Best Friends Forever 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Best Friends Forever 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 9th January 2013 Written Update

SanVi shakes hands, prof anu shukla thinking what is reason for sudden change in Sanju? Prithvi compliments sanju I haven’t seen any unpredictable girl like u? prithvi asks what made sanju change her own decision? sudden change in her attire? sanju tells there is nothing like that. prithvi tells I’m fear about ur actual intension behind this? sanju tells u belive it or not? but there is nothing like that. Sanvi shakes their hands again, Sahil falls down.

Sanvi forwards their hands to help sahil, sahil is shocked seeing Sanju in this attire. He asks the same question Why suddenly u are wearing this kind of dress. sanju tells when Ela is after me it will like this. Sanju goes for class, Sahil & prithvi talk about sanju. Sahil is memrised by Sanju’s attire. Rigved comes in mock trial room, anu & rigved have a talk on Varun’s case. rigved gets a msg he gets lost in it. Anu asks what happened?

rigved excuses himself & goes in his cabin. A new girls entry her name is Malika. rigved is bit angry that she msged him during college hours. he calls Dr. Mishra & asks him to do a work, he warns Malika not to disturb him during college hours for small things. Sanju makes an excuse & goes to meet Ela. Vinnie is coming down when she collides with Malika. Vinnie asks her how is she? she must be feeling lucky she is doing internship with prof. rigved. Malika tells all is okay! She tells Vinnie before doing anything be careful.

Mac deals with BFF’s that he will only tell about car owner when he will kiss Ela. Ela agrees he kisses Ela on her leftt cheek. BFF’s asks him to tell what happened? Mac discloses that He tried to find who was the owner but to his shock Dealer told that no car is registered with this number. BFF’s are shocked hearing this. Vinnie in shock tells but how can it be possible we followed that car? Mac hears this & questions about it. Ela makes an excuse that While parking I bumped into that car, so I wanted yo know that car’s owner so that I can apolosize him/her. Mac is like look who is gonna say sorry Ela?

SanVi discussing about the case, prithvi asks sanju’s statement on his theory? Sanju pretends to agree with his theory & tells any could have happened that night. either Varun is no more or Varun went somewhere. Prithvi is shocked seeing sanju agreeing with his theory’s. Sanju cuts in between that we should try all possibilities what could have happened. Sanju asks prithvi to call her Sanju not sanjana prithvi tells he will call sanjana only.

BFF are on way to home, sanju telling ela & vinnie it is very difficult to pretend infront of pritvi he asks so many questions I’m tired answering them. Ela tells prithvi is cute, u can seduce him .Ela tells if another girl would have been there instead of this would have been enjoying all this Vinnie teases Ela by saying if u would have been in this instead of sanju u would have showered sweetness on him. BFF reach Sanju’s home trio are shocked seeing the car( which they chased) infront of Sanju’s house. episode ends.

precap: Prithvi asks Sanju to answer him something, BFF asks a guy u intentionally made us follow u to outside of city.

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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