Best Friends Forever (Love , Betrayal but HOPE) Episode 7


Guys if you want me to continue , so please tell me or else i’ll stop as being honest i started it only as i thought there are no bff ffs and for bff fans but i guess my story is not so good so i’ll stop it . pleaseeee do tell me if you want me to stop .

Hey guys i will continue my story for those few who are reading so that they don’t miss the story ine , just for them.
Outside collage:
So the episode starts with sanju , ela and Vinnie standing outside collage ,
Ela (angrily): see sanju , i’ll not miss my lectures i want to go back to collage i am going.
She turns saying this when sanju holds her hand and says angrily : oho today you are remembering your lectures , daily you miss your lectures and today you want attend one. Don’t even dare to go.
Vinni laughs and says : now don’t fight outside collage and sanju you wanted to take us somewhere.
Sanju nods angrily and stops a taxi.
She tells ela , vinni to come and ela resists while sanju drags her in.

In taxi:
Its been 10 minutes and all are sitting quitly inside the taxi while ela sees it and says holding her ears and sweety : ok ! i quit , sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry .
Sanju to Vinnie still angrily : Vinnie somebody said anything?
Vinni eyes ela who eyes sanju with a childish angry look and says loudly : sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Sanju smiles a little and Vinnie sees it while ela doesn’t .
Vinni indicates ela and she makes sanju turn towards her while she’s smiling and says : you……………
Sanju laughs and says : never ever again behave like a studious child ,(and now with childish anger ) i will strange yaar.
Ela nods smiling while the taxi driver aska from front : ma’ am from 5 minutes i am asking where to turn now , please reply.
Sanju bites her tongue and starts telling him the way.
The taxi stops near a building on the road and sanju takes them out and
Ela says : oh ! orphanage ?
Sanju nods in yes and then goes to a flower shop near by and takes 2-3 bunches of flowers.
Ela , vinni and sanju smile and enter the orphanage .
In the orphanage:

Sanju asks the receptionist :where is rosy ma’am?
The receptionist points to a room and they all go their.
Ela to a lady sitting in the room : hello ma’am.
The lady smiles seeing them and says : oh ! you 3 , want to meet the children?
Vinni nods in yes and she says : ok come.
Rosy takes them to the hall where children are playing and they all smile seeing the 3 girls.
Viini : you would have told us before na , why were you hiding?
Sanju : oh hello , where else do i take you everytime?
Vinni bites her tongue and says : i know , always you never take us to any party and if it is you then i would have myself guessed.
Elaa : correct yaar .
Then sanju starts giving the flowers to the children of orphanage along with ela , Vinnie.
They all start playing with children.
In collage :
The class begin and the teacher are asking about ela , vinni and sanju (as they are hostellers so teacher remember them ) while varun , mac , rgv and rohan are trying to give excuses for their absent while sometimes saying present from their side or sometimes making excuses like that they are absent.

Now it is the period of mr ritwik.
He takes attendance and finds the ela , Vinnie absent, varun gives sanju ‘s attendance .
His face is towards blackboard.
Ritwik(sternly) : where are ela , vinni ? where are they gone from hostel , ok sanjana you only tell, they re your best friends.
He doesn’t get a response while varun panics and thinks what to do.
By not getting a response mr ritwik turns to find her but doesn’t find her.
He asks sternly : where are these three, and who gave sanjana’s attendance.
No one speaks while the gang sits holding there heads trying to hide themselves.
Rgv (slowly ): yaar , where did sanju take them and now what to do?
Varun : shut up haan , its not sanju’s mistake.
Rohan : then whose mistake it is?
Varun has no reply and thinks sadly : sanju , where did you take them and what have to done to those flowers?
Prithvi whose sitting their thinks: this is all that sanjana’s mistake , why is she trapping ela with her.
Ritwik : so no one is going to reply , ok , i’ll take my class only when the three girls come and if your syllabus is left later don’t blame me , blame them.
All the children get shock as he keeps the chalk there and leaves the class.
In the orphanage :
While the three are playing with children they suddenly find the children going towards a lady whose face is turned.

Sanju stares the lady and asks a girl to come and says : who is she ?
The girl : parinneta ma’am.
Sanju is shocked listening the name and the lady suddenly turns and sanju is shocked seeing her face.

The epsidoe ends on the introduction of lady’s face and sanjana ‘s shocked face.

So guys hows the episode , pleaseeeeeeeeeee do comment

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  1. it is awesome. ..plz continue writing

    1. thanks sara and i’ll surely continue

  2. Parineeta ma’am? A new ntry? Anyways. .i luv ur ff. . Plz dnt stop dr. ., bff is my favourite. . . Ur story is realy gud, so plz dnt evn think f stoping it. N updt regularly,k 🙂 😀 😀

    1. hey liya dear yaa she’s a new entry and dear i’lll continue for you all but you know i am writing 3 other ffs so i need to concentrate on them as well as my studies so sorry for that really sorry

  3. Fully awesome plz do continue..

    1. thanks shloka

  4. nyc epi….plz update regular na…plz

    1. hey samina dear as i mentioned above i can’t update regularly but will try to update soon

  5. Lovely yaar ! Please continue I ll be waiting

  6. Awesome episode, sanju so childish…girls having fun with kids…poor boys…new entry preenita maam. Keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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