Best Friends Forever 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 12th February 2013 Written Update

episode starts with all of them in the dark sanju asking vinni if there are more surprises…vinni declines and sanju gets scared…she calls out for SUNY and vinni says he’s sleeping.
prithvi asks everyone to stay where they are and that he’ll go check the fuse box…sanju says she’ll also go with him…prithvi agrees and they leave.
Meanwhile ela is lighting a candle when someone catches her hand…thinking it as mac she asks him to leave her hand, varun says hi ela…ela scared…and stammers…and turns to find herself facing varun…drops the candle and varun steps on it..he asks why did u push me ela?
Sanju and prithvi at the fuse box..a lil bit of sanvi romance…and prithvi hands his phone to sanju…he notices that the fuse wire is burnt…and

speculates what happened…sanju breaks through and asks is everything alrigt? He says yes and sits down to fix the fuse…he asks sanju why does she look at everyone very suspiciously…sanju denies…prithvi says idk but i feel like u don’t like me much…i know the first meeting wasn’t that great…anju replies saying if i dint like u i wouldn’t have let close to me…prithvi asks so u like me…sanju stammers and says i dislike u less than i did on our first meet.
Ela faces varun varun keeps asking her why did she do…ela trips and falls…and screams…all hear and rush to her side…prithvi asks sanju to check and he’ll fix the fuse…saju rushes to ela..before which mac reaches and calms her down…as all reach lights come on and rgv and rohan check if anyone is abt…
In the kitchen ela confides in vinni what had happened and says she is scared…they have a tiff over it but resolve it as sanju enters to see if all is well…rgv suggests they play truth or dare…and everyone agrees
Seating is done and ela gets a message from an unknown no. Saying i dare u to tell the truth…ela getz scared…gang start playing truth or dare and varun watches all of it through the window…saying u will scream ela…u will…
Sanju dares mac to please ela with a song…mac dances a funny dance and ela smiles…as the bottle turns for the next round..ela gets a message saying it could be u next ela…watch out…ela panics as the bottle slows down when it comes towards her..Episode ends

Precap: sanju says we’re bffs and there’s no secret between us…ela confesses…and sanju slaps ela as she says sorry.

Update Credit to: sunvad278

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