Best Friends Forever (Love , Betrayal but HOPE) Episode 2


The episode starts with prithvi saying : then where should i go?
Vinnie : you can come to audi where the function is ?
Prithvi nods on yes and she goes .
Backstage in audi :
Teacher : you all remember na , first is sanjana ‘s solo performance and then ela and varun ‘s couple dance and then vinni your speech on education.
They all nod in yes.
The function starts and there are some speeches , in between prithvi comes and takes the front seat .

Then sanjana ‘s performance comes , she takes her position and the music starts but to her surprise , the song plays and its “ agar tum sath ho…”
Sanju in her mind : ye toh ela- varun ka song hai (this is ela, varun’s song)
Backstage elakshi uff ela says worridly : oh god, varun this was our song . what will sanju do? She doesn’t even know the dance on the song.
Varun says : ela , let me see.
Sanju stands on the stage without moving ,worried about her dance. The other children start hooting putting their thumbs downwards : sanju is a loser, sanju is a loser……
Sanju still stands shocked and tensed , prithvi is sitting there without speaking a word .
Suddenly varun comes from back and starts dancing .
Everyone starts hooting : varun, varun…..
Sanju turns and sees him dancing and through her eyes says : what ?
Varun through his eyes says : don’t worry .

They both give a marvellous performance on agar tum sath ho….
Everyone applauds and prithvi also, though not interested expressions were on his face.
Sanju looks at his face while seeing the crowd and gets angry and stares him angrily because of his not interested expression.
Sanju in her mind : if some people are not interested why they watch the dance?
Sanju and varun then leave the stage and ela- varun ‘s performance was about to begin.
Ela worriedly : sanju , your performance was really good but what about me.
Sanju listening to the voices outside hooting for ela to come as she’s the most popular girl of the collage says : ela , go or else everyone will start criticising you too
Ela : but sanju….

Sanju doesn’t let her speak and sends her on stage.
To both of there surprise sanju ‘s song plays in background (sorry guys i don’t remember any solo girls song) ela now stands their tensed, everyone starts to hoot against her too that she’s the looser , she looks towards sanju backstage and sanju through lipsing says : remember my dance, pleaseeee
At this time prithvi looks towards stage and gets mesmerized seeing ela.
Ela tries to remember sanju’s dance as they both practised together and sanju performs her dance backstage and ela starts following her . they both smile and ela completes her performance .
Everyone applauds for her at the end.

Prithvi keeps looking towards ela in her full dance and then Vinnie gives her speech well and then comes outside and then they all smiling looks towards and ela, Vinnie and sanju show their bracelets (hope you all remember the bracelets sanju’s bracelet was of chain , ela ‘s bracelet was of star and vinnie’s was of heart )
they then hug .
varun: oh i am also your best friend so why leaving me.
Vinnie and ela open their arms to hug him but sanju suddenly breaks the hug and looks towards varun angrily. the screen freezes on her angry face.

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  1. Love u so much for starting a ff on best friends forever!!! Plz make it SanVi!! The cover pic is them.. Plz no SaRun!! Let them b frnz.. Ela varun or mac ela plzzz!! Wen i saw this ff na i ws on cloud 9 coz i badly miss my first love!! My bff!! I love it so damn much that as much as i say is less to xpress my love for it!! I cant thank you enough piyali for writing this!!
    Plz gimme d link to 1st epi plzz… U gotta continue it!! We, atleast i can n i will wait fr d epis u just write it! M here to read dear.. Thanks a ton!!
    Again.. Plz make it SanVi.. Mac hai kya? If yeah plz mac n ela.. Puru n vinnie.. Varun n pammi nai plz! Varun n any new character??

    1. hey dear pumpyyy, before this i thought that i am the biggest fan of this serial but dear after reading your comment only i can think that how much big fan of the serial you are seriously and dear don’t worry its SanVi only as i just love their chemistry and varun will remain single till the very end but i am thinking of a cameo performance of pammi and sorry dear there’s no anu didi , anjali and rohan .
      you only made me remember them , so sorry for forgeting them dear
      and link to previous episode:
      dear its basically a flashback story , hope you like it.

      1. This comment of yours means a lot to me piya!! Though bff did not stay long onscreen but whoever has watched have loved it! That’s something i love about BFF! And this was actually needed for me after i saw that jerk utkarsh gupta’s tweet. You know the offscreen drama going on right?! Sometimes i think could the actor who played prithvi sanyal, a pure hearted role, do this?! I personally think parth cannot. I’ve been his fan since prithvi times. Time just passes and its gonna be 3 years without BFF onscreen! And anu di and anjali aren’t there!! Yayy!! Thanks for this too as i hate them! Especially that chudail anu di! Rohan isn’t there even that’s okay. RGV is there that’s great 😀 and phew! Its SanVi!! And the 1st epi has got me lovestruck! And its gonna be flashback, that’s even more better! Im loving it! Thanks for the link and this FF. And u dont need to say sorry for the spelling mistake as i didn’t even notice it. I saw it when u mentioned in ur comment 😛
        Im super – excited for this new BFF!

    2. sorry dear its plumpyyy
      sorry for wrong spelling.

  2. I miss varun, ela, sanju, vinnie, prithvi, rgv, mac, rohan, sahil, puru, rigved, pammi, anjali, anu di, SanVi, The BFFs, SaRun, mac ela, puru vinnie, SanVi BG music, puru vinnie BG music n ofcourse BFF BG music n evry single bit of best friends forever!! I miss it each nanosecond i’ve spent n gonna spend after may 24 2013!! I remember i fell sick the very next day bff ended! High fever on that! I so so so miss bff!!

  3. Nycccc

    but hope prithvi is habing just a crush on ela as PriNjana r d best

    1. dear i cannot disclose the storyline but yaa its PriNjana only.
      and thanks for reading.

  4. Varun’s single.. This seems better. Pammi is fit for dreaming as she did on the show. That punjabi dance.. Rofl.

    1. hey dear i heard about all that and i too am thinking the same ,
      i also was his fan in BFF and when he went fromt he serial and in wikipedia i read varun and sanju as main lead i was so sad but at the end sanju went to prithvi and the show ended with a hint to season2 and since then i am waiting for it but it never came back , hope all this drama offscreen gets ended soon and everything gets fine .

  5. It’s awesome yar…..
    Thanx for this amazing update…….
    Keep update soon….

    1. thanks kavya , dear i have sent next part to TU , hope it comes soon

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