From best friends to lovers- SwaSan (Part 1)

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I’m in a jolly mood today so thought to post one more part. This is the
continuation of prologue. Please ignore the grammatical mistakes.

Part 1-

Scene 1- Swara’s home

“When you’ll grow up?” Shekhar asked.
“What did I do?” Swara asked confusingly.
“Your dean called me up and told me about your encounter with that boy”
Shekhar groaned.
“Toh? Why are you angry on me?? It’s all his fault” Swara defended herself
pointing towards Sanskar.
“Uncle relax, and Sammie, shut up” Sanskar glared at her.
“You are suspended from your college for one week. For God’s sake, Swara
you are in final year of MBA and still you’re behaving like a kid” Shekhar
shook his head in disbelief.

“What..!! ” The duo exclaimed.
“Yes, in fact he was going to rusticate you but just cause you’re topper he
is giving you small punishment” Shekhar sighed.
“Uncle, I’ll handle her” Sanskar assured him.
“Han beta, tu hi samjha ise” Shekhar rubbed his temple.
“What samjha han, its all because of him. Blame him not me” She complained
like a 5 year old kid.
Sanskar and Shekhar smiled at her antics.
“Now care to explain why did you beat him” Shekhar chuckled.
“We’ll tell you uncle” the voice came from door step.

They turned and saw the whole gang coming towards them.

“How’s Sunil now? ” asked an concerned Sanskar.
“Kaisa ho sakta hai, bichara zinda hai” chuckled Laksh.
“Doctor said he’s fine, he’s been discharged now.. chamcha aaya tha uska
use lene” mocked Ragini.
“Thank God he’s fine..”, said a tensed Shekhar.

“Dad relax… I just punched him on his face… I didn’t stabbed knife in
his body…” said Swara twisting her lips.
“That was his good luck that there was no knife around you” laughed Ankit.
“Stop pulling her leg baby” said Nisha.
“So now tell me the whole drama” said Shekhar excitedly.
“That idiot said that my Sanky can’t impress a girl and ladke ke naam pe
kala dhabba hai. And he just roams around me and what not!” said an angry
“Oh, and as usual Sanskar must be ignoring such jerk… Hai na beta???”
said an confident Shekhar.
Sanskar nodded positively.
“But that jerk was wrong. This donkey(Sanskar) is the most handsome guy in
college. In fact since school days girls are crazy for him” said Swara.
“You’re cent percent right Sammie. But just cause of you no girl can dare
to come close to him” chuckled Laksh.
“Hawww..what did I do?” said a shocked Swara.
“Oh don’t give me what-did-I-do look” mimicked Laksh.
“Darling.. Do You remember during our school days when girls use to dream
about proposing Sanky, you used to warn them” said Ragini.
Sanskar was getting irritated with this meaningless discussion.
“Yeah.. But they were so cheapo girls yaar. If they had been good, why
would I’ve warned them” pouted Swara.

“Good?? I mean seriously Sammie.. Every girl admires Sanky from distance as
every one is scared of your ‘Jackie Chan version’ ” giggled Ankit.
“He he… So true ” chuckled Laksh.
“Guys please. Leave this stupid discussion.” said an irritated Sanskar.
“I have a master plan. Moreover am free for one week as I’m suspended. So
you just wait and watch” said Swara with an evil smirk.
“God knows what’s playing on her devil mind now” said Sanskar mentally.

Scene 2- College canteen.

“What the hell you are doing here?” asked an shocked Sanskar.
“Don’t shout idiot, I’m just suspended from college not from canteen” Swara
spat back.
“I didn’t knew that canteen is outside college” Ankit said sarcastically.
“Sammie, you can’t break rules like this” said an disciplined Sanskar.
“Please stop your lectures. And I’m here for some purpose” mocked Swara.
“May I know your purpose Sammie?” winked Laksh.
“Yeah…sure sure. Let everyone come” said an excited Swara.
“Will you tell me what’s going on in your devil mind?” said Sanskar taking
his seat.

“As I said yesterday that I have a plan. So the plan is we’ll find a girl
for him” said Swara with a grin.
“What!!! Have u lost it?” said an shocked Sanskar spitting his coffee.
“Awesome idea! But who’ll be that brave girl” chuckled Ragini.
“Brave??” said confused Swara.
“Han, cause you are his best friend. If by mistake that girl will commit
some mistake or if she hurts him, then you won’t spare her” said Ankit
“Shut up yaar guys. I don’t want any stupid girl or relationship. I don’t
wanna waste my time on such bullsh*t” said an irritated Sanskar.
“Arey its not a waste of time dude. Even I’m in a relationship. That
doesn’t mean its a bullsh*t.” said Laksh.
“Exactly! Let’s just give it a try Sanky. I’ll find a girl for you” Said
Swara with her sweet smile.
“But why it’s needed? Why are you taking that Sunil’s words so seriously?”
Sanskar said in serious tone.

“Because I don’t want anyone else to say such rubbish again. And I’m just
telling you for girlfriend, not to marry her” said Swara pleading him.
“It’s so kiddish yaar” said Sanskar.
“You can’t do this much for your Sammie?” Swara faked sadness.
“Fine, go on and find a girl for me and hook me up” said Sanskar in
defeated tone.
“Yay!! I knew it meri jaan” said Swara jumping on her chair
“Are you serious Sanky?” exclaimed Nisha.

“Yeah Nishu” winked Sanskar.
“Congratulations Sanky” said Ankit patting Sanskar’s shoulder.
“Dude..I’m not getting married that you’re congratulating me” said Sanskar
“Exactly! He just said yes and now we have to find a hot and s*xy girl for
him” winked Swara.
“But there’s one condition” said Sanskar with a big smile.
“What condition?” frowned Swara.

Stay tuned to know the condition… Any guesses??

Well keep’s easy 😀

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