RAGINI P.O.V. ……………..Ryan sat there next to my bed in silence .When my leg twitched ,making the sheets crinkle ,he glanced up at me ” Do u hate swara? ” He asked bluntly .I blinked a few times at him then furrowed my eyebrows ” What ” ? i said ” Why would i ? “. I shrugged as i swung my feet over the edge of my bed to face him more properly ” I have got no reason to. ”

Ryan stood up and walked over to the end of my bed and ran his finger along the bedpost. ” Then why r u acting so weird when she’s around ? ” he said and i shrugged once more. Ryan stopped and came over to me and hold my shoulder tightly ” I don’t know what ur problem is right now , but u sure as hell better come camping this weekend .I don’t care if u’re better or not ”

Surprised at his sudden switch of tone all i could do was sit there and stare at him .My throat felt too dry to swallow, and i couldn’t generate any saliva in my mouth to keep it from growing drier. Ryan let go of my shoulder and walked around my room with his arms folded in.

“U love laksh right ? ” He said bluntly and i was shocked . ” Ragini don’t lie i know u love laksh , i can see that in ur eyes ,it is clearly visible ” he added further. My palms were sweating .I felt so nervousness , no words were coming out from my mouth, ” I know ur shocked please don’t be, we r buddies ragini , i am not judging u sweety because u know i also love swara, I adore her a lot, it hurt man whenever i saw her with that laksh and i know…” . “What do u want Ryan ? ” I said before his line . He smirked and turn towards me .” u’re help sweety ” he said with his snake smile. I shrugged ” My heip ? what do u mean ryan ? “.

” U ‘re help to separate swara and laksh ” . ” What ? ” I shout so loudly. He chuckled and said ” Relax sweety relax , i just want to separate their relation so in that way i can get my swara and u will get ure laksh , it is as simple as anything, but if u will help me then it will.. ” . ” Have u lost it ryan ? ” i said and hold his collar ” Don’t u dare to speak and do anything like this ! do u get that ! swara is our best friend since childhood and we can’t betray her ryan ” i added further with more sharpness in my voice. ” I know sweety i know she is our best friend but it hurt man ever since he came into her life ,it’s all she talks about .i can’t have a single conversation without hearing, laksh this ,laksh that…., i miss it when she smiled at me , not because she was talking and thinking about laksh “.

“I can understand ur pain ryan but this is not the way , i can’t betray her and …” i said and closed my eyes in pain with tears rolling across my face “4 me swara is more important than laksh , I love her like my own sister , she is my life and i..i can’t betray my life ” i said further and then turn towards rayn who was smirking ” And i will make sure that u will not do anything stupid, u can’t ruin her happiness like this ” With this i slam door on his face.

The weekend came around faster than it should have.usually I’d hope the weekend would come faster , by i guess all my wishing that never came true ,was all used 4 this time. When i arrived to the gathering place. Swara jumped on me ,hugging me tightly ,but i wouldn’t pull my eyes away from Ryan’s which glared at me.

“So glad u could come ” Ryan smiled at me with red glaring eyes. “Wouldn’t want u to miss out on any of the fun” ,He tapped me on the shoulder as he put his bag in the van. “listen” , he whispered in my ear , ” I will still work on my plan and i don’t care if u will help or not , okay sweety ” , I rolled my eyes and moved away from him and over to swara.

Everyone hopped into the car as Yash (Laksh’s friend) pulled out of thelot and began driving to our destination. The car ride felt longer than the estimated 3 hours, it was probably because i wouldn’t take my eyes away from swara snuggling aganist laksh. When van came to a stop at the camp site , everyone rushed out to stretch.

” Ah, that was a long trip ” ,Yash huffed .” I should have made u drive some ” he laughed as he swung his arm around laksh. After a while , he pulled his arm away and walking inside, happily swinging the car keys around his finger with a wink 4 me ,i simply rolled my eyes .

Yash came back out with a piece of paper ,explaining who is rooming with who.Even though i kind of expected to see this set up, i’m still surprised to see swara and laksh sharing the same room. I grabbed my bag and headed inside to my room .Placing my bag on the bed, ” Let’s go to the lake ” swara barged into my room ” change ! change ! change ! ” she happily shouted as she walked down the hall, i sighed as i pulled out my bathing suit . I thought this was supposed to be camping , but since swara told me to pack a bathing suit ,i should have known we were going to go swimming .

