Best Friends Forever 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Best Friends Forever 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 28th January 2013 Written Update

The episode continues with all three BFFs having flashbacks of Daljeet and how he tried to hurt Ela. Ela is scared seeing him but Vinnie and Sanju supports her. Daljeet is kind of happy seeing their scared expression and goes and sits in another corner of the canteen. Sanju advises Vinnie and Ela to not look at him but Vinnie is iriitated and angry seeing Daljeet again in school. She feels that he is upto no good because the other day (Traditional Day) he was clicking their photos too. Sanju says that we will figure that out but the biggest thing is that no one can break their unity and friendship. Daljeet hears this and thinks in his mind that he will break their friendship and that when the right time comes he will take his revenge on them.BFFs come to Rigved’s office and he informs that their mock trials are going to start soon. He notices the serious and tensed expressions on BFF’s face and asks what the problem is. Sanju requests to Rigved that they want to talk to him in private. BFF’s ask why they appointed Daljeet here again as he was fired from there before.

Daljeet meanwhile is on his way to Rigved’s office and have FB’s of his wife leaving him as the BFFs told her about the incident with Ela. Rigved tells BFFs that because of that incident Daljeet’s whole life has changed, and that his personal life is complete;y destroyed. Rigved informs them that he was the one who brought him back here again because he begged him. Sanju says that its not right to hire him here again but Rigved argues that not giving him a second chance is also not right. Rigved has requested Daljeet to give all 3 of them an apology personally. At that moment Daljeet enters the office and he has FBs of his wife leaving him again. He gives the written apology to Rigved. He looks at Ela, Sanju and Vinnie and remembers the incident, slap and how he got fired by rigved because of it. He apologises to all three of them and requests them to give a secind chance. He also adds that if Varun was here then we would have personally apologised to him also. BFFs leave and Rigved warns Daljeet if he commits any more mistake he will personally report him to the Board of Comittee. Daljeet assures him that he wont commit any mistake and in his mind he adds that he wont make any mistake in finishing them off.

BFFs are confused about Daljeet’s new avatar and Sanju still feels that it was a mistake to bring him back here. She gets hyper thinking about the incident and Vinnie and Ela exchange knowing looks. Sanju is really upset and Ela asks Sanju to forget whatever that happened in the pst. Sanju says that she cant let it go andwhat happened can never be forgotten by her. Vinnie changes the subject by asking how to let her mother to agree to stay with Sanju and Ela. They go to the canteen to discuss about MPP (Mummy patao plans ) and then go home.

In the canteen prithvi is taking to RGV’s friend and he is happy as he RGV’s friend allows him to stay. He praises about the friend to RGV saying that he will make some arrangements for Prithvi to stay. BFFs come to the canteen. Sanju sees Mac really upset and tries to cheer him up. BFFs inform the group that Daljeet has been hired again and all of them are surprised and shocked. Prithvi is confused and he asks who is Daljeet? Sanju says that its a long story and Prithvi says that he likes it. (SanVi music playing in BG) All are confused and Sanju asks him what he likes. He replies of course long stories Saahil tells prithvi that Ela will tell lots of long stories during their date and Mac is reminded about the date of Ela and Prithvi Mac excuses himself from there to get the coffee and RGV follows him Ela is upset with Mac’s behaviour. RGV tries to advise Mac by sayin that Prithvi is a part of their group bu Mac is still upset. Mac says that Prithvi si coming in betweenhim and Ela but RGV retorts back saying that its his behaviour that is coming in between your relationship. Sanju and Anjali comes there and RGV tries to cheer Mac up by giing him funny gyaan but Mac tells RGV to buzz off. Anjali is impressed with RGV and Sanju starts teasing RGV about love. RGV asks Sanju whether they can see a movie after classes but Sanju says that she has a lot of work today and so they will go in the weekend.

BFFs trying to manofy Vinnie’s mother. At first she says no and Vinnie’s brother was also trying to discourage their mother to send but then finally agrees to let Vnnie go but not without giving her a set of instructions to follow. Ela tells them that one problem is over and they have another problem now. Vinnie and Sanju is confused and Ela says that she needs to select a dress to wear for her date .Then scene shifts to Ela and Prithvi on their date and they are enjoying themselves. But Mac is spying on them with a camera.

1.Mac spying on Prithvi and Ela and clicking pics of them dancing
2.He shows this pics to Ela and she gets angry and breaks up with Mac.
3.Mac getting furious at Prithvi and prithvi gets to know about their break up

Update Credit to: Lizzie

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