RAGINI P.O.V. ………………..Taps on the keyboard filled the air as my senses came through ,slowly sitting up i rubbed my eyes and glanced around, shaggy brown hair and a handsome boy wearing glasses sat at a desktop surfing the web.The more i sat up ,the couch began to creak .The boy spun around and looked at me.

“You’re awake ? ” His voice was enough 4 me to identify who he is. I nodded silently as i drew the sheets back.”How’re u feeling ?” He took his glasses off and rubed the corner of his eyes. With or without glasses ,his eyes always took my breath .It catches my attention every time .But his eyes aren’t what i should be worying about.Does he even remember what he said last night ? I should ask him ,but I’m scared .Last time i regretted it,so this time i’ll go 4 it.

“Are we at ur place?” I mumbled slowly turning my body. I flinched from the pain in my head as my my bare foot touched the smooth wooden floor. Laksh nodded and turned back to his desktop “What happened last night?” I asked

Laksh sighed slightly,”I don’t actually know”,he chuckled ,”It was a crazy night though ,This morning i called swara and she said she got home safely, I guess i got too drunk and u ended up having to look after me ” oh so he doesn’t remember what he said last night.

“You actually like her ,huh ?” i asked with loads of pain in my heart and he nodded as i was expecting .”Take good care of her” I swallowed harshly.The second my voice cracked and i didn’t feel like talking to him anymore.He smiled towards me and i love his smile,i love him so much but he’s not mine.I could feel my chest as it began to frighten .Falling off the couch and into my knees i gripped placed my hand over my heart in a fist .It hurts .My throat is too dry,my body is burning and my chest is beating rapidly.

“Are u okay” He popped out of his chair and rushed over to me. The second his hand made contact with my shoulder an electric flow through my body,awakening my blood cells.
Pulling back instantly , i scooted away from him.”Sorry” ,he said in a hushed voice.

I pushed myself up to my feet and fled out of laksh’s room. “Ragini wait” he yelled after me.My legs wobbled and i felt like everything around me was in a fast motion while i was slowing down.suddenly i dashed against a boy who was jogging around me and fell in his arms. As my eyes were closed in sudden panic situation i heard his fumble voice ” Hai beautiful r u okay”. Slowly slowly i opened my eyes and pushed him gently.”Yeah i am fine ” i said .” Its okay beauty but btw why r u crying ?” He asked with an innocent smile as if
he wants to take my all pain” . ” thanks 4 saving me and i don’t know” i said and closed my eyes in pain and start running . The boy was yelling 4 me but i just moved my head and saw an ” S” letter causally hanging in his bracelet.

By the time i reached home , my panicking had calmed slightly .I could still feel my heart raging in my chest and my tongue knoted .Al the memories from last night ,every place laksh touched ,every word he whispered they all flooded my mind and i couldn’t move my body after it collapsed on my bed.

My right shoulder burned from laksh’s touch a while ago. That night i wrapped myself in a blanket cocoon and i didn’t come out until my morning alarm clock was going off .It wasn’t till monday morning that i realized no matter how hard i try ,i’ll never be able to forget about him .

Monday came around and i stayed curled up in my bed. Pretending to be sick, I stayed home,ill of what i’ve done .There ‘s no way in hell i could face swara.
I don’t know why i’m feeling sorry 4 myself or the fact i should be someone else ,someone laksh can hold and i mean truly hold.
“Ragini” My mother called from downstairs ” I’m going to meet the new neighbors i’ll be back in an hour or so . call me if u need anything ” she said loudly. With a few clicks of heels along the floor then the slam of the front door .I threw my my sheets to the ground and sat up.

Placing my feet on the ground , i stood up and walked over to the window .In a way ,getting new neighbors couldn’t have happened at a more splendid in and hang out with. Then maybe facing swara won’t be so hard once it’s begin to clear my head.
Hours passes and every minute is find myself looking at my phone .Whenever i see swara’s name laksh popped up in my mind . I’m beginning to regret what happened ,yet at the same time ,it’s like i know a little secret that no one knows not even laksh himself.

As i threw my phone down on the bed i laid on the sound of doorbell flooded the house.I had a feeling i knew who they were ,but i hope i’m wrong about my guess. The door clacked open and the first person i saw was swara ,ryan came in next .Right before i could get my sigh of relief out,laksh stepped inside. I could feel my shoulders grew tense as my eyes followed him into my room.

“Ragini” swara hummed as she jumped onto my bed and hugged me tightly “I’ve get some news 4 u .Are u feeling better ? ”

“Yeah” I smiled weakly .”What’s up ?” I whispered in a shaking voice .

“So this weekend ,if u’re feeling up 4 it and u’re no longer sick ,come with us to go camping”.She said and brightly smiled ” Laksh ,ryan u and i ,oh and some of laksh ‘s friend r coming .I’ll be fun ” Then i nodded slowly.

Through my peripheral vision i could see laksh staring at me , i pulled swara’s arm’s away and slightly moved back from her. Her bright smile slowly dimmed the further i scooted back.” Sorry ,i’m still not feeling to well” I fake coughed into my blankets while averting my swara. Seeing the girl whom i’ve hurt and the boy who will never be mine all in one day at one time made me flip, i’m still not ready to face them.

“Do u need me to get to ur mother “? laksh asked getting ready to stand up.I shook my head in denial as he sat back down.Swara tried reaching to me, but before she could fully extend her arm she pulled it back. slowly she crawled off my bed and stood between laksh and ryan “i hope u get better ragini ” then she smiled at me .The hair in her face just barely cover her soon to be teary eyes.

Ryan sighed leaning back his hands and said ” Laksh can u take swara and leave ? i need to talk to ragini about something”.
“But Ryan ,whatever u tell ragini u can tell me too ,that’s how it always wor-” swara said. “Get out ” Ryan yelled ,cuting swara off in the middle of her sentence “This is something that needs to stay between the two us .It doesn’t concern u right now ” Ryan’s voice calmed and grew softer after that . In a hushed tone to ease all that was said before,he said ” please ,just this once ,okay”

The room stood still after that.I felt too scared to take a breathe ,knowing it’ll pierce the deadly silence. Laksh whispered in swara’s ear and he tried pulling her out of the room .Finally like boiled pasta ,she dragged herself out of my room with the support of laksh.When the door shut behind then ,Ryan sighed once more and then he turned towards me with a devilish smirk on his face . Then he said something that shocked me and i said ” what ” ?………………….


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  3. You know I am a die hard Ragini/ Raglak fan but here I don’t want Ragini to do to swara what Swara did with Ragini in the serial.I don’t want Ragini to steal her best friends’s love.She just met Laksh but her friendship with swara is of 12 years so she should not betray her like this.No matter whatever excuse she gives in her defense but getting involved with your best friend/sister’s BF/Fiance is a Big NO.So Yes I am saying this but RagSan is better here.

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