When we reached the lake ,everyone quickly headed into the water besides me. I simply sat underneath a beach umbrella .The only person my eyes were following was laksh. The more i looked at him, the more he seemed to be just an ordinary boy.Just another person in the world to me. While sitting beneath the shade ,laksh came over and reached his hand out to me.

Like a shooting star with memorizing words,he said ” Take my hand .The water’s getting warmer,so u might as well swim ” .Was it his calming aura he oozed ,i wanted to reach up and take the palm of his gentle hand ” You’ll never know if u don’t go ” .I smiled to myself in defeat , since he’s asking , i might as well.Without my permission he took my hand and when our hand touched ,it felt like a dream in my head .Laksh gripped my hand and yanked me up to my feet. The closer i got laksh’s face, i could see the sun brightly shinning around him as if he had a blinding halo.It seems love is out to get me and there’s not a trace of doubt in my mind that we were clearly looking in each other eyes.

There’s no use in fighting it, this whole trip can change everything.I’m completely accidentally head over heals in love.

The night ,in celebration of the first day of our camping trip, Yash and laksh set up a barbecue with a small bonfire for’s mores . The fireflies has lifted into starry sky and surrounded us.The moon reflected itself in my drink as my eyes watched the tiny rippled distort the image.

” Ragini” swara came over with a plate of food and sat next to me . ” I’m really glad u could come ” She chuckled lightly to herself .” u know ,to be honest 4 the past week ,i’ve had the feeling u hated me , and that’s why u were avoiding me ” .She said and sighed and aimlessly spun her fork around her plate. ” But i guess that’s not the case”.

I swallowed as i clenched the cup in my hand.Truthfully speaking .i’d never be able to hate swara .But since we’re so close . I don’t like keeping secrets from her. It pains me to know that i look at laksh with the same eyes as her. If she were to ever figure out , what would happen ? I don’t even want to try to imagine what it’d do to us.

“Ragini” someone called me in the distance.” Ragini” I snapped out of my haze phase. When my vision came through ,i found laksh ‘s face directly in front of me. He had bent down
to stare into my eyes. ” Are u okay ? ” he asked and i nodded silently debating if i should pull my head away. He seemed too close ” Well ,it’s ur turn to draw ” . He pulled away from my face.

My eyes wondered over to a cup to my left then up to the person who was holding the cup. Ryan , slowly i reached out and pulled out a stick. Ryan smirked before he walked away . I looked down at the stick one more time , bracing myself to see the number i go. Laksh leaned over my shoulder , waiting to see too.

“Ah, we’ve got the same number” , he said and smiled as i turned it over ” Looks like we’re patners 4 this test” he said and placed his arm around me. I could feel my cheeks slightly burn from the warmth of arm.

Yash groaned as he looked at his number, then walked over to ryan ” And i was hoping to get ragini ” , he fake cried ” even swara didn’t get her lover” , he huffed “swara we should just go together and cry ” . All laughed at his antics.

” Well let’s start since everyone is done eating ” Ryan said ” We’ll go in the order of the number u got on ur stick ,he suggested . When everyone agreed , the first pair headed into the forest . I hadn’t been paying much attention to what the rules were, if there were any .For now i’ll just follow what laksh does.

When our turn came around , we headed in after 10 minutes passed since the pair before us went in. Halfway in, i could hear the wind begin to howl throughout the night sky .The flashlight in laksh’s hand began to flicker. Laksh stopped in his path and began hitting palm against it . I stopped and my body stiffened. My eyes were locked on the flashlight hoping it’s stay lit. Suddenly ,it went out and darkness swarmed around us. Quickly i fell to the ground and my body rolled against the floor , laksh shout so loudly ” Ragini ”
Before i could understand anything i rolled against the cliff ” RAGINI !!!! ” Laksh again yelled my name . Someone was holding my hand to prevent me from falling from the cliff but he was not laksh how was he, ?? ???

Do comment if u want me to continue, comments r less , i don’t want to stop this ff but all ur ignorance r compelling me to do this…..PLEASE COMMENT lovely people….

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