…………………………….i know i know he is my best friend boyfriend but what can i do ?? my heart still belong to him , my heart still beat 4 him whenever his gaze fell on my face my body start to scream his name , i want to run yah i want to run in his arm but thats place never belong to me that place belong to my best friend ………..what should i do ?? please help ……………………………….

so guys i am back i know u all want to kill me but what to do i want to update all my stories but my brother took that laptop and flew away in which my all stories were present and now he is saying that he deleted my all update i was so mad 4 that but still i am writing another one and i have allready completed it so u all can trust me that i will update regularly so lets take few point that will happen in this love story…..

what will happen when a girl will fall in love with her best friend boyfriend

what will happen when another boy enter in her life

will she ever be able to forget her past or her past will always haunt her

what will happen when her best friend boyfriend will also fall in love with her

what will happen when another boy who claim himself her friend will also want her in his life

and what will happen when a confusion will take place where she has to chose one ………………………………………………..

so lets take a look on characters

ragini gadodia ( 22) – a modern girl who enjoy life its fullest , sweet from her heart , love her two best buddy swara and ryan , they all r best buddies since childhood

laksh rajvansh ( 25 ) – a hot and s*xy bachelor , known 4 his hot body , but sweet from heart and yah swara” s boyfriend

sanskar maheshwari ( 25 ) ‘ – neighbour of ragini , new lad in the city , a rich spoil brat but so cute and caring

swara khana ( 23) – best friend of ragini , a fashionista , love her boyfriend madly , a hot tempered girl

ryan malhotra ( played by karan tacker ) ( 24 ) – best buddy of swaragini but a silent lover of swara , hate those person who wants to trouble swaragini

and yah its a hardcore love triangle because ragini will always flip between two boys like she will share her kisses with both lol so wait i will tommorow update its first part so until then goodbye and yah another seceret its somehow inspired my true story but not completely …………………………

” i know i still love u but i hate my self for that because my heart beat still belongs to my best friend boyfriend……………………

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