Best Friends Forever 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 6th February 2013 Written Update

Episode continues with Ela getting scared but is surprised when she realizes that it is actually Vinnie and Sanju with a cake to celebrate their birthday of their friendship. Ela is confused and then Sanju switches on the tv showing FBs of their childhood. All 3 are enjoying the videos with Yaaron dosti playing in the background. BFFs are having fun enjoying the videos and are happy. Ela is emotionally moved. After seeing the videos they blow the candles, cut the cake and celebrate. Ela thanks Sanju and Vinnie for the surprise and then they cheer for their friendship. Ela still seems to be upset and Vinnie is telling Sanju that she had told that she would make Ela laugh but see she is crying now. Ela Ela says that its tears of happiness and only for her friends and hugs

both of them. Sanju wishes that their friendship would always be like this and also that they can blindly trust each other.Ela and vinnie shares a knowing look.

Next morning they are eating breakfast and planning how to spend the whole day-shopping, parlour, etc. The bell rings and Ela gets the door and she sees Varun there, eyes closed with blood dripping from his forehead. Ela is shocked and Varun opens his eyes. She starts screaming in shock. Varun enters thehouse and Ela is scared and starts moving backwards. She starts screaming Vinnie’s and sanju’s name and both of them are shocked to see Varun. Ela prevents Sanju from going towards Varun and blurts out that its Varun’s ghost. Sanju is surprised to hear that. Ela says that he is here to take revenge. Sanju doesn’t understand anything. Vinnie says that he is here to take revenge from what happened during valentines night. Sanju asks what they did for him to take revenge and Vinnie says that not Sanju, Ela and her did something. She confesses that both of them had pushed varun over the cliff. Sanju is shocked by this relevation. Suddenly Varun disappears and all 3 are surprised.Sanju slaps and Ela and asks them whether they pushed Varun. Vinnie tries to explain it but Sanju is angry and walks off. Suddenly Ela is seen crying out in her dream which shows that she was dreaming all of it. Sanju is worried and asks her if she saw any bad dream. Ela tries to ignore Sanju’s questions. Sanju calms Ela and Ela hugs Sanju. Ela is still tensed and she feels that she has to tell Sanju everything.

Ela comes to to the dining table to have breakfast. Sanju says that they she has a good news and tells vinnie that she has talked to her mother and that she doesnt need to see the guy. Vinnie is delighted. Vinnie and Sanju have a fun moment. Ela sits down to have reakfast and suddenly realizes what was happening then was exactly how it happened in her dream. Ela is waiting for the bell to ring just like in the dream and Sanju notices this and is kind of confused and asks her if anyone is about to come. Sanju teases Ela asking if she called Mac and suddenly the bell rings. Ela is shocked and sanju goes to open the door. Ela recals her dream again seeing Varun at the door. Vinnie sees Ela tensed and asks her what the problem was. Ela says that its Varun who is at the door. Both of them close their eyes once the door is opened and the realize that its only the laundry guy. Ela is really tensed and asks Sanju that if she realizes that we are not such good friends of hers but Sanju interrupts by saying that its all nonsense. Ela starts talking about her dream and says thatthere is something im hiding from you. Sanju looks kinda confused and vinnie is lookiing at Ela on shock. Sanju asks Ela what it is and she tells some other random thing about cutting the hair of a doll which Sanju had got for her 7th birthday because she had wanted the doll but her mother gave it to Sanju instead. Ela says that i doesnt matter anymore and hugs Ela saying that she is her best friend. All 3 share a group hug.

In college, Anu comes and says that they are going to so something important today. RGV asks what they are going to do and Anu replies that she read all their theories about Varun’s missing and today she will tell her own theories. BFFs are uncomfortable as Anu continues to explain her theory. She then recounts the incident just how it happened that day with Varun proposing to Ela and after that there was something wrong between Sanju and Varun that she slapped him in front of everyone. Sanju agrees and prithvi is shocked. Anu says that because of the feeling of getting rejected Varun must have jumped from the cliff and comitted suicide. BFFs are shocked yet again and Anu asks for Sanju’s opinion. Sanju says that if that was the case then he would have left some suicide note or confession letter but Anu retorts by saying that it can be a sudden decision from Varun’s side or somebody must have provoked him. Sanju says that she still thinks Varun has gone to the jungle and that he is till missing and not dead. She admits that Varun had crossed his limits that day and that he was drunk and that they were all friends there. She says that what sanju said makes sense but also asks why she stood up suddenly to say this and asks her to take her seat. Anu says to the class that she is not satisfied with the theories she recieved and encourages them to crack the case. BFFs having FBs of what happened now and Anu’s theories.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: lizzie

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