…………………………….”R u okay ?” someone asked me as i open my eyes , after few secs i observed that i am laying in someone’s arm ” where i am ? and who r u ? o god ! i can’t remember ” i whisper slowly .

” O relax , relax beautiful i know i am strange 4 but still u can trust me , and btw u should thanx me i’m the one who saved u from the cliff huh !! he said with his so called attitude

” oh thanx , ans sorry i was just…”

“okay okay forget that ,let’s introduce myself i’m sanskar ,sanskar rajvansh and yah u can call me sanky because i know i’m cute but hay don’t dare to say that word ,u can call me handsome , hunky whatever u want , oh btw u r so pretty beautiful ” . I simply rolled my eyes

” I think i should go now my friends will be waiting 4 me ” I said as i stood to leave

” hay listen beautiful , what’s ur good name ?? ”

” r..ragini ” !! i said without turning my face and then ran from there , after few sec i heard his voice

” good bye beautiful see u soon “.

As i was running continuously suddenly i dashed against someone , ” O god ragini r u fine ? i was.. searching 4 u like a mad r u okay ?? ” Laksh said as i opened my eyes and found myself in his arm. He was looking so worried 4 me , his voice was shaking a bit , ” Relax i’m fine , actually i…” .Before i could complete my line he hugged me tightly . I was shocked but soon his scent make me to hug him back. I was lost , i was lost in his hug , It was so relaxing like i’m in my heaven . I heared his raising heartbeat ,then he break our closeness and kissed my forehead and again i was shocked ,

” Thank god u r save i was so tensed 4 u ragini , ” he said as he wipe his sweat and i simply nodded .

The expressions i just witnessed tonight , all the action he made, and then the thoughts i hid, all made me fully aware of the feelings that can no longer be suppressed ” I LOVE U LAKSH”

LAKSH’S P.O.V. ( 4 the 1st time lol )

My whole body stiffened as those few words traveled out of ragini’s mouth in my ear. They rang loudly,reminding me what happened the night we met and the kiss we shared . It keeps coming back to me every time i see her. Even though I’m the one who told her to forget , I couldn’t forget it myself and neither can be.

” Ragini ” I began . The rest of my sentence fell off track as my train of thought disappeared . Ragini looked up at me. Her eyes slightly watering as if she was going to cry. Her utter most vulnerability completely out in the open.

She took a step close to me.I want to take a step back but my body wouldn’t budge. ” I’m sorry ” She nearly began to cry .” I didn’t mean to say this . I wanted to keep it hidden ” .She paused clenched her fist tighter. ” I wanted to forget like u told me “.

” Laksh can u do one thing 4 me ? ” She asked as she took a few steps more closer to me . I nodded slowly as my eyes closed in one the less than a foot gap between us. ” If u really love swara like i’ve heard u say ” . She’s heard me declare my love 4 swara ? when ? why does it seems like i can’t remember something important between us ?

” Stop me and walk away ” She began to reach her arm up towards my head . ” I ‘ll give up if u do “. She whispered as her face grew closer to mine.

I can’t tell if it’s my body or my mind that’s making me to stay still. My arms tremble in confusion . Were they supposed to push her away or bring her even closer and lock her in ?
Ragini;s lips were trembling as they leaned in closer in. I could begain to see her whole body slightly shaking

My mind feels like it’s about to go blank. I can’t think anymore, . When ragini comes around me , my mind gets knotted in confusion when i see her smile . But then there’s swara , what about her ? what do i see in her ?

Somehow i have tricked myself to believing swara’s the one 4 me , but it’s completely different right now, Right here in this moment . I didn’t want her to be the one in front of me.I grabbed ragini’s shoulder and placed my lips upon her. My whole body went tingly. All my thoughts disappeared as if they were never there to begin with. My arms moved on their own , wrapping themselves around ragini and pulling her body closer to mine.

Why does she always appear in front of me ? showing me things i can’t stop thinking about ? why her pretty face always revolve around my head ? why can’t i understand anything beside her ? why can’t i even understand myself ?

Ragini push me and slowly opened her eyes. She lowered her heels and stood flat on the ground then let go of me. Her eyes lowered to her feet before her cheeks began to bright red. ” We should go back “. She mumbled ” swara will get suspicious” she said and sniffed when she mentioned her.

When she started walking away , back in the direction we came from while we were on the trail, i grabbed her wrist stopping her in her track. Our fingers interwined while our palms hugged against each other . The whole way back we walked in silence , holding each other’s hand.

We stopped outside of the cabin door glancing at each other from the corner of our eyes. ” I will talk to swara, ” I said as i squeezed my hand tighter as if i never wanted to let her go. ” I’ll tell her how i really feel 4 u ” i said and smiled weekly . no matter how much she tried to hid her worry behind her fake smile i could see right through it. I squeezed ragini’s hand once more before releasing it.

The door clicked open when my eyes fell onto swara as she laid on the bed flipping through a magazine. She looked up when the door behind me shut with a gentle thud, she ran over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck.Swiftly she placed a kiss on my cheeks , too quickly 4 me to avoid her attack.” I was so worried ” She clung to me tighter.

” It’s been over an over since everyone else returned .What exactly happened ? is ragini okay ?

” Well” i began , before i could continue explaning the ragini’s face appeared in my mind, the pressure of her lips on mine made me skipped my heartbeat .” Listen swara we need to talk

” I was scared ” She interrupted as she clung to me tighter ” When i was all alone with ryan , all i could think about was u . If u had been there with me , i wouldn’t have felt so sacred ” she said and blushed slightly .

” Laksh ? ” she asked without looking up at me . she squeezed her arms around me waiting 4 my answer and then she leaned towards me to kiss my lips and then…………………………..

RAGINI’S P.O.V……………………

My body felt cold as i watched him in silence. My breathe wouldn’t come out and i couldn’t breathe. From where i’m standing outside their window . I felt as if i was on my own side, all alone.
I clenched my fist tightly , my feet sank the longer i watched them , the more my mind began to unravel and the tears slowly began to flow. My eyes blurred until i could no longer see the two of them. Before i found myself breathing heavily lost in the woods. When i think about laksh and i, when i think about us and think of what we could do. I don’t see anything except blackness. I guess i was wrong about him. I should have known he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. It feels like what we had , never existed to begin with. A fairy tale that wasn’t going to ever come true . Everything feels like a lie.

If i had the power to travel back i wouldn’t have said anything .I wouldn’t have made a move and i wouldn’t have accepted my love 4 him.But now i realize , everything between laksh and i is just a dream. Cause just a while ago , laksh walked out of my life.And the words he said stabbed me like a knife. All wanted to do was to love him,but now i don’t want to need him with me. It’s probably beat if we leave each other alone.

I continued to walk deeper in the woods then i saw something was going on like someone’s marriage. I smiled weakly because i love marriage , various ceremony , haldi , sangeet , mehandi ,they all thrilled me . Suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder . ” Hay beautiful ” The boy said and i recognised him as one who saved my life . ” Hai ” i said with a fake smiled.

” so what r u doing here ? don’t tell me ur following me , i know i know i’m super handsome but this is not done yaar u can’t follow me like this , it’s so weird u know” . He said with a smirk and i simply rolled my eyes before saying ” shut up ” . ” o attitude haan i like it , beauty with full on attitude , u know ur eyes r so mesmerizing , and u r lips…”

” will u please stop flirting mister ? ” i said cutting him off his line

” SANSKAR ” he said with a smirk

” what ? ” i asked with furrowed eyes

” My name beautiful ” he said again with a smirk on his lips

” Whatever ” i mumbled and was about to leave but suddenly ho hold my wrist and said




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