Best Friends Forever (Love , Betrayal but HOPE) Episode 4


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The episode starts with sanju trying to stand up but gets pulled on prithvi as her hair gets tucked in his is shirt button.
She and prithvi try to open the knot and prithvi by mistakenly pulls sanju’s hair .
Sanju screams in pain, prithvi keeps his hand on her mouth saying slowly : are you mad ? someone will come and think that we are…. you know what i mean .
Ela and vinni who closed the door leaving sanju, get worried after her shout and open the door, till that time sanju and prithvi have unknotted the hair and the button .
Sanju is standing and prithvi is still lying on bed and then he stands up and eyes sanju angrily and so does sanju.

Prithivi (angrily): its my room , how you came here?
Sanju(angrily rubbing her hair) : don’t you have brain , my hair are paining till now?
Prithvi : first answer my question.
Sanju : first my….
Ela , vinni interrupt in their fight saying ,it was their mistake.
Ela : sanju , sorry and you p…
She doesn’t remember his name .
Prithvi (now calmly seeing ela) : prithvi
Vinni : yaa , prithvi sorry .
Prithvi (calmly): no problem.
Sanju(still angry) : better for you as i was not going to say sorry.
Prithvi eyes her angrily and so does sanju and ela , vinni drag her to her room.

In room :
Sanju (angrily): his room is connected with me , his …. see his attitude .
Ela : what attitude , he spoke so softly.
Vinnie : yaa , ela is correct.
Sanju (still angry) : only to you both , such a stupid…
Ela : leave it sanju , we’ll talk about him later , now we need to go to room or that warden will come shouting ela, vinni .
Vinni suddenly receives a call.
Vinni(hurridly) : stop it guys mom ‘s call , what to do?
(Vinnies mom , dad and brother lives in shimla and character same as in serial)
Sanju (calmly): don’t worry , let me talk.
Vinni hands over the phone to her.
Sanju picks the phone .

Sanju : Namaste aunty.
Vinnie’s mom, mrs divya maheshwari : sanjana beta , where’s vinni.
Sanju : aunty she’s sleeping ,(dramatically) you know na after 10 o clock good children should not be awake.
Divya : oh , i know , last time i only told her last time when she picked my phone at 11pm
Sanju has put the phone on speaker and the three besties laugh quietly.
Sanju (controlling her laughter ): ok aunty , i’ll talk to you later.
She then cuts the call
They all give each other a high-fi and ela , vinni leave sanju’s room.
Sanju starts adjusting her room and sees towards a bowl that she only kept on a desk while entering the room which has a golden fish inside it .
Sanju smiles seeing it and says : welcome goldy to our new room.
She then sees that someone is coming from window(her room is on second floor) and thinks it is thief.
She goes to her bag to search for any strong thing to hit him but he closes the light as soon as he enters the room , sanju screams and suddenly finds someone keeping a hand on his mouth from backward (due to dark , she couldn’t see his face) , sanju tries to scream but couldn’t .
He takes her near the switch board and on the light and sanju sees its varun .
Sanju gets shocked .

In prithvi’s room: prithvi heard sanju’s scream and opened the door through middle and came into the room just when varun switched on the lights.
Sanju angrily to varun without seeing prithvi: are you mad varun? You know i was so scared.
Varun smiling : surprise , i got to know that you are allotted the room just in front of me so came to give you a surprise.
Sanju(angrily): seriously ,like this.
Prithvi who till now was standing there thinking why he wasted his time concerned about sanju when nothing has happened saw something near sanju’s legs and opened his mouth in shock and run to her , sanju saw him and got scared as he sat down and went directly to the water filled jug kept there.
Prithvi actually was holding that golden fish which while varun was searching for sanju in room had dropped and it without water was not able to breath which prithvi saw .
Prithvi (angry): don’t you see that it would have died between your surprise-surprize game.
Sanju gets really mad as it was a gift by her father who resides in Udaipur while she was coming to Mumbai and says angrily to varun : why you came to give surprise to me , go to your girlfriend ela na and you , first you swapped my and ela’s song and now this .
Varun says scared : yaar sanju sorry na , why are you getting so angry?
Prithvi gets shocked at the mention of ela’s name as varuns girlfriend.
Sanju to varun still angry : get lost or i’ll call warden and complain.
Varun leaves seeing her angry.
Sanju to prithvi (calmly): thanks , you saved her life (now sternly) but now can you please go to your room.

Prithvi moves from there in shock to his room.
Sanju then caresses the fish and goes to bed , so does ela and vinni.
Varun and prithvi are awake as varun is thinking about sanjana and prithvi about ela but in between of his memories he come across sanjana’s memories .
The episode ends on the screen split up into varun and prithvi ‘s face.

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  1. Wowwww, awesome episode piyali dearrrr, loved prithvi n sanju’s fights n clarification of ela being varun’s gf…good thing prithvi saved goldy fish…keep it up…loving it sooo much. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  2. thanks roma , will try to upload next part soon.

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