Best Friends Forever Episode 1

Note: This is not really a ff but I have taken some matter (30%) from KYY, Thea Stilton books and some other ff. Rest of the matter (70%) is my imagination. Please don’t say that we only want 100% your imagination as fan fiction means fan writing and I am fan of KYY and thea stilton books so I am writing with some help of them.

The story revolves around 5 besties Sanjana, Ria, Alia, Sana and Vinnie. The main focus of the story is on their friendship and all the obstacles they cross to prove their friendship. All the girls study in Modern collage of arts (MCA). This college is also a hostel where all 5 of them live. They are very creative and their group is known as the 5g (meaning 5 girls). They are the stars of their college and always make their college proud.

Best Friends Forever Episode 1
It was a peaceful evening at MCA. Almost all students had gone into their dorm rooms. Only one doorway was still filled with light. Quiet chattering came from inside. It was Sanjana and Sana’s room. The 5g was their preparing their canvases as the submission date was tomorrow. Their theme was Indian culture so Ria decided to make something related to Indian clothing and jewellery (she was very obsessed with fashion).Vinnie and Alia made a painting related to music. Whereas Sana and Sanjana made all the monuments and historical places in India. “Only a few deft strokes and I will be done with my painting”, said Sana. Vinnie sighed “Oh no, I spilled the water all over my canvas and the colour has spread all over. I need help. The submission date is tomorrow!” Ria gave her a pat on the head. “Don’t despair, Vinnie. Let’s go over it together.” Vinnie beamed at her. “I know what we need to concentrate- food! Let’s try this snack I picked up today.” She rummaged through her back pack. “Here we go. This will put us in a better mood’ she held out a box of chocolates. Everyone ate the chocolates and got back to their work. “Done!”, screamed Sanjana in joy. Soon after she had finished alia had also done, followed by Ria then Sana and then finally Vinnie. Pause.

Precap- the girls hangout in the corridor, suddenly Ria receives a parcel.

Hi all. Please tell me how did it go. Just a short episode but will surely try to write big episodes soon. First ff so a bit slow. Leave our comments in the Comment section below.

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  3. guys….soon i will be updating the next episode….thanx for liking my story…..

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