Best Friends Forever 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 5th February 2013 Written Update

the show starts with ella seeing varun all blood stained. she freakes out and runs outside.
vinnie is shown entering the washroom were she finds a shivering ella. ella tells her that she just saw varun but vinnie said that it is not possible. vinnie tried knocking some sense to ella but she was keeping on blabbering about the return of varun when vinnie shouts and say that it is not possible as they themself has pushed varun from the cliff

vinnie says this wud not have happened if they would not have went for searching varun
then they get into flashback

after varun jumps off the cliff all the 3 r shocked they cry and sanju goes to the other direction to search for varun as they here him screaming for help
ella looks down the cliff crying tht

varun is dead when suddenly varun grabs her leg . vinnie and varun struggels to take varun up but they could not. so finally ella pushes him down because she too was about to fall from the cliff .the clutch also goes down with varun.they are shocked when sanju enters thats wen ella tells sanju that they did not see varun. sanju says we should inform the police. vinnie and ella gets tensed.

flashback ends

vinnie says that it was not their mistake as ella had to push varun otherwise she would also have been dead. she did this to save herself
then vinnie adds it is also possible that ella is seeing varuns ghost
ella is tensed. they step out of the washroom after they go . daljeeth is shown talking to sum1 on phone telling him everything is going according to their plan

meanwhile prithvi is shown talking to some1 on phone for 20,000 rs as he has to accommodate himself in a lodge as he have no house now. RGV and rohan keeps a bet on whether he will recieve the money or not. sanju enters when RGV and rohan tells her about the bet and makes her sit with them. prithvi comes and tells that he could not arrange the money . RGV wins the bet and tells rohan to get the coffee as he won. then RGV tells that sanju can help. sanju is shocked but then says she will see wat she can do as she had arranged a frnds house like this through her fathers connection . prithvi tells thts gr8 atleast he has some hopes now and he places his hands on sanju’s smiling. sanju uncomfortably looks towards their hand that when prithvi realises what he has done and both of them pulls their hand back. both r embarrassed and prithvi leaves

here elaa and vinnie are walking on the corridor whwn vinnie gets a call from her mom telling her to come back from sanju’s house as a rich guy is coming to see her for asking her hand in marriage. vinnie being tensed about varuns case agrees without realizing what she has said

after walking ahead she realizes and panics on now wat she will do. ella tells sanju can help them . they go in search of sanju

they meet sanju walking with RGV and rohan. vinnie tells about a random stupid rich guy coming to see her. sanju tells her to relax and that she will do sumthing. RGV and rohan pulls vinnies leg enacting the marriage sequence . sanju sees ella sad and thinks ahe will somehow cheer her up . cuz sanju thinks that ella is tensed cus of the break up.

ella is shown surfing net about spirits and ghost were in peripedia she gets to know that spirits continue to be on earth to finish sumthing which thet have left undone . she is freaked ut thats when the light goes off!!


Update Credit to: chaichil

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