s calculation so he thought to wake her up.
“Sammie.. Sammie.. Hey get up sleepy head” Sanskar whispered in her ears.
He patted her cheeks lightly and again called her. As she wasn’t in hangover mode anymore she slurred and jolted her eye lashes. And it instantly got latched with a brown orbs for few seconds. Swara broke the eye lock.
“You” Swara exclaimed.
“Sshhhh” Sanskar kept his finger on her plumpy lips thus sending shivers down on her spine.

“Drink this lemonade first, then we’ll talk” he said handling her the glass
She drank without arguing.
“What am I doing in your room?” she asked.
“’s OUR room” he said shyly.
“OUR??? Chuck it. How I ended up in YOUR room?” she frowned.
“You were drunk did u forgot that? Why did you do that?” he asked in a bit angry tone.
“My wish. I wanted to drink and moreover Sahil asked me and I’ll do whatever he’ll say” she spat.
“You know na after drinking you suffer a bad headache still you got drunk” he replied.
“Don’t be so concerned for me. Go to your love, your girlfriend. Take care of her” she twisted her lips.
“Yes, I’m hell concerned for her. But that girl is not my girlfriend, she is my would be wife” he spoke with proud.
“Wife??? You’re marrying her?” her voice chocked
“Yes. Why? I shouldn’t get marry to love of my life? Any problem?” he smirked.
“Wh… Why I would I’ve a problem. Do whatever you want to do with her. I don’t give it a damn” she said with tinge of tears.
Sanskar kissed her eyes and tears but she pushed him with her anger.
“What are you doing?” she gritted her teeth.
“Arey, you only gave permission na do whatever you want with your girl” he kissed her cheeks.
“I was talking about your LOVE, Kavita” saying this she was getting up from the bed.
“I broke up with her. She’s not my LOVE” Sanskar said pulling her on bed again.
Swara’s orbs got widened by listening that.
“You broke up?? But why?” she asked.
“Cause I realised I was not in love with her but with someone else” he said with a smile.
“Someone else” she whispered.
“Oh.. Your new catch” she taunted.
“Nah.. My one and only one old catch” he mocked.
“Huh. Good luck. Bye, I’m going. Sahil must be waiting for me” She got up from the bed in a flash.
Sanskar caught her wrist and pulled her towards him. She banged with his muscular chest. He caged her in his arms.
“No one is waiting for you except me” he husked near her ears.
She shivered with his hot breath on her skin. Sanskar smirked as how he affects her. Even his heart was beating at its highest rate.
“Le…leave me. What are you doing?” she struggled to get out of his strong grip.
“I’m SORRY. I’ve hurt you so much na. I know how it feels when you see your love with someone else. When you see them so close with someone else. When you see them laughing with someone else. When you see your RIGHTS are given to someone else. I’m sorry for all my stupidity” his voice choked.
He hugged her tightly and this time even she responded. She didn’t knew why was he saying this but she felt each and every word true. It described her pain when she saw HER SANKY with Kavita.

