Best Friends Forever 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 26th February 2013 Written Update

Both Ella and Vinnie are tensed they both are thinking about sanju’s reaction when she was told the truth about varun’s death…they get flashback of how sanju tells them to get out of her house and how she called them murderers . suddenly Ella’s mobile rings and thinking it wud be sanju’s call she rushes to pic it up . But it was the unkown numbr the blak mailer akka varun. Ella shouts at him saying it all cus of him they have lost their best friend that to forever but varun reminds them its not cus of him but because of their deeds…he reminds them of the valentines night then he offers them a second chance and tells them they can get their friendship back on track anytime but if the evidences reaches the police then they are finished. He now ask them to bring

20 lacks and to meet him on the cliff at midnight the same cliff wer varun was killied . Vinnie is completely freaked out and is tensed on how will they arrange such big amount of money she believes it is impossible.
Ella says it is only two options now either give 20 lakhs or go to jail . Vinnie is totally freaked out she fears how her parents will face it . ella says now for their freedom 20 laks is d only option but for this big amount they need to loot the bank . Vinnie says sumthing like 22 safe { evn i did not get tht}. Ella 1st did not realise wat she was saying but lateron wen it strikes her she asks Vinnie how is it possible.

Vinnie is shown sneaking into her mom’s room . she takes a bunch of keys wij wer under her moms pillow.ella is tensed here on wat Vinnie must be doing. Vinnie takes that key and opens a cupboard in the room she removes a suitcase and then opens a safe takes out a big about of money tht many bunches of 500 rs notes then she moves out of the room controlling her tears

Vinnie enters her room and breaks down she is feeling guilty as she has stolen from her own house . she is tensed cuz she knws her mom will never forgive her for this Vinnie is tensed on how will she face her mom . ella tells her they will sumhow get the money back now atleast this blackmailer can be out of their life and ella also says that if this thing goes on for long she will take all the blame and will never involve Vinnie in it . Vinnie is touched and says wtevr may happen BFFS will face it 2gether { i really like this ella girl }.and they hug. Vinnie says they must leave now . wen they r abt to leave Vinnie says 1 more thing is to be done .
Sanju is shown talking with her dad she is saying how can they do like tht . but her dad says to calm down but he still is not aware wat is sanju talking about. Sanju’s dad advise her to forgive and forget but sanju says it is not tht easy cus but sanjus dad does not let her completes her sentences and tells her they may need her but sanju is stubborn and tells her dad he is not trying to to understand her and she says she will never forgive them.
Sanju cries and get the flashbacks of their bitter moments . thats wen she hears ella and Vinnie calling out her names . she goes out but no one is there thn she again heres viniies voice she follows the sound and see that a video of the 3 bff’s is being played on it by sunny . it a happy moment of the bff wen they share the same bracelets and they are happy . sanju smiles seeing the video but then shouts at sunny for playing the video
Vinnie and ella are trying sanju on her phone but the phone is going on voice mail . they doubt wether sanju is ignoring them . but then they say tht sanju is not wrong at doing this with them as they deserve this . they are feeling very guilty . ella tells they must leave now .
Sanju is shown looking at her friendship[ bands and remembering all their happy moments. Then she recives an mms frm ella and Vinnie {thts wen she notices the n number of missd calls frm her bff’s } wer they tell her about the blackmailer his threat and even Vinnie stealing d money Vinnie gets total senti here telling she cheated evry 1 and even tells her that they are gona meet tht black mailer on the same cliff. Sanju is damned shocked and tensed. She is really worried for the two she doubt if the blackmailer will kill them. The epi ends on sanju’s shocked face

Precap ; Vinnie and ella reaches the clif
. the come to kno black mailer is none other than varun
. somebody is shooting in mobile varun’s interaction with Vinnie and ella
. varun orders them Vinnie and ella to jump of the cliff . they are at his gun point
. sanju asks varun to kill her.
Varun hesitated but a bullet firing sound is heard

Update Credit to: chaichil

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