At gm
Ragini reached home she wiped her tears she entered in again she shocked to see sanskar there
Sanskar: shall we go out
$umi:of course sanskar no need to ask her permission
Ragini nodes

At icecream parlour
Sanskar order ice cream .ice cream comes after few minutes in this time neither sanskar nor swara didn’t talk they starts having but ragini is not eating
Sanskar: Ragini u looking so dull don’t u want to eat ice cream
Ragini:no I’m fine
Sanskar: then wt abt ice cream don’t u like this ice cream
Ragini:I don’t like but….
Sanskar: but Laksh like this right
Ragini looks him blankly
Sanskar:Ragini I don’t whether should I talk like this or not did u remember when we talk first time u only talks about Laksh and at theatre when Laksh went u looks so dull Ragini I think
Ragini:wt u think
Sanskar: I think u r in LOVE with him don’t miss him once think abt ur journey with Laksh his caring,ur beautiful moments can u live happily with me without Ragini u can’t
Ragini think all her beautiful moment’s with Laksh their fighting their nok_ jokes,their parties,their fight for ice cream and chocolates and finally Laksh confession his loves to ap tears were continuously flowing from her eyes finally she brust out

Ragini:no sanskar I can’t live without Laksh I’ll die without him
Sanskar:okay then go tell ur feelings to Laksh.stop crying
Ragini:wt abt u and uncle aunty
Sanskar: I’m really unlucky not getting uand ur love in my life abt mom dand I will manage they can understand don’t worry and don’t be late to confess ur love
Ragini:tq sanskar seriously ur an angel in my life
Sanskar: and ha don’t forget to call me on ur wedding
Sanskar:I think now u need a another friend because ur best friend going to be ur life partner he extend his hand Ragini too shakes her hand with sanskar
Ragini: friends
Sanskar:okay go fast.,Ragini:okay bye sanskar saying this she runs from there.sanskar smiles.Ragini buys a big chocolate on the way to house reaches home
Ragini directly went to mm happily, to her suprise shemish also present there But all were very sad
Ragini: maa where is Laksh I want to talk to him is he in his room she runs to Laksh room but room is empty
Ragini:where is this duffer.she came down.aunty where is he

Ap(sobbing): Laksh went son left me.Ragini get shocked and worried
Ragini:aunty what you mean
Ap:Laksh went to Australia
Ragini again shocked but he didn’t even said to me
Sumi:he didn’t said to me and papa also beta
Ragini:maa how can he go leaving me maa stop him I can’t live without Laksh maa I LOVE HIM maa
All were super happy but sad also
Ragini: I won’t let him go I’ll go to air port
Dp:but beta flight is after 1hr if u start now also It takes more than 1hr easily first call him
Shekar:I already tried but he is not picking call
Ragini while sobbing:I know this duffer won’t lift call at right time papa I’m going don’t come I will manage
Shekar: lekin beta.before he complete his words Ragini left from there with dp’s
Car keys
Ragini driving car with a high speed she reached air port in 50 min late 10min to Laksh flight she runs runs inside she searched every where.she stopped because she saw her love who was busy in his phone she went and stood in front placing her hand on ner hip.Laksh stood shocked
Laksh:Ragini.with in a second Ragini gave tight slap to him .all surrounding ppl looking them

Ragini holds Laksh collor
Ragini(crying):how can u do like this Laksh how could u leave me u once u should think about me na while going far
Laksh: but I have to go
Ragini: oh r u pm of Australia ppl is in need
Laksh: I have to go
Ragini:y Laksh
Laksh:I can’t see u someone else because I….nothing
Ragini: nothing y you can’t see me someone else bolo Laksh she shakes him holding his collar
Laksh(shouted) brcoz I LOVE YOU
Laksh: I know Ragini u don’t love me that’s y I’m going far from u
Ragini slap him even more hard than before one she continuously beating him punched in his stomach he holds her hands plz don’t beat Ragini it’s paining.Ragini stops beating him
Ragini:Laksh when u loved me y u ignored me
Laksh: becoz u r happy with sanskar so I thought
Ragini: u thought to leave me ignore me right
Laksh nodes

Ragini:how can u even think like this Ragini will never be happy without Laksh Laksh is hell shocked and happy too(they hear a. Announcement for Laksh flight is ready to take off but they ignored)
Ragini: I thought caring ur love is just friendship I never thought my life without you.I should THANK dad if he didn’t bring alliance for me sanskar will not come in our lives he is just angel in my life because of him I realized my love I LOVE YOU LAKSH I LOVE U SO MUCH PLZ DON’T GO she sit on her knees and crying vigorously
Laksh:plz don’t cry ragu maa I can’t see u crying.
Ragini: don’t go plz
Laksh: Laksh is incomplete without Ragini
Ragini:aur Ragini is incomplete without Laksh
Laksh hugged her tightly Ragini also reciprocate they stayed like this for 5min
Laksh:ragu maa
Laksh: ghar chalte ya we stay like this only Ragini breaks hug and looks around all are looking them only Ragini blushes
Ragini: lets go home all are waiting for u idiot
After few minutes raglak reached home

At mm
Sumi.and ap hugs laksh
Ap: DON’T leave ur mom beta
Laksh : sry mom
Sumi: I thought ur my son but u proved me wrong u didn’t even abt Australia
Laksh : sry aunty I’M always ur son
Ap : finally I’M happy Ragini is my dil
All blessed raglak,Ragini and shemish went to their home

At mm (night)
Laksh went to his room he found chocolate on bed .ap also came there
Ap: Laksh have ur dinner
Laksh:maa u bought this
Ap : no Ragini bought .eat fast
Laksh: chocolate
Ap : no food
Laksh: okay maa.ap leaves
Laksh thinks something and jumped to Ragini room

Ragini room
Ragini sat on bed and thinking deeply Laksh sat beside her very close
Laksh: Ragini wt r u thinking
Ragini saw him very close and blushes
Laksh: (teasing) : ragu maa this is not first time u saw me this much close
Ragini(blushing): $hut up Laksh
Laksh: DON’T worry Ragini we will never go far sanskar is very nice guy I will talk to him to buy a new house near our
Ragini: u idiot duffer giraffe hippopotamus rhinos she starts beating him. Laksh holds her hand and pulls towards him
Laksh: I’m just kidding hugs her

At Gm hall
All were sitting in sofa along with pandit ji
paditji : there is nice muhurth on next Sunday or after 3months
Shekar : fix Sunday only
Pandit ji ; okay
All are super happy all blessed raglak
( guys this is two shots so I’m not describing their wedding)
Raglak completed all rituals finally
At wedding day
Sanskar also came
Laksh: thanks sanskar becoz of u I got my Ragini she realized her love
Sanskar: I didn’t nothing okay now go fast padit ji calling u
Laksh: okay
Raglak finished their seven vows and Laksh tied magalsuthra and filled her mand with sindoor.finally their marriage finished.



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