Best Friends Forever 27th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 27th February 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 27th February 2013 Written Update

Ela & Vinnie reaches cliff,they take out the bag with them selve. They are haunted by varun’s incident they are afraid. Varun reaches there. Varun starts walking towards them.. and ask about money? Ela tells yes. you have destroyed our lives not get out of our lives & destroy evidences. Varun tells I thought u will want to see the blackmailer face saying this he takes off his helmet. Ela & Vinnie is shocked to see Varun. Ela gets angry that it was you who did all this money?

Varuns tells no I did this for revenge which u both did with me that night. you pushed me from the cliff. Varun tells now its your turn to die he points gun towards Ela & Vinnie to shoot them.Ela & vinnie takes steps towards cliff edge..meanwhile sanju calls prithvi

& tells him to take care of sunny as he is alone in home. Anu records this ela & Vinnie moving towards edge & gun in varun’s hand.
Vinnie & Ela is about to fall when Sanju arrives there on time. She is shocked to see Varun alive. She tells when I got voice message from Ela then only I understood there is something wrong. I wished always if I could see u alive again but now when u are alive I’m confirmed now Varun mittal will always be a bad boy.

Varun cuts in that why are u supporting them? after knowing the truth? Sanju asks him do u know the meaning of BFF? Ela & Vinnie are my best friend & You betrayed that night. So if you wanna shoot, shoot me.Tears rolls down from BFF’s eyes.. Varun drops gun . He says that I never wanted to kill you guys always I wanted to make u feel how does it feel when death is closer to u. You could have saved me that night but u didn’t do it. Sanju defends Ela & Vinnie.

Varun tells you should thank yourself you having a friend like sanju I wish I could have such. Always try to be with her & support her. BFF hugs each other & cry.Vinnie cries that we thought we lost u but its not. Vinnie suggests lets tell everything to police ela denies then she understand & tells if sanju tells then lets cut this chapter out of our lives. Sanju ties star shaped friendship band on Ela’s hand & says she is rockstar of the gang.

Ela ties circled shaped band on sanju’s hand which signifies that sanju makes bonding stronger in group & heart shaped band is tied on Vinnie’s hands which signifies that she loves them. Anu asks why did he left them so easily? Varun tells when sanju came infront of me I remembered that I used to be a part of this group once & lets go now they leave.

Sanju tells that from now lets start a new beginning of our friendship. Ela & Vinnie promises they won’t hide anything from sanju neither they will breake her trust. Sanju tells I can’t stay w/o you all b’coz u both are my life. they hug episode ends.

precap: BFF masti while returning sanju’s house.

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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