Best Friends Forever 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Best Friends Forever 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 30th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sanju comes & ask what did Mact told? Vinnie tells it wasn’t Mac’s call. Sanju asks why are they looking tensed. vinnie makes excuse that it was Mac’s call only & if you come to know about it you may try to patch up them so she is telling lie. Ela tells its nothing like that & she comes to canteen. Sanju is trying convince Ela to talk to Mac, Ela denies to do that. Sanju tells Ela to think about our Group & as they spent so much time in relation so she should give more time to it. Ela retords that what Mac did wasn’t good? Finally Sanju is able convince Ela to talk with Mac. after Sanju leaves Ela & Vinnie *sighs* Sanju didn’t detect anything.! Prithvi is talking with someone over phone he bumps with Sanju. Prithvi’s ph falls down both Sanvi bends to pick it up their heads collides . Sanvi share an eyelock !! Sanju remembers Ela’s words. Again both is about to pick up phone again they collide, prithvi picks it up. He tells her that we should bump again as once is not lucky! they do it. Sanju asks Prithvi believes in these things prithvi says he doesn’t, he asks about ela? Sanju says finally Ela has decided to talk with Mak. she leaves prithvi gets a msg from Mak to meet in locker room alone, He goes.

Part 2

Prithvi is shocked to see mess of his things in locker room, Mak enters. They warn each other of their deeds. Mak shows prithvi’s & ela’s pics to prithvi. Prithvi is like you stalked us? this is wrong. Mak cuts in between that what you did was right? you went for date with my girlfirend, you touched her even danced with her. Mak punches Prithvi, blood ozes out from his nose. Prithvi warns Mak not to do so otherwise he will…Mak is about to hit again prithvi holds his hands & punches Mak he falls on the floor. Mak- Prithvi fight. downstairs all are wondering where is Prithvi & Mak? Ela asks about Sanju.. A guy sees prithvi & Mak fighting he informs sanju about it. Sanju runs to locker room, Mak is about to hit prithvi with a stick when sanju comes & stops them. Both prithvi & Mak are wounded. Sanju shouts on them for behaving like this. Mak blames prithvi for this. Ela arrives she shouts on Mak for what he did. She tells Sanju you were convincing me to talk with this Mak? I don’t want to talk to him & leaves in angry mood. Boys are taken to informary, Sanju bandages Prithvi. Prithvi gets lost in Sanju. Prof Rigved enters & scolds both them for such behavior, he says you guys are studying in law college. Here we solve criminal cases not come here to become a criminal. He asks Mak to come to his office & he knows what he did & who’s fault it was so he should be punnished. Prithvi comes forward & tells it was both them’s fault so equally they deserve punishment.

Part 3

Prof. Rigved praise Prithvi & tells Mak to learn something from Prithvi, he leaves. Mak sarcastically says first he went date with my gf now made prof in his side blo*dy show off. Sanju & vinnie wonders where is ela?
Ela is in swimming pool, she feels someone stalking her, she enjoys herself in pool when she sees Varun’s body floating in pool. she screams in fear seeing it. episode ends .

precap: Ela comes out she is scared & screams is there some one? A guy comes from back & touches Ela.

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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