Best Friends Forever 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 13th February 2013 Written Update

Bottle stops at Ela directions, Ela shouts its a stupid game. Sanju asks what happened..vinnie makes a excuse that she may got upset due to Mak’s dance. Ela goes to washroom, vinnie follows her. they spin the bottle its Prithvi’s turn & Mak is infront of Prithvi. Mak tells Prithvi to propose a girl who is here.. and as sanju is the only girl there so Prithvi have to propose her. Prithvi finally agrees for it. lights are dimed.. Prithvi says when I saw you first time I fall in love, while reparing a electric wire during power cut I feel I have fallen in love, during classes while sitting & if there is a place empty left my eyes wonder for you I feel I have fallen in love! Prithvi comes closer towards Sanju they share an eyelock.. Prithvi finally lets out a

sigh & says Sanjana Roy I.. I just then RGV & Rohan interrupts Love you. Sanju shares glances..Lights come back & vinnie & Ela return . Rohan says hey just now Prithvi proposed Sanju.! Vinnie & Ela shocked they are like what Prithvi proposed Sanju..! Sanju tells them its just a game. Ela thinks that the mystery man(Varun) must be here only & he is watching all this. She goes near the window..Varun is shown standing beside it. Ela tells she will play Truth & Dare game.. Again ela gets threat msg that if she doesn’t tell Sanju how she topped the Exams last year then he will tell Sanju what happened that Valentine’s night.! It is Ela’s turn now.. she is thrilled what to do.. everyone suggests to go for Truth she does.. Ela finally discloses to Sanju that she exchanged her & Sanju’s paper so she topped. Sanju is shocked to hear this ela starts apologizing but Sanju in a shocked state slaps ela & goes..Varun is shown he watches all this & says lets see how BFF’s remain BFF’s now. Who can save them from storm Varun? Prithvi advises Rohan we should leave now they need time for resolving it. Prithvi consoles Vinnie as she has to manage this.All leave..Vinnie asks she did this? ela tells her that mystery man forced her to take this step Ela cries now Sanju won’t talk me ever.!
Sanju crying vinnie enters Sanju wipes off her tears. Sanju cries its all over BFF’s ended now. vinnie tells don’t say like this, I know what Ela did is wrong .Sanju cries that I feel that Ela doesn’t care, I harresned so much. The way everyone reacted after I joined college how bad I felt. Ela consoled me that everything will be fine but look she knew all about it & didn’t even speak a word. she had broken my trust which I have on her from childhood. I can’t trust her anymore.During my childhood days when my mom passed away it was Ela Who use to stay with me nights because she knew that I won’t fall asleep alone. Sanju cries.. Ela enters & says don’t say like this Sanju. Sanju bursts on Ela just because of you now I can’t trust anyone & thanks to you for doing it. Just because of now we can’t remain anymore Best Friends Forever & get the hell out of my life. Sanju storms out of her room Ela & vinnie stands there they are having tears.

precap: Rigved rustigate Ela for this. Sanju tells she can’t forgive Ela for what she did. Varun tells someone over phone now Sanju has separated her from Ela & vinnie so it has become easy for them

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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