………………..” I LOVE U ” his voice chimed quietly from behind my ear. It’s a lie, he never did “stay beside me” .He griped me tighter. There it is, stay beside me, not stay with me. He doesn’t mean it.

I pushed him away and kept my distance from him. Laksh looked at me,his eyes blank as if he lost something precious to him. ” Let’s stop ” my voice cracked. ” Nothing is going to change .Everyone is going to hurt if this continues.I don’t want that to happen” .No mater how many times i try to make him realize my feelings ,it’s not my place to put in.I’m sure swara would say the same .I might have met him first but swara would got him first.He’s hers now not mine.

“You’re right but my feelings 4 u r genuine ragini ” he swallowed loudly .”I need to sort my feelings out and choose. If u r in pain .” he paused.Laksh said something after that .I’m not sure if i heard him right ,even though i know i did.When he told me he’d leave my life.I felt like i couldn’t breathe.”We should get back .we should be leaving in about and hour ” . he stared at the ground,

Laksh walked passed me, lightly brushing against my shoulder.I followed him back in silence,my heart in too much pain to even try to talk to him anymore. When we got back,ryan and swara rushed over to me. I couldn’t look swara in the eyes without feelings like i was going to throw up.

The ride back was long .Many trees flashed by my eyes as i stared out of the window.Every once in awhile i’d glance at the sky,watching the could go by.I shut my ears in fear when we’d enter a tunnel in fear of seeing laksh and swara in the reflection .What would it take 4 my mind to be quiet.To stop any thoughts of him.

“Ragini” Ryan called over to me ” What happened ? ” he whispered .I didn’t reply not wanting to even think about any of it. I wish i hadn’t come on this trip .I knew it’d only cause trouble if i came.

” Nothing” I finally said as i crossed my arms and slouched deeper in my seat.The car came to a stop and everyone got out. The backdoor opened and everyone began pushing and tugging 4 their luggage. I was the last to get out of the car. I thanked yash and waved goodbye to everyone without glancing at laksh.

That evening my mother welcomed me back, telling me to quickly go up to my room and change into something nice. “We’re having the new neighbors over tonight 4 diner ” .She smiled at me as if she had a secret motive behind this meal.” They’ve got a son your age,you know ” .She taped my back gentle,sending me up to my room.

I threw my bag in the corner and pulled out a shirt , easily slipping it over my body after striping off the other one. When i finished changing .I flopped on top of my bed and curled up in a ball.I felt myself daze in and out a few times before my mother called down 4 me .Slowly siting up , i listened to the flood of three voices spreading throughout our house .My mother called 4 me once more before i actually left my room.

” Ragini ,i’d like u to meet the rajvanshs” She pulled me into a side hug and rubbed my shoulder as she smiled at me .”This is sujata ,her husband ram and her son sanskar ” .

I gasped when my eyes met with sanskar and he was just smirking as if he already knew this. I reached out shaking all their hands.After shaking both sujata and ram’s hands ,they left 4 the diner room with my mother . When i shook sanskar’s hand he pulled me in close . His lips brushing along the rim of my ear .” I AM BACK BEAUTIFUL JUST 4 U , AND YAH ! U LOOK MESMERIZING MY LOVE ! , he whispered and smirked and i was shocked and slowly whispered ” Love ”



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