…………………….. I moaned Involuntarily as he slammed me against the lockers and began to trail hot little kisses all over my neck.
Knotting my fingers into his soft hair ,he pulled his face towards mine and claimed his lips in a passionate kiss. He let out a low and manly groan and pressed his body even closer against. Within secs i pushed him hard and he fell .

” Leave me u pervert ”

Then again he hold my hand and i dashed against his chest.

” One day u’ll love me ragini ” He whispered in my ear.

” You mean nothing to me ! do u get that ! i’ll make sure that i never fall in love with u ” I barked back

” We ‘ll see about that my angel ” he grinned

Again i push him and walk towards my car but suddenly my foot get twisted but some other boy hold my arms .His brown eyes get lock with mine

” R u fine beautiful ? ” He said with a smirk ………………

The other boy hold me with my waist and whisper ” I’M BACK PLAYING THE GAME THAT I LOVE ” ……………………………………………..

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