Best Friends Forever (Love , Betrayal but HOPE) Episode 3


The episode starts with sanju staring varun angrily and she says : you only exchanged these songs na?
Varun resists saying : n… n…no.
Sanju still stares him angrily as if asking through her eyes.
Varun : sanju , the CD was set by RGV(RADHESHAM GOVARDHAN VASUDEVa) , why are you blaming me?
Sanju still angry : i know , if you had set the CD i would have not thought that but its set by RGV so that means you surely did something to that so as the blame doesn’t come on you.
Varun : sanju…
Sanju turns her face away.
He then looks towards ela and Vinnie and they also turn their faces away in anger.
The three besties go from there leaving varun.
He gives a big blow from his shoes to the floor and leaves the backstage area.
Location : corridor
Ela is walking in the corridor angily and prithvi comes from back and says : hi, prithvi here.
Ela (giving a not interested expression) : yaa , ela.
Prithvi : nice to see you .
Ela(with fake smile) : but its not the same for me.
She then moves ahead leaving prithvi with a confused expression on his face.
Location : other side of corridor
Sanju and Vinnie are walking in the corridor when sanju gets hit by someone and her books fall.
Sanju angrily : chalna nahi aata (don’t you know to walk)
She then looks up and seeing his face bites her tongue saying : sorry sir .
Her teacher , ritwik (you can imagine him to be professor rigved of best friends forever?)says : don’t worry .
Sanju gives him a huge smile and then he moves forward.
Sanju looks towards him sadly.
He then turns and sanju smiles seeing him turn .
He smiles at her and he says : by the way , your performance was good.
Sanju smiles and says : thanks sir.
At night in the collage hostel :
The hostel warden comes to sanju , Vinnie and ela ‘s room .
(the hostel structure is like two or three rooms are connected by a single door between them and sanju , ela and Vinnie share three rooms connected together by one door rooms )
Warden : all of you pack your bags .
Sanju : but why ma’am
Ela : no sanju, i read the notice board , rooms will be changed in second year so as to give space to new comers.
Vinnie : what , then we can’t party toge….
She stops in between seeing the angry eyes of the warden .
Warden : pack your bags .
Sanju (requesting ) : is it necessary for us to change the rooms?
Warden : it is of course necessary for you , as you three are the biggest trouble of the hostel .
Vinnie gives her an angry look , so does ela and sanju.
The warden then goes to show their rooms to ela , Vinnie and sanju .
Warden : first ela , Vinnie your rooms are these two attached by one door .
The three are shocked .
Sanju : ma’am , that means i will be in different room , that not fair , they make all the party, dance and jump from window to clubs , why i am getting the punishment.
Warden : because you are the one always protecting them , whenever i catch them both and send you to principal office , you only save them by being goody –goody.
They all pass the warden an angrily disagreeing look.
Then the warden takes sanju to her room and Vinnie and ela follow them.
Sanju ‘s room is also a two rooms connected by a single door one and she , ela and Vinnie try to see who is in the other room and try to open the door a liitle but it opens fully and sanju gets pushed by ela and Vinnie and lands directly on prithvi lying on his bed.
He was lying closing his eyes and suddenly opens them . they both get shocked seeing each other.
The episode ends on the screen split up into their shocked faces.

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  1. Awesome update……
    Keep it up……
    We r waiting for next update…..
    Love this ff…..

    1. thanks kavya and i’ll try to update soon




    1. hey nisha thanks dear and are you the same nisha who reads fanaah too , just a doubt dear and really thanks for liking it , please confirm my doubt dear

  3. BFF is one f my favourit show. . . Especialy sanju n prithvi pair. . . I luvd ela’s care free luk n vinnies secret modernity. . . Varun’s hot luk n lov for sanju. . . N finaly sanju’s yngr brothr, he is a cute n intelgnt kid. . .I was sad wen bff gt ovr suddnly n quitng f prithvi. . . Thank u so much dr for creatng dis magic again. . . Again i realy miss the BG music of the BFF. . ? Updt nxt part soon dr. . . 🙂 😀

    1. hey liya , bff was one of my favourite serials too and i too loved all those but my most favourite was sanju and prithvi pair , i just loved it and i too miss the serial very badly
      really happy to know that there are so many bff fans and thanks dear , i’ll surely update next part for soon.

  4. yes dear, the same nisha I am and I know about this story accidently open the link and get ur name and start reading it and its amazing I too a fan of this serial coz its awesome the main forte of this story is the suspenses the scariness and offcourse the love friendship too . and love ur narration style in this love u dear.

    hey you don’t need to think so much as I write always
    Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend

    1. thanks dear i know that you always write these lines but dear actually so many nisha’s on this page and in previous comment you wrote your name in caps lock thats why i just wanted to be clear , dear thanks

  5. Awesome, marvellous, lovely episode. ..enjoying this story very much…prithvi n sanju rocks…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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