Best Friends Forever

Main Characters introduction
1. Name: Sanjana
Nickname: Sanju
Secret ambition: Wants to be an ecologist
Loves: Open spaces and nature
Strengths: She is always in a good mood, as long as she’s outdoors!
Weaknesses: She can’t stand still
Secret: Sanjana is claustrophobic- she can’t stand being in small, tight places.
Other: she loves animals and is really in sync with them. She is also very good at sports.

2. Name: Ria
Nickname: It’s Ria, please. (She can’t stand nicknames)
Secret ambition: She is very particular about her appearance. She wants to be fashion writer.
Loves: Shopping and the colour pink.
Strengths: She’s energetic and full of great ideas.
Weaknesses: She’s always late!
Secret: To relax, there’s nothing Ria likes more than mani-pedi and spa.
Other: She is a fashionista. She could spend her whole day going shopping to maintain her sassy look!

3. Name: Alia
Nickname: Doll
Secret ambition: Wants to become a great violinist.
Loves: Books
Strengths: She is detail oriented and always opens to new things
Weaknesses: She is a bit sensitive and can’t stand being teased. And if she doesn’t get enough sleep she can be really grouch!
Secret: She likes to unwind by listening classical music and drinking green tea.
Other: she is the intellectual of the group. She manages to up with solutions for the most complicated problems!

4. Name: Sana
Nickname: Sweetie
Secret ambition: Wants to be a scientist
Loves: Travelling and meeting new people from all over the world. She is also very close to her sister, Sara.
Strengths: loves helping other people
Weaknesses: She is shy and can be a bit clumsy!
Secret: She is a computer genius.
Other: her strong point is courtesy. She can’t stand rude people.

5. Name: Vinnie
Nickname: Vins
Secret ambition: Wants to become a sports journalist.
Loves: Pizza, pizza and more pizza!
Strengths: She is a peacemaker. She can’t stand arguments.
Weaknesses: she is very impulsive
Secret: Give her a screwdriver and any mechanical problem will be solved!
Other: Grew up with nine brothers and knows all about fighting. She is a peacemaker and a tomboyish girl.

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  1. I bet you’re a typical 9-12 year old girl who reads Thea Stilton Books

    1. Actually not…..I can’t disclose my age here but I am not a 9-12 yr girl and I used to read them when I was 8……. It’s just a big resemblance of characters from those books……but the story is of my own

  2. Very cool intro yaar strawberry !!!

    PLS cntinu !!

  3. No anna she’s not but this intro is bacho wala…… coz I read thea’s bks its same
    For eg sanjana is Nicky
    Ria is collete
    Alia is violet
    vinnie is pamela
    And sana is paulina
    Though strawberry is my frnd but it looks lyk small kids story

    1. Yup The intro is like that only. Oh I used to read them

    2. Pradzzzz……ur r rite…..the intro is from the Stilton books only…….this is my first attempt to write so a bit Baccha wala!!! The first chapter will be good for sure……..I’m working on it!!!! Btw shahid Kapoor wished Niti……..very happy for her!!!

  4. Hey strawberry nice intory of bff. You know bff is air on channel v . And all the characters name ar similar.

    YOu make it easy for people to imagine the characters faces > Its makes more popularity of ur story.

    Its a hit series. Girl make ur way longer .

    I loved it and your comment box is going to fill so easy. So make ur seat tight and way go ahead Loved u dear. Always loved u.

    My Bff-Strawberry

    1. Thanx for the comment but don’t think I know u ????? Y did u write my bff-strawberry??? If you r think I’m your bff u r mistaken……my real name is Saisha

  5. This story is just like u -Strawberry-Refreshing Love u keep going

    1. Hey nisha hw r u ???

      N wat new movie.did u watch last ???

  6. Hey mansi, Luv u dear. Missing u sooooooo much.

    Prem ratan dhan paayo . Waiting . 12 nov release.

    Dear I also update my story naadan dil ki manmarziyaan. If u like the story then tell me what ur heart says.

    And if u not like the story Its ok my love then also. Don’t comment on it. I will keep in touch with u on ur page. Love u keep updating ur story waiting. (mandy)

  7. the characters are just like Thea sisters from Thea stilton books

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