……………….LAKSH P.O.V.

Swara lean to kiss me , before she could do anything i push her gently as ragini’s pretty face revolve around my head.
” SWARA ! LAKSH ! ryan barged in quickly stopping from entering fully after seeing swara in my arms . His eyes twitched as he scanned as from top to toethen back down . ” A am i interrupting something ? “. He twitched again.

It took swara a while to realize the situation . But once she did ,she instantly detached herself from me and stared at the ground blushing ” ” she paused , ” Anyways ,whats up ? ” she asked looking up at him with a weak smile.

Ryan weakly smiled back at her before his face turned serious ” Have either of u seen ragini ? ” He asked

” What do u mean ? ” Swara asked ” Didn’t she came back with laksh ”

Ryan and i nodded ” A while ago she said she was heading over here to ask laksh something “,Ryan said looking at me. ” And she hasn’t come back yet ,so i thought she’d be here with u two ” Swara and i exchanged glances.

It quickly clicked with me . A while ago i thought i heard something but paid no attention to it thinking it was only in my head. It couldn’t have been ragini. could it ? If it was , That means she misunderstood me and our conversation . I wonder what she’s doing right now after hearing that, If he heard it at all.

I grabbed my jacket and ran out the door leaving swara and ryan in the room together ” I ‘ll go look 4 her “.


There ‘s a thin line between dreams and reality .sometimes when u get too close to the boarder , the two worlds begin to squish together . In most cases ,you’ll wake up finding what seemed like a dream was actually reality telling u something is about to go wrong, i should have listened to myself when things seemed to be going too smooth.

” ragini” my name called in the distance , ” Ragini ” it called again . The sunlight beamed past my eyelids , making them painful to open . Slowly i sat up and glanced around . My eyes burned from the saltiness of my tears and puffed up. I stared outside of the cave , listening 4 my name .” Ragni ” a echoed throughout the sky.

Quickly i stood up and peaked out of the cave. Just a few feet away one the other side of the trees and bushes. Laksh continued to call my name as he walked along. As long as i think i’m better off without him, i”ll be fine right ? I’ll be able to face him when we see each other. Because i’m going to get over him.

“Ragini please come out ” He cried ,his words torn me down on the inside. But what i heard him say when i left, made me cold from the inside out. ” Please come out ” his voice lowered a bit.” Please………”

The second i stepped out, a twig snapped under my foot .Laksh’ ears quickly popped up. His eyes shot towards me within seconds i was being held in his arms . It felt like years since i was embraced my him . ” Ragini , ragini ,ragini..” he repeated my name into my ear as he hugged onto my tighter, ” I’m sorry .i’m so sorry ”

I want to move my arm . I really do. I want to push him away and tell him to clean up his act. But i’m not in the position to tell that to him. I’m not mature enough to tell him anything. My body feels weak when his arms r around me and my mind begins to haze in and out. When he whisper in my ear that he’s sorry. I can’t help but want to grab onto him and tell him that i am too.

” About last night ” he began . The second his words came out of his mouth. Everything came back to me. The feeling of not being able to breathe correctly. The blurred vision as i ran through the woods and sanskar ………….
” R u okay ” he whispered and i nodded . ” What ‘re u talking about ? ” i asked forcing myself to forget. Laksh pulled away and looked at me. The sadness which filled his eyes almost made me want to forgive and forget. But the forgiveness never pulled through.

” You don’t remember ? ” he held my shoulder . His grip tightened every second i didn’t answer him : ” Ragini r u okay ” he again asked

” I am fine : ” i mumbled .” Just don’t worry about me ” i averted my eyes to the ground as i shrugged his hands off my shoulder and pulled even further away.

I could see laksh clench his fist through the corner of my eyes . But i was too scared to see what his face looked like .” I tried talking to swara about us “he said.
” Please ragini what u might have heard between swara and i..”

” I don’t want to hear it ” I yelled . ” I didn’t hear anything , i never told u to tell her anything . We never promised to do anything or say anything ” When my voice died down , everything around us felt so quiet ,” I ‘ll go back to the house , you can stop worrying about me and focus on swara ” I mumbled under my breathe.

When i walked by laksh he grabbed my wrist trying to stop me.His touch send me lightning up my arm . Instantly i yanked my arm away ,stumbling backwards in fear of having things fall back into his pace. The pace which keeps me weak and wanting more. I can’t go on like this anymore

” Ragini ” he called once more.

” Leave me alone ” I cried as i back up. Don’t touch me, don’t chase after me . Let everything end here and let everything go back to normal .As if last night never happened .As if any of the night never happened .

I turned my back towards him and began walkking away once more. Laksh ran up to me and hugged me from behind .His body overpowering my small framed size .” Please don’t leave me ragini i beg u , i’m sorry 4 giving u hope then causing u so much pain ” he whispered in my ear. I could feel the tear begins to swell up in my eyes ” Ragini ” , he tightened his embrace around me, ” I …I LOVE U and i mean it ragini i really really LOVE U . i will die without u please don’t leave me I LOVE U RAGINI ”


Yes i met her , i met my dream girl . She is so beautiful so pretty .Her black eyes always leave me mesmerizing . Whenever she talk ,her each words make me to skip my heartbeat. Last night was the most memorable day 4 me . I found my lady love but i think she is in deep pain ,whenever i saw those beautiful blackk eyes i saw deep sorrow . I think she love someone . no no what rubbish am i thinking. She is mine , she is made 4 me and i think i love her ” I LOVE U RAGINI ”

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# MY BEST FRIEND’ BROTHER ( sequel of MY BEST FRIEND’S BOYFRIEND ) coming soon A love saga with same character but different story , give me ur advice if u want something special in it .

loads of love 4 me………..

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