They were in each other’s embrace. Sanskar broke the hug and cupped her face and pecked her forehead.
“Why are you behaving so weird Sanskar?” she asked confusingly.
“I think you forgot my name. It’s Sanky not Sanskar” he pinched her nose lightly.
“Huh!! Idiot Sanky” she murmured under her breath.
“I heard it my duffer Sammie” he placed an wet kiss on her nose tip.
“What the hell! What do you want?” she asked irritatingly rubbing her nose.
“YOU. I want you for all my life. I wanna spend my whole life with you” Sanskar said with tinge of tears.
“What happened to you suddenly?” she asked caressing his cheeks.
“The same what had happened to you..LOVE” he said caging her again in his arms.
“What?? Its not funny Sanskar. My love is not a joke” she spat in anger
“I’m not kidding Sammie” he pinched her bare waist.
“Ouch! What are you doing!!” she winced and freed herself.
Swara was about to unlatch the door but Sanskar again caged her in his arms.
“I LOVE YOU MY SAMMIE! I love you so much!!” he husked in her ears biting her earlobe.
Swara’s heart skipped a beat. She was dumfounded with his confession. She turned around to face him.
“What did u just said?” she looked into his eyes which were full of love and affection. But instead of repeating his words he cupped her face and kissed her with all his love. Swara too responded to kiss as she got her all answer. The slow kiss turned into an passionate kiss. They were having a good time in kissing and dominating each other but soon they pulled apart. They were panting heavily.
“I hate you…I hate you…and I hate that Kavita too” she banged her tiny fist on his chest.
“But I love you…i love you so much. I know I’ve hurt you very much. You must have cried seeing me with Kavita” he was saving himself from her tiny fist.
“Yes, I was hurt. Very much” she pouted.
“You were always intelligent then me. You know na I’m a tube light. I take time to understand. Do thappad maarke bol nai sakti thi ki youu love me? Huh! Had to make a girlffriend just cause of you” he made an baby face.
“Even I realised when she came in your life. It was so irritating that I felt like banging her head on a wall” she twisted her lips.
“Hahaha… So you were jealous han” he teased her.
“Huh! As if you were not. I know you were hell jealous of Sahil” she smirked.
please! I was not” he lied.
“Oh really? Then lemme go to him” she teased.
“Sorry baby but he’s already married” he smirked.
“What!! ” she exclaimed.
“Yeah, I forgot to narrate the whole drama created by our parents” he said.
“Drama? You mean Sahil and all this…Please explain” she said curiously.
Sanskar narrated her everything, how their parents created this drama to make them realise there love for each other.
“Oh my god! Our parents are too filmy” she chuckled.
“Yeah. Thanks to them” he smiled.
“Specially to Sillu baby. Love you Sahil” she teased and stepped backward.
“What did u say..Sillu baby…Love you and all… Now u see what I’ll do” he said with bit jealousy.
She showed him tongue and was running in the room and Sanskar was running behind her. Finally he caught her and pinned her to the wall.
“Huh… Jealous Maheshwari” she mumbled.
“Yeah I am. Sorry but I can’t help it. I can’t hear such words from your mouth for someone else” he said possessively.
“I was just kidding Sanky” she assured him.
“Now time for your punishment Sammie” he winked and she blushed.
Slowly the distance between their lips got reduced. He was sucking her lower lips with utter devotion and she was massaging his nape. They were fighting for dominance. Soon they pulled apart to catch some breath but he attacked her lips again. She was smiling in between the kiss. He was rubbing his palm on her bare back seductively and finally he said what he wanted to say the moment he saw her in backless blouse.
“Backless” he whispered between the kiss.
“Why did u wear this?” he groaned between the kiss again.
“Don’t spoil the mood now. Lemme kiss you properly” she replied irritatingly and smashed her lips again.
“Why did you wear this? You think u were looking good??” he said disturbing the kiss.
“What the hell! You think I was not looking good” she asked in disbelief.
“Yeah. You were not” he smirked.
“Oh please… You need to consult an eye doctor. Every guy in the party were gawking at me and drooling over me. Few even complimented me, they said I was looking hot” she stated proudly.
“Exactly. I hate when anyone see you with lustful eyes. I wanted to make every guy blind in the party. How dare they see my girl with such cheap intentions” he said possessively caging her in his strong arms.
“Because for them I was looking good and for you I was not” she faked sadness.
“For me you’re the most beautiful creation of god. You look beautiful in every way. You are definition of beautiful for me. I love you Swara Gadodia” he pecked her forehead.
“I love you too. You won’t leave me again na?” she asked innocently.
“Until my last breath, I’ll be with you to love you till eternity” he sealed the promise with an kiss.
“Ahan! Till eternity han? Are you ready to bare me for your whole life?” she faked exclaim.
“Yes… Btw, you’re mine only but let’s make it official too” he said.
“What do you mean?” she asked confusingly.
He sat on his knees and took her hand in his and chipped..
“Would you love to spend rest of your life with YOUR SANKY? Will you marry an over grown child? Will you marry me Sammie?” he asked with moist eyes.
“Ummm….well it was not that romantic proposal but chalega. Yes I will take care of this over grown baby for rest of my life. I will marry my Sanky” she said
“You didn’t liked my proposal” he frowned and pouted.
“You need to improve” she mocked.
“Fine, then I’ll ask Kavita only” he smirked.
“Don’t you dare to talk about any other girl…samjha” she caught his collar.
“I…I was just joking Sammie” he gulped dangerously.
“Aww.. You look so cute when you’re afraid” she said pulling his cheeks.
“Oye..don’t call me cute. You can call me handsome and hot” he whined.
“Nah.. I’ll call you cute only” she pecked his cheeks and ran away.
He ran behind and pinned her to the wall. He smashed his lips on hers and both were lost in each other. Soon both pulled apart.
“I’ll surely tell our story to our children. Don’t you think they’ll love our story? FROM BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS?” he winked.
She blushed and hugged him.
“Thank you for loving me” she said pecking his cheeks and hugging him again.
“No, thank you cause you make me complete” he replied pecking her forehead.

So, their journey from being best friends to lovers came to an end.
And the thing I had to confess is that this is the story of my two best friends, so this story is for them. We all were childhood friends and my two besties were in love with each other but unknown of their feelings so we all had to enact the same play as in story that is we made them jealous and now they are together as a couple 😀

Thank you for bearing with me and loving the story! Take care all! ?

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