……………………………… Sanskar’s words made my body quiver,knowing how easily he saw through me. I could see him smirk as he released my hand and head towards the dinning room table.When we sat down at the table,my parents began handling out the food .

Every time i looked up ,even if it was 4 a quick second.Sanskar caught my eyes.He was always staring straight back at me with a small grin slapped across his face. If someone asked him a question he’d happily flash a disgustingly fake smile and reply.

About half way through the dinner.Sanskar excused himself to the bathroom.My eyes followed him out,as he turned the corner.Minute after minute i awaited 4 his return which never came.

“Excuse me, I think i’ll head to the bathroom ” .I said quietly as i pushed my chair back just enough to scoot out of it.I headed to the bathroom as i said ,but when i found it empty ,i continue around to the living room .The glass back door was slit open , and there was a faint shadow next to it .

As i slid the door open more and peeked out a small blood orange glow lit up then dimmed itself quickly. Sanskar stood his foot perched up under his bottom as he pressed his back against the wall .He didn’t look at me , but i knew he noticed my presence as i stepped out onto the porch.

” You smoke ” ? I asked looking at the cigarette he held between his lips .Sanskar shut his eyes then open them again ,rolling them over my direction.He stared at me a few second his cigarette loosely at me a few second,his cigarette loosely in his mouth. With his forefinger and middle finger he pulled it from his mouth and let a long puff of smoke.

” Yeah ? beautiful missing me ? ” he winked

I rolled my eyes ” stop dreaming ” I replied ” I was just wondering where u went u were taking so long “.

Sanskar began to chuckle as he placed his cigarette back between his lips 4 another smoke. ” why do u care beautiful ? i thought u didn’t even care about this dinner ? ” .I clenched my fist tightly by my side.So what if he’s right .He doesn’t care either.” Are u always this stressed out beautiful ? worrying and uptight ? ” He asked .

” I’m not worried or uptight ” I argued .

” Sure ,sure ” he sighed with a smile. ” Here ” he said offering me his already lit cigarette .” Try it.It’ll help get things off ur mind ” .

” No thanx mister ” . i said with rolling eyes

Sanskar smirked , Then i shut the back door then headed out of my backyard .


I quickly grab her pendant that was lying on the floor, i think it slipped from her neck when she was present here. A cheeky smile spread across my lips when i saw the letter ” R ” in her pendent . It was as beautiful as her face . Then i grabbed my whiskey glass to take a sip still her pendent in my hand , her smile , her lips , her cuteness revolved in my head .
” U r mine beautiful u r mine i will surely make u mine ” i smirked and crushed my whine glass , blood spread across my palm but still i was clutching her pendant . ” MY BEAUTIFUL ”


” I miss her , god in two days i think i lost my heart yeah me laksh maheshwari lost his heart to the most innocent and angelic girl in the word ” i said to myself and chuckled slightly
” I know ragini i’m the reason of ur pain , i’m the one who crushed ur dreams and but doll wait na soon i will be the one to make u smile , i will make u smile and make u mine. i said with weak smile . Then i click my pics section in cellphone . Because i want to see her pics , her pretty face . And there she is smiling cutely in her pics , i kissed gently over the screen then something click in my head . i rolled my sleeves and took a knife ” U r name is now written in my heart so what about my hand , i think it should be here also ” .With this i mark her name ” RAGINI ” in my wrist , blood oozes out , pain spread across my veins but i still smiled ” MY RAGINI MY BEAUTIFUL”


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