Best Friends Forever 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 4th February 2013 Written Update

Ela is shocked see purse & message which came with the purse. Sanju is asking about ela, vinnie & sanju is about to seacrh for ela when she arrives. Ela makes an excuses that some one came to ask for address, while replying to vinnie & sanju she hids the purse under pillow. Sanju is talking over ph to grocer owner while ela notices the purse which is near sanju. Vinnie notices Ela is disturbed by some thoughts. Sanju chides for the mess created by them.

AT night vinnie tip toes in sanju’s room & calls ela. ela is frightened of what happened today with her. she shares her fear with vinnie & shows her that purse. both vinnie & ela moved outside sanju’s room. They are scared, ela fears that who must be behind all this? what

he wants from us? how he knows what happened to varun that night? they hear arrival of some footsteps it is of sunny. Both ela & vinnie shouts on shock, sunny asks where is sanju? girls say she is in her room, girls decided to sleep as it is almost dawn.

Sanju is seeing the clutch Ela wakes up in shock. She fears if sanju asks about it what she will reply her? Sanju reminds Ela she brought this clutch for ela’s 16th b’day spending all her pocket money & shares she was bit tensed as Ela is very choosy. Sanju demands to use her clutch for today & she is happy that still now Ela kept it with her. College RGV is telling a horror scene with all.

he scares anjali, then he gets scared himself when sanju’s puts her hand on his shoulder. Everyone laughs, RGV tells them if they see body hanging like this then will understand. Vinnie & Ela are frightened to hear this they share a fearful eyelock. Sahil asks about their night out. Sanju tells it was good, first chatting,cooking,mess & finally sleeping.

Prithvi tells he will make a pritvi spl pizza party. prof anu shukla comes & says it seems everyone is exicited? Is is about Varun’s case? everyone frowns, she is about leave when she stops & compliments sanju for the clutch, leaves. Sanju says its ela’s & wonders about Prof. Anu’s sudden compliment. she notices Mac & makes an excuse to leave, RGV also sees this & leaves with Sanju making excuse.Mac is panics about Ela..Sanju tells to relax & she gives idea that we can give a collage of Mac & Ela moments together then she will be happy!

Mac still panics whether Ela will like or not. Sanu tells for these we need RGV’s help! & warns Mac not to argue with Ela anymore. Ela sees Sanju & Mac together, She taunts sanju indirectly that she is doing these things behind her. Ela goes to mock trial & she is upset for all these which are happening with her. she finally decides she will be strong & she is about to leave when she hear footsteps. She recalls many a times who is there but no one replies. She turns back & she is horrified to see Varun standing there right infront of Ela. Blood is running out from his face, Ela screams in fear!!. episode ends..

precap: Ela is frightened, Vinnie tries to calm down Ela but she is unable at last she shouts Varun is dead.

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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