Best friends or more? Chapter – 1

New York, 2014.
“ Students! In this school, indiscipline is not tolerated. You all are wasting the precious time of your life. Which you will surely regret later. Then you will remember me; that there was a professor Mark of yours, who used to warn you all but you guys never listened to him.

“I am warning you; if you wanna achieve something in life, then CONENTRATE.


“ Okay children that’s all for today. Recess time. “

Is it over? I am unable to believe my ears! Is it really over; holy shit. FINALLY! I hate these teachers who give a 20 min lecture about wasting time. Like duh man; get a life!
It is recess,now..
I dug my hands in my bag and found my lunch box soon. Grabbing it, I left for the cafeteria; Sharron, Ragini and Uttara must be waiting for me. Reaching the canteen I went to our permanent spot. And sure enough, my friends WERE there.
Ragini is my sweetypie. She is really so sweet and kind. I doubt she even knows the meaning of ‘rude’. And no doubt she is such a beauty.
Uttara. Although she hasn’t got the prettiest face of the town; she is friendly, naughty and bubbly. And I love her personality.
Now sharron is a really close friend of mine. She has been there for me almost every time. But she can sometimes be reallyyyyy mean, otherwise she is descent and trendy.
After eating the food we went to the washroom as usual for our makeup touchup

I glanced at my reflection in the washroom. My hair was tied in a messy bun. First of all, a ’messy bun’ is supposed to be effortless, then how come it takes me 59 tries? I was wearing a neon top with purple dhoti shorts. Which is, to be frank, WAY TOO CASUAL.
I reapplied my nude lip gloss and CAT eye liner.


Besides me, Sharron was doing her hair, Uttara was busy in her pout and Ragini who had no connection with these girly things, was looking down the window. Sweetypie! True; she is such a tomboy.


Who the f**k is hauling now?


I so want to shout at this person to shut the f**k up.
And before I do that a pack of overdressed girls enter the washroom. And among them is a….. a celebrity? I mean they are behaving like that. Oh! I realized; who that is! Who can it be anyways, other than Kavita Shah. She is the rock star of the college with a ‘’popular’’ hash tag.

That girl literally pushed me away from the mirror.

Can. You. Believe. That?

Unbelievably rude.

I wanted to throw a nasty look at her; but I see, she has already got one. No doubt; she is really pretty with her blonde hair which has pink highlights, high cheekbones, tanned complexion. A dream for me. She is wearing a crease-less lavender dress, no match for my lazy outfit. With a GEAR of makeup. First foundation, then powder, then lipstick, contouring, highlight, eye shadows, eye liner…….. Oh gosh! God bless these rotten rich kids.

I stood there, my head tilted towards a certain direction, admiring the piece of artwork in front of me.



Not to get distracted, but the air is really hot.

Of course I know who it is. SANSKAR. But cant he stop fanning his breath on me like that. I mean, not like I don’t like it; but… but…but…um well I feel shy…

Pink colour immediately rushed to my cheeks, if only I did not blush this often; life would have been lot better. Well Sanskar is my best friend. He is popular, he keeps changing girlfriends every week; and to be honest I do have a crush on him.
Don’t judge; just an innocent crush, I really don’t know how I ended up with him.


‘Hmmmmmmm..’, he morphed again, Thank god! *CORRECT TIMING
That went on forever, and then I emerged in a conversation between my heart and mind.
Heart: He is handsome.
Mind: Shut up!
Heart: But he IS handsome.
Mind: He is your best friend.
Heart: So, what should I do?
Mind: Why not try shooting him with one of your; You-Better-Behave looks?
Heart: f**k you!
Mind: I AM YOU!
‘Hi Swara!’, sanskar said.
He knows how to speak, too?

‘What do you want!’, I asked, genuinely angry on him for breaking my trance.

‘I said “ Hi “ ‘, he said.
Seriously; is he expecting a greeting?

‘Umm fine!’, I said.
Does that makes sense? Cool!

‘How about hanging out after school?’, he asked.
Yeah, like I am a fool.

‘What’s the work?’, I tried to sound uninterested and rolled my eyes in ‘fake’ frustration .
Of course! He can’t be here until he has some work.

‘Woah! You know me too well; that’s scary!’, he chuckled.
Like duh!

‘Just tell me what you want already!’, I yelled at him; now seriously irritated.

‘Okay! Okay baby! I need your help.’

I know that; you moron!

‘I wanna hook up with Kavita.’, those words left his mouth and I froze, literally FROZE.



Hi guys; Atreyi here! This is the first time I am trying my luck on writing; that too, on a fan fiction. I have a lot of expectations from you guys, but honestly; from my previous experiences; expectations almost never come true, but still please comment and support me in this journey. I don’t know how regular I will be but I’ll try to update at least once a week. Bye; have a nice day.

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