Best Friends Forever (Love , Betrayal but HOPE) Episode 6


Hey guys , sorry couldn’t write for 4 days as i was busy with other FF s and also my schools reopened after a break and i had an exam , really sorry and guys i am getting very less comments , pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee comment as i am writing 3 other FFS do i think i should stop this ff if it is not liked by many so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee comment if you want me to continue.
The episode begins with varun caressing the bowl of goldy fish and says to it cutely: sorry !
He then smiles and goes to his room.
Outside mr ritvik ‘s home:
Sanju caresses the name plate and thinks : hopefully sir will like this , i would have purchased the whole flower market for him , but he would not like so this single rose, sir should surely like it.
Outside ela’s room:
Prithvi thinks sadly : hopefully , ela and varun only have a crush on each other .
in sanju’s room:
sanju enters her room and sees the bunch of roses and gets angry and thinks : who kept this for me … for sanjana roy …. i better need to find him .
as she had left the door open , she sees that prithvi is going to his room.
Sanjana : where are you coming from ?

Prithivi (irritated): its none of your business.
Sanju stares him angrily and then turns her face and starts caressing the fish.
Prithvi is about to go but sees the fish and speaks still in the same tone : you should be careful if you keep any animal , specially fishes as they cannot live without water.
Sanju angrily : i know it , (and now like him) its none of your business.
Prithvi stares her angrily and goes inside his room.
Sanju comes near the middle door which she has not locked but prithvi had locked from his side and locks it angrily .
In ela ‘s room :
Ela comes out of her room and finds the rose kept by prithvi , at the same time Vinnie also comes out and finds 2 roses at the door of her room and says teasing ela : ela , only 1 rose.
Ela : oh sweetipie you know i am varun’s girlfriend , who will dare to keep roses for me?
Vinnie : then who kept this one?
Ela : of course , varun but i am not very happy with this , lets see what he does next.
After some time in the canteen:
Ela comes to canteen with Vinnie and comes close to varun and says angrily : varun , what a surprise , only a single rose , seriously ?
Varun listens to her and bites his tongue and thinks : oh god , who kept that rose and what should i answer her now ?

Ela (angrily ): now you’ll not even reply to me ?
Varun (stammering ): ela , i’ll give you a bigger surprise on valentine’s na .
Ela stares him when sanju comes there and pats ela’s shoulder and says : what happened guys , why the environment is so hot on such a cool day ?
Vinnie : varun again didn’t gave a big surprise to ela.
Sanju smiles and says coming near varun and keeping her arm on his shoulder : so what ela , he’ll surely give you a big surprise on valentine’s.

Varun still stammering: yaa ela , i ‘ll surely , so just wait for your surprise.
Ela smiles and stares varun and says : anything for my BF…
Varun cuts in between happily and says : i knew ela , you will do anything for me.
Ela smiles and says : varun , i didn’t complete its BFF , my best friends sanju and Vinnie.
Prithvi is staring them from far and gets startled hearing this and thinks : why ela wants to do anything for this dumbo.
Varun makes faces at this and looks towards sanju with a mild smile and thinks sadly : you would have throwed those flowers na sanju.
Sanju stares him questionably and says : now why are you staring me ?
Varun : nothing yaar.

Sanju then goes near mac who was standing there and continuously staring ela, sanju keeps her hand on his shoulder and says : if you like her then why you don’t give her gifts on valentine’s , you can na , (and now slowly in his ears )secretely.
Mac : because i don’t like but love her….. i don’t feel that to show my love i need to give her gifts , i just want to see her happy.
Sanju smiles and says : you are out of the world mac.
Mac smiles and says : that varun is your friend , then why you want to help me and not varun.
Sanju : i don’t want to help anybody , i just want ela to stay happy.
Mac(smiling) : anything for your and her happiness sis….
His smile disappears and sanju too looks at him sadly and then passes him a mild smile .
Sanju : oh , i just forgot to take something from my room .
Ela who was coming near them says : now what you forgot?
Sanju(hurridly) : let me just show you ela..
And saying this she runs from there , ela stares her running with questionable eyes.
after some time :
Sanju comes to ela , vinni , mac , varun and rgv in the canteen with the same bunch of roses in her hands .

Varun is shocked and happy too.
Varun (teasing ) : for whom are these roses sanju?
Sanju tensedly : i have not bought them varun , someone kept it in my room in the morning .
Varun : why did you went leaving your room open and where?
Sanju suspiciously : how do you know that i went somewhere leaving my rooms door open.
Varun tensedy says stammering : as you only told , someone kept these in your room and no one will dare enter your room when you are in the room even if you are asleep .
Sanju stares him suspiciously and to wipe up the question varun says : where did you went sanju , to keep roses at someone ‘s doorstep.

Sanju is shocked and says stammering : water finished in my rooms jug so went to fill it.
Varun suspiciously: but i saw the……
He stops in between and all stare him and he says : nothing guys , sanju now throw these flowers na.
Varun in his mind thinks : but i saw the jug there , where she went ?
Sanju smiling : why to throw such beautiful flowers ?
Ela ; then , will you rome around putting these in your hair.
Sanju smiles and says : not at all .
She then drags ela and Vinnie from there to the gate and says slowly : the way is clear come with me….

Vinnie cuts in between : but where are you taking us .
She keeps hand on her mouth and drags Vinnie and ela out of the collage gate .
The episode ends on sanju’s smiling and ela , Vinnie ‘s suspicious face standing out of the collage gate.

Guys if you want me to continue , so please tell me or else i’ll stop as being honest i started it only as i thought there are no bff ffs and for bff fans but i guess my story is not so good so i’ll stop it . pleaseeee do tell me if you want me to stop .

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  1. No its awesome plz do continue I was hell shocked seeing BFF ff as its my fav only after kyy .

    1. hey shelly thanks for commenting and dear i will try to change my mind but now i am sure qbout one ting that if i’ll write iyt will take some time to develop the epsidoe so the updates will be late , really sorry for the fact.

  2. plz continue this ff..I’m eggrly waiting for ur ff since last 4dayz…plz don’t stop this ff
    ….this is a very gud ff and when I read this ff…I remembered BFF serial…plz continue this ff..plz yaar

    1. hey samilna mulla , will surely continue for you guys and really thanks for appreciation but sorry updates will be late

  3. Hi piyali dearrrr, it’s superb episode n lovely story, plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

    1. thanks roma , dear you always support me really thanks and i am ot stopping only for you guys and thanks for your regular comments

  4. Plz continue ijust luv ur ff

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