Best Friends Forever 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 20th February 2013 Written Update

Sanju panics what should we do? If we disclose everything to Sanju she will sent us to jail but I don’t want to go jail..A phone call comes(Varun) does.. Vinnie rebukes him for destroying Ela’s life.. Varun says I haven’t done nothing.. yeh now.. Varun tells Sanju will send u to jail..I have kept a evidence seeing this she will send them to jail.

Vinnie don’t stand otherwise Sanju will get it.lets see who gets the evidence first u or Sanju. Varun cuts the call.. Vinnie & Ela gets nervous what to do> Vinnie goes Ela stands outside & prays that Sanju doesn’t go to locker.Sanju is about to open the locker.. someone calls her out.. its Prithvi .. finally he is relieved that she is here.. prithvi asks how are you?

Sanju tells she is ok! Prithvi wants to talk with Sanju. Ela is tensed Mak comes from behind & puts his hand on Ela’s shoulder Ela gets scared.. Mak apologizes to Ela & gives sandwitch to eat. Ela tells she don’t want to talk.. Mak says I didn’t came here as your BF. Prithvi asks Sanju why she didn’t came @ canteen.Sanju tells I don’t want to. Prithvi by mistake says I missed u. Prithvi any how makes an excuse..

Sanju tells she has to go.. she collides with a girl & her bracelet breakes. Prithvi tells I wanted to tell this he tells she is string or main part of the group.Mak tells I’m your friend too.. he tells to eat.. Mak clearly tells Ela though whole world may be against u but not Mak. he will be always there for her ever.! Ela wonders if he came to know about truth what he will do? Mak touches Ela’s hands..RGV & Rohan talks about what happened..! Sanju arrives in canteen..

Vinnie sees Sanju at canteen.. she takes Sanju keys & goes to locker room. she opens the locker sanju speaks in Ela’s for.. Sanju says she heasn’t forgive Ela..Sanju tells whatever happened u should be uneffected by this if this happens I will be very hurt.! Vinnie sees a paper in sanju’s locker she is about to take it out when Sanju arrives..Vinnie wonders what to do as evidence is in locker..Sanju keeps Vinnie’s book when she sees paper..she takes it out Vinnie scared..episode ends..

precap: Varun blackmails vinnie & ela to give him Rs.10 lakhs in 2 hours.

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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