RAGINI P.O.V. …………………That night when i got home i slid into bed and stared at the ceiling. Hours passed and i couldn’t sleep a wink. Birds began to clip as the sun began to rose. I sat up to a dark quiet room and shuffled my way out and down to the washroom.

The slight squeak when i turned the shower on didn’t even bother me this morning. After allowing the soapy suds brush off my body along with the water. I slugged to my room to get dressed 4 college . Whwn i headed dwonstairs my mom asked if i was okay,checking my forehead temperature . I nodded silently and grabbed my lunch off the counter then headed out the door.

Upon arriving to college i met ryan at the classroom door. Hw looked almost as lifeless as me ” What’s wrong with u ” ? I mumbled as i pulled the door open 4 the both of us.

He shook his head roughly,flinging his hair all over the place. ” Swara invited me this weekend to meet her new boyfriend ” .He sighed as he threw his bag across his desk ” r u coming ? ”

I nodded slowly ,” She told me that their both getting their friends to hang out ”

” Have u met him yet ” ? I bet my lower lip as his words echoed through my head. Lets forget about that. Once more i nodded ” and ? what do u think ” ?
“I regretted ever meeting him” I know i am in the wrong to say that since i barely even known him. But ,he’s the one who’s pushing me to say these things . In fact ,he’s right, i should forget . ”It’s 4 the best right ? ” . I mocked him under a long sigh.

Suddenly as hard as a raging wave. Swara hugged me from behind . ” Hi hi ” . She said cheerfully . I rolled my eyes and squirmed out of her grasp . ‘ ‘ What’s with the both of u ? you’re both in a pissy mood today ” ? . She frowned .

She’s sure as hell is right about not being in the gratest of moods. But my reason is completely different . In a sense. He’s sad that the one he loves has a new lover and i am sad because of laksh . No i shouldn’t be sad, i just need to do what he said . forget

“Swara what if both i and ragini don’t like ur boyfriend “. Ryan asked as he glanced at her from the corner of his eyes.
“Why wouldn’t u both like him ” ? Swara asked furrowing her eyebrow angrily at us. ” Just what if ? ” Ryan slighlty growled. ” I wouldn’t care . i can date who i want , it’s my life right ? ” . She began to rise voice ” Why do u even care who i date ” ?
“Why ? ” He chuckled as if he heared the most rediculous question ever. ” because i care about u ? ”

“Well it gets annoying sometime . i’m a few months younger than u but right now you’re acting like an overprotective older brother” said swara.Ryan shut his lips after hearing that. I wonder how much that crushed him to be thought of as only an older brother by the one he loves. Ryan averted his eyes and glared angrily out the window . From the look of it, it seemed like he wanted to just scream out.

“Just come to the party and judge yourself”. Swara said before leaving 4 her seat . I hate to choose one side ,but this time i’m siding with the ryan .He’s my only hope,together we’ll face this hellish weekend.

When the weekend came around ,ryan and i walked through the door of the party with the same attitude of not caring bit. Swara nudged us roughly telling us to at least look semi intrested in coming.She told us to be grateful 4 even being here.

“Laksh” ,she smiled as she happily ditched us to link arms with him . ” Laksh u remember ragini ” , she gestured towards me first, then towards Ryan “and this is my other childhood friend ryan ” Laksh and Ryan shook hands . When laksh glanced over me , i instantly turned and walked away. Near a half hour later, Ryan came over to me in my corner away from all the people.

“I know what u said earlier made himseem like a bad person ,but he really isn’t “. Ryan sighed. He leaned against the wall and put his plastic red cup up to his lips as he stared over
at laksh.”I think u should give him another chance ” . He raised his glass to me then took a sip.
I thought about it a while , i didn’t think Ryan would understand my pain anyways . Finally acknowledging the fact that since swara is dating him,he’ll be around a lot and i should at least put a little effort into it. Plus,once i forget,everything will go back to normal and be fine. “okay,i’ll give him one more chance”

Ryan smiled and walked back over to swara and laksh while i followed silently behind. Laksh slightly smiled at me as he welcomed me back then handed me a cup to drink. I started noticing everything about him which i hadn’t noticed that one night before . I’m still slightly bitter ,but watching swara tonight made me realize that our 12 yr friendship is much more important than laksh.

“ragini can u go buy us some more drinks ? ” Yash ,one of the close friend of Laksh asked me as he closed the refrigerator door,i nodded and slipped on my coat.”wait i am coming with u ” Laksh wobbled over to me and grabbed my shoulder. ” I”ll go with u ” . If it’s just this one time ,it should be okay . I nodded once more and yanked the door.

As we talked out i could feel laksh’s lingering stare gazing at the back of my head. ” can u not walk behind me ” ? I asked , laksh began to walk faster until he passed me,then went back to his normal place.”Thanks” I mumbled under my breathe.

“Yeah , no problem ” .He huffled out. After that we drove ourselves into a still silence. “Listen i want to talk,” Laksh began.

” I know i’ll forget about it ” I croaked out . “It’s better like that,right ? ”

“No just listen to me ,okay ?” Laksh stopped and turned around , stopping me in my path.”Why did u come with me ? Did u think if we were alone we could talk ? u were right ,okay ? It was only a one night stand that night. It means nothing to me” I lashed out at him . This isn’t what i intented to do. I didn’t mean to fall apart.

Laksh breathed in really deeply then ran over to me embracing my tightly . He pulled his head back and kissed me. I could taste the strong alcohol on his tounge and lips, ” I’m sorry 4 i i did ” . He whispered in my ear , ” I didn’t mean to hurt u . i never want to loose u like i almost did the other day”

Even though i know he’s drunk and words might be false , i couldn’t help my tear up my heartbeat fastened.When i listened to his words and feel his racing heart against my chest, then his warm arms titghtly wrapped around me made change my mind and fall 4 him over again.

“I finally realized how much i love u ” he said and hugged tighter” ragini ” . Then i stood numb

So guys i just want to ask why all of ur not commenting ?? i know i am horrible writer but still it hurts man please give ur feedback , u know what i am so angry from all of u if i am investing my more than 3 hrs and u people doesn’t care sorry if i sound harsh i think i am a bad writer ……………………………..

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  26. Hi baby I really find your story very different so plz be regular in updates and I’m sorry that I was not able to reply to your previous chapters plz go ahead with this I’m really fed up because many are discontinuing their ffs you don’t do that plz and I love the way you portray every character I’m taking a quite long time na and again sry for that plz continue and post soon bye cutie

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