Best Friends Forever 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 29th January 2013 Written Update

Ella and prthivi are on their dinner date.they get to kno each other while talking.ella askes prithvi if he has any gf.he sayz “ajj tak aise koyi ladki milli hi nahi jiske liye mein possessive hun”throughout the date prithvi is hesitant about mac’s reaction for their date.ella asusual puts it out as mac’s over possessive nature and said he was like this wen she used to date varun and suddenly stops prithvi gives her a ajeeb walla look . prithvi askes about ella’s parents and she replies they haf been separated for many years 1st it was her dad and now she finds compatibility problems with her mom. Prithvi say’s maybe she is tryng to find a fatherly figure in her BF’s . ella sayz shez impressed lawyer cum psychologist . meanwhile mac plans to spy on him with hez camera and takes a lot of pics of them.then suddenly prithvi asks acha y is sanju so reserved type ella tells him to come forward and he leans in…all this while mac is tensed . and ella say’s ” date mein mere saath aye ho puch sanju ke bare mein ho”. Prithvi laughs and say itz nuthng lyk tht as she is he’s partner he’s curious to know ask her the reason..ella say’s that there is no specific reason after thinking something and prithvi tells her that he feels that shez hiding sumthing from him ella say’s its nothing like that sanju takes some time to trust on people but with her best friends she is pretty normal. Prithvi seems unconvinced but then a violin walla guy comes and ellaa asks prithvi if he cares for a dance for which prithvi agrees and then they dance mac is still seeing all this in a full on jealousy mood!!. During the dance prithvi compliments her that she looks good in the dress .

Next morning the 3 BFF’S are in sanju’s car

Wow Vinnie says looking at the pic which ella was showing and she further adds that prithvi is hansome to which sanju sayz chal teri setting lagathe hein prithvi ke saath but Vinnie says no way but ella says she things prithvi is interested in sanju cuz a guy goes to date with ella sing but baar baar he ask about sanju. Vinnie sayz hmm intrestin sanju just blushes all the while. And thn Vinnie say tht she wish if some1 ask her out for such a romantic date . sanju sayz rohan heina as nowdays he takes a lot of interest in u Vinnie just gives a wierd look and then ella starts teasing her with rigved.

Here all the boys are telling mac wat hez doing id out of the limited and he soon is going to get jacked by ella.then mac shows them the picture wen RGV instead of consoling mac starts hez director walla lecture ka crap. The boys spot the girls entering and sanju says ella to behave properly with mac as he is already tensed cuz of the date . but thn mac tells ella he wants to talk to ella alone Vinnie enquires if anything is wrong but the boys cover up
Mac and ella are talking and ella is really angry that mac spied on them she is even more upset on seein those pics and calls him a stalker and finally after a harsh argument ella breakupz with mac
The bffs tell ella thgt she did this cause she is impulsive but ella says she fed up with mc . here the boys tries to console mac but in vain thats when prithvi enteres and mac gets all violent prithvi gets to kno about their brek up and tries to tell mac tht he can talk wid ella but mac is not ready to hear a word frm prithivi but their frnds somehow cools him down { hatz of to RGV . hez a gud frnd}
There ella gets a call from mac but she ignores but Vinnie and sanju forces her to take the mob wen she receives the call from a unknown person she things it is mac and picks up the call…but it was another mystery man 2 who threatens her heis capable to send her to hell wer now varun is and that he know wat actually happened at the valantines day and he even have the evidences he also sayz let play this game and hangs up. At the same time Vinnie comes from behind ella jerks up Vinnie askes her y is she soo tensed thats wen ella tell her about the call. Vinnie says which truth the same 1 ryt that varun jumped of a cliff. Ella says kno the actuall thing wat happened wid varun which was a secret btwn u and me wij even sanju did not kno { shit hw muj more creepier this show can get now?} but they are tensed and dnt want sanju to kno it cause they say that if sanju knows this then even she will be caught like them { are they saving sanju frm sumthng by hiding it…mahn i dunno}

They adjust themself as sanju approaches them sanju ask them if it was mac t, ella sayz no but she luked hyper tensed.. and the show endes

PRECAP- sanju and prithvi dashed into each other a mobile falls maybe sanju’s both try to pick it up at the same time and stops and look into each others eyes{ atlast saanvi }

The boys telling that agar mac and prithvi is 2gether thn its going to be world war 3

Ella telling Vinnie that the police said that its not the mystery man { the tattoo walla guy} who made that call .

Update Credit to: chaichil

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