RAGINI’S P.O.V…………………………In my defense i met him first.But i guess that first matter since he is already my best friend’s boyfriend.When i saw them come in through the dor with his arm around her, i almost lost my cool. ”RAGINI” she waved over at me when she spotted me.Swara grabbed laksh’s hand and pulled him over to meet me. ”This is my boyfriend laksh and this is my childhood friend ragini .I told u about her before. ” She girlishly smiled at laksh.

Laksh rolled his brown eyes to look at me ,My body froze when both of our eyes connected,Even though he was no stranger,he smiled at me inocently as if this was our first time meeting.With that mildly low and smooth voice complimented by eyes that borrow my vision he said ”nice to meet u ragini”

I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth.How can he smile so easily ? i am on the edge while he is so goddamn polite and composed.I know he is fine with this,but what if i fallout ?
”U too ” i smiled weakly at him.

Swara giggle and wrapped her arms around his waist,hugging him tightly.He reached down and lightly kissed the top of her head.The longer i looked at them while they flirted with each other,the more i saw how god they looked together.

I”LL admit it,i’m a little biter or maybe i’m just jealous.Swara’s a heaven sent cheerleader with perfect skin and perfect hair .She’s never too harsh or too demanding .There’s no way to deny she’s lovely.Even though we r childhood friends and i’ve always loved her like a sister ,i want to hit her. Swara’s everything he want while i’m just the girl next door.

”Has ryan met him yet ” ? I furrowed my eyebrows.For as long as i can remember ,ryan has always liked swara. Who knows he’ll take the news of his angle being taken away from him

Swara shook her head in denial .”He didn’t answer his phone. but I’LL introduce laksh to him this weekend ”,she smiled .”i”ll right back”, she winked at laksh, ” u 2 can talk and get to know each other”

As swara left the 2 of us, we both drowned the small conversation into silence. Laksh turned away from me and began walking to the small lounge a few feet away.Quickly i reached out and grabbed his hand, stopping him from his departure.His head slowly turned towards me and our vision collided with each other.

”Can we talk ? ” I hesitantly asked beneath .Laksh nodded then fuly turned to face me properly as i released his hand . What i was going to bring up suddenly froze like a stone as he stood there quietly.”About what happen last week” . I began slowly my voice grew quieter with each word.I could feel my breath shaking and my palms beginning to sweet.

”Lets forget about that ” ,he said bluntly. In the past week , how did he get so cold ?Its’s like he turned to ice. What i need is a little emotion ,but all he’s giving me is nothing. I want to ask him why ,but he’s making it hard 4 me. The only thing i can do is stand like a statue in front of him.

” LAKSH ! RAGINI ! ” swara called from behind me as she came out of the washroom.Laksh lightly taped me on my shoulder as he made his way over to swara, quietly he whispered in my ear as he passed,”It”ll be 4 the best ”

At that moment , i instantly regretted everything , I should have asked him why .

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