A place where we all gather 4 many different reasons, to release stress,get hoked up or just to go with the flow of the crowd. A party , calm until the sun hides behind the horizon , but once the stars r above head, like monsters of the night, we come out to amp the fun .

At parties like these, things never go the way i plan .I was careful not to drink too much ,since i am only 22 , but whoever’s idea to add more alcohol in the punch hit me hard.I Never knew i was so weak against alcohol until now. I waddled over to my spot in the circle and plopped down in my spot.

Strip poker;round one. ”peter dealt out the cards to every in the circle .The games dragged on forever until half the people were either too drunk to continue

”Ragz u better get ready to cry” laksh smirked at me from across the circle. Two players remain ,

Peter dealt out the next hand while i get another drink.By this point, i dont even care how drunk i get .my prides already seems to be withering like the amount of clothes on my body . once i sat down i picked up my hand. A huge grin widened across my face as i glanced up at laksh . Laksh threw away his cards and claimed his new ones. In one huge sigh, he threw his cards in a pile ” I lose ” , he let out a long huff , ” u win this round, i have got nothing”.

Laksh stood up and pulled his shirt over his head revealing his perfectly toned abs. My eyes were instantly stuck on them and my mind went completely hazy.My curiosity grew and just by removing a shirt , he caught my full attention. Slowly tracing his body , my eyes landed on his lips , a soft baby pink pearl color. his body looked so touchable and became irresistable . All i knew 4 sure was that i wanted to take him home with me ,but only 4 tonight.

Even though it was not my intention ,without thinking ,i reached across the deck of cards and grabbed his chin pulling him into a deep kiss. I could taste his watermelon chap stick that i had watched him reapply after drinking some punch earlier ,and i could feel his hand brushing past my ear and through my hair to the back of my head.

In the midst of confusion and under the influence of alcohol ,i kissed a boy,even though it felt so right.I thought i had never see laksh after that night .That ‘d he’d be a one night stand and that’ll be it.Little did i know a week later i’d find him hand in hand as my best friend’s boyfriend……………………………..

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  1. Dharani


  2. It ws vowww !!!!

  3. Superb

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  5. omg…hw can i miss such a fabulas’s jst awesome..loved it yar

  6. A.xx

    AMazing and ouch finding him with Swara. post soon cause i loved it xx

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  8. Akshata

    omg, Ragini has got biggest shock of the life. already kissed her bff’s boygrnd that to without her knowledge. awesome, update soon

    1. Akshata

      and yes pls update yours and my fav story YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAIN

  9. Awesome

  10. Wowwww interesting…keep going yaar

  11. Amazing update soon

  12. Amazing…. Loved it

  13. Asra

    awesome dear….

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    superb loved it so much

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