Best Friends Forever (Love , Betrayal but HOPE) Episode 5


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The episode starts in present where prithvi tells his bhabhi that : bhabhi , i was so shocked to know that ela was varun’s girlfriend , by seeing her i thought that it was love at first site but that was just an infatuation and that lead me to the way of destruction.
He then says : bhabhi , the next that happened ….
Fb starts with the next day of collage , everyone there is planning for valentine’s day which is coming and sanju, ela and vinni enter the collage canteen.

Ela to varun loudly(to make girls there jealous as varun is the collage ‘s most loved guy) : you are impossible , you came to my room at night and surprised me to the hell, for the time i have spared you for swapping of CD s but not next time ok na . sanju , vinni , you also forgive him na.
Sanju angrily staring varun : never –ever.
Varun (talking like child) : but why sanju?
Sanju gives him a fake angry smile and tells ela : ela , this dumbo came to my room too.
Ela : what ?
She stares varun angrily and tries to leave but varun holds his ear and sits on his knees in her way and she says angrily : surprise me on valentine ‘s and i’ll forgive you , valentine’s week is starting tomorrow .

Varun says : ok !
But in his mind he thinks : i’ll surely surprise my love on this valentine’s day.
While thinking this he sees towards sanju and gets lost in her .
Sanju is still staring towards him angrily.
Vinni moves her hands in front of his eyes and says : now you will sit down only?
Varun gets out of his trance and stands up and gives a fake smile looking towards ela.
Prithvi comes there and keeps staring ela and thinks that he shall try to propose her and will respect her reply even if its no, and decides to propose her on valentine’s.
Then all the people leave for class and all of them are in the same class for law studies.
The class in taken by mr ritwik and all the time during the class sanju keeps staring mr ritwik and he sees it.
Mr ritwik sternly to sanju : mr. Sanjana roy , tell me something about divorce procedure?
Sanjana keeps looking towards him with a huge smile and he again loudly says : ms sanjana , i asked something.

Sanjana gets out of her trance and stands up and says hurridly : sir can you please repeat the question?
Mr ritwik (sternly) : tell me about divorce procedure.
Rgv from back teasing : sanjana not about to answer , impossible .
(guys i don’t know about law so this wrong question and i guess even the answer will be wrong , so please don’t mind)
Sanjana : sir , both the parties have to sign the divorce papers and submit in the court , if court finds that the relationship can be saved then they provide time period to the couple to stay together and sort out their issues but if any big problem like a spouse is a criminal or something the divorce is granted instantly.

Mr ritwik : correct , sit down but i know you were not paying heed in the class and were in some dream world so next time be careful.
Sanjana nods in yes.
The class gets over and Vinnie to sanju in corridor : how did you answered correctly , i saw , don’ t know in which dream world you were.
Sanju : a few days ago i was reading this years books just like that, so i got the answer .
Ela (not interestedly ): ms padhako(studious)
Vinni (confused): but why did you noded in yes when he said you were not following class , you would have easily lied as you even answered correctly.
Sanju (smiling): i don’t wanted to lie to him.

The scene comes to present where sanju writes in the letter : i don’t know when i started loving ritwik sir , he was teaching us in 1st year too and i just got attracted towards him but thankfully soon i understood that it was just infatuation but loving that prithvi spoiled my life , but now i just hate him rahul.
She then writes that : the valentine’s week begin and i started secretly giving gifts to ritwik sir.
Fb starts and sanjana is seen keeping a rose in front of a door in hostel where it is written on a board ” staff ‘s houses”
And down “mr ritwik Mehta “
She smiles seeing the name plate.
In sanju ‘s room
varun keeps a bunch of roses in sanju’s room near goldy fish and thinks : where did sanju went leaving the room open in the morning.
Outside ela’s room :

Prithvi keeps a rose outside ela’s rooms door and thinks : she’ll surely like it.
The episode ends on smiling face of prithvi , varun and sanju.

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  1. hy piyali u really write very well yr !! like it’s really very interesting nd full of suspense plzzz update next part soon

    1. thanks abhilasha will try to upload soon but you school are beginning from monday so really need to care about them too hope you understand,
      thanks for reading

  2. Awesome episode, all the fb goes really accordingly…loved it very much. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. thanks rom , will try to upload soon but need to care about school too so i may nt be able to upload soon after next episode , hope you undestand

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