Best Friends Forever (Love , Betrayal but HOPE)

Hey guys hope you remember me , i thought to write the story on BFF too as i promised you all but guys its totally different from the real story except for characters so please spare me if i do anything wrong and please through your comment to let me know if you like or not , so lets begin with the story .hey guys in my story sanju has only cousin younger brother but her real brother is elder than her , his name is harsh.
Location : delhi
The story starts with a girl is sitting in front of a mirror wearing a beautiful pink and silver coloured lehenga . the girl is sanjana .
She says to herself sadly : every girl waits for this day in her life but i never thought that , i only thought of pursuing papa’s dream for me to become successful lawyer and today i am a successful lawyer , i have everything i am going to marry my childhood friend but …. but why i don’t want it , he –he spoiled everything but…..
Her father , mr ashish roy a successful judge of high court comes in and says : you know sanju, rahul is so happy with this marriage , he is dancing like anything be careful or in the ring ceremony only he will take pheras .
Sanju smiles and says : papa , where are ela and vinni ? they didn’t came yet?
He replies no
Sanju : leave it papa , you see the arrangements .
Ashish roy : of course , and i just forgot to tell you , you are looking very pretty.
She passes him a fake smile and he leaves .
Sanju to herself: rahul (you can imagine rahul to be ritik of naginn)is so happy , hw can i betray him , i should tell him about my past , its his right to know and i have to tell him , i have to .
She remembers that when rahul and her alliance was fixed , she then only wanted to tell him everything but he told her to forget her past and only think about their future .
She then opens the room door and tries to go out but her cousins stop her saying : where are you going ?
Sanju hurridly : i have to meet rahul , i have to talk to him about something important
Her cousins teasing her : oh jiju !
Sanju realises this and angrily says : stop your nonsense , i have to talk to rahul , let me go.
Her elder brother , harsh (calmly): now you can only meet him once in engagement , neither before nor after that .
Sanju: but bhaiyaa….
He eyes her sternly and she goes inside room making faces .
She sits on the chair thinking what to do , she then gets an idea to write a letter to him , but her phone goes missing so she writes it on a piece of paper.
She starts her letter : rahul , i know we are childhood friends and that you know me very well but only before i went to collage , you know nothing about my collage and you told me that you also don’t want to know , but i want to tell you , my story begins 7 years ago from the first day of second year of my collage life …….
Location : jaipur
A boy is looking through window towards the rain pinned to the wall , he is continuously staring a message in his phone . a lady comes from back and says : devarji(brother in law) what are you doing ?
The boys face is shown , he’s prithvi : nothing bhabhi
Her bhabhi s name is nina .
Nina says : i know you are again lost in thoughts of sanjana , tell me what happened between you two , you always remember her but never tell me the reason for you separation , now what happened that made you remember her.
Prithvi : bhabhi , its a message from mac , he’s asking me that am i coming to the function in sanjana ‘s house , how can i reply i didn’t got any invitation , if i tell him that i didn’t got invitation he ‘’ll get suspicious and if i tell him i am coming , how can i go , i don’t even know what the function all about .
Nina : what the reason she didn’t invite you i want to know it ?
Prithvi: bhabhi….
He stops.
Nina : tell me , you always do like that maybe i could help
Prithvi : it all started when i went to Mumbai for my law studies after completing my first year here in jaipur and it was my first day of collage….
Past : (guys wherever in the flashback there will be sanjana and prithvi both, it means that both are thinking , wherever only prithvi that means prithvi is telling that to nina and wherever sanjana that means she is writing it in letter , please don’t get confused and if any confusions please ask me for sure hereon the past begins)
A collage is shown .
A boy enters the collage holding a bag and asks a girl : where is class for second year held?
The girl : don’t you know , today is no class only collage function by my besties.
The face of the girl is shown. She’s Vinita uff vinni . then the boy says : then where should i go ?
His face is shown . he ‘s our prithvi . the screen freezes on his face.

Credit to: Piyali


    • Piya

      hey dia dear its my favourite too and pairs are same but sorry there will be no emphasis on varun-pammi love story , only at the end so sorry for that
      and thanks

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