Best friends 9


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Introduction of sanskar’s mission

Scene 1:
At college
Sanskar came first to college as he has to take notes since in last class he has not heard even a word.
Sanskar in college in his mind.
Where are they? I think they will be late no sanskar today yo came earlier, have patience dear , they will come but when??
Then swaraglak entered but in different cars as today Laksh has not come to pick them up but has reached on same time.

swara is on driving seat and Ragini besides her.
Swara: she lado I told you na we will reach on same time.
Ragini: yeah shona you are always right.
Swara: thanx lado.
Ragini: no thanks shona, you are best and I just stated the fact.
Swara: but lado
till then Laksh has also come to their car.
Laksh: offf again shona lado, no no shona yeah lado. Guys I m also here yaar.
Swara: so do we know you??? Haan lado do you know him???
Ragini: no shona, i don’t know him, who are you mister, you are looking like driver of this car, where is the owner.

Laksh: what the hell?? Why you both are talking like this??
Swara imitating him
Swara: why you did not came?? We were waiting for you.
Ragini: n you did not even called that you are not coming. We guys would have not reached on time if swara has not driven that damn car like a racing car.
Swara: yeah she was worrying that we will be late, I told her not to worry as I will show that lucky that we can come alone.
Laksh: okkk I m sorry guys, actually I was with my new girlfriend so I directly came to college.
Swaragini in unison itsss okkk lucky we are habitual of forgiving you.
Then Sanskar came.
Sanskar: hey guys, whats going on??
swara: hey topper. Nothing much, you tell me. I guess you came so early, why???
sanskar: actually, I had to go to library.
Swara: ohhh padaku, what will you do by studying so much.
Sanskar: nothing, it just satisfies me.

Laksh: okkk lado tell me, you guys are ok na? As swara was driving.
Ragini: (in angry voice) you don’t need to worry, we are fine.
Laksh:okkk baba I m sorry(by holding his both ears). But tell me na how many people got injured.
Ragini: I will not, you will tease her.
Laksh: swara your loyal sister will not tell me but you tell me how many got injured. Let me guess 10. No 10 is so less 12
swara: what the hell, I just collided with only 3 vehicles and only two person got light injuries.
Laksh: wow just 3 vehicles.
Sanskar: what are you guys talking about???
Laksh: see na bhai, swara has just collided with 3 vehicles while driving.
Sanskar is looking at him and thinking why he always calls me bhai.
laksh: what, why are looking at me like this, cant I call you bhai?
Sanskar: yeah ofcourse you can lucky.( his voice shown his happiness)
Lucky: and you know what, only 2 person got injured.
Sanskar: why doesn’t she knows driving.
Ragini: no topper she does not, do you know???
Swara: but I know.
Ragini: you just keep quiet.
Swara puts her finger on her mouth, like a baby.
Sanskar: yeah lado, I know.
Ragini: then you teach her, will you? And winks at him.
Sanskar understood and says
Sanskar: yeah I surely will.

Swara: but Ragini I have learnt from dad n you.
Ragini: (eyes her angrily), but you don’t know to drive properly, he will teach you after college. Right topper?
Sanskar smiles at her and nods yes.
Laksh: thanks lado n take permission from papa also I will get extra time to spend with my new girlfriend.
Ragini eyes him angrily.
Laksh: okkk lado maa, I will be with you to give you company. Happy.
Swara: lado, can I say something???
Ragini: no shona its final, he will teach you n eyes her angrily.
Everyone laughs seeing swara’s status.
Sanskar: I did not knew anyone can make swara so quiet.
Laksh: only Lado can, you don’t even try to otherwise you know na.
all smile except swara.
Swara eyes them angrily and requests ragini through her eyes to over her punishment.
Ragini: okk my sweet shona, you can speak but no further discussion about driving classes, okkk
Swara: thanks lado n I was saying that we are getting late for classes.
Raglaksan in unison- what
Swara: now laugh, laugh.
Raglaksan say sorry shona now lets go.

Scene 2:
All went to class.
in class Ragini is on first bench, then swara, then sanskar and then Laksh.
Laksh in low voice
Laksh: bhai, who has invented this study?
Sanskar: why lucky?
Laksh: bhai, I would have killed him today.
Sanskar laughs
Sanskar: but he would have died till now
Laksh: then I will kill him 2nd time.
Sanskar: lucky, you!!!
Ragini: shona I m sorry,
Swara: you are my sister or theirs, you did not took my side.
Ragini: I m sorry na baba
Swara: no, dont talk to me.
Swara gave angry look to Ragini.
Just then teacher came.
in whole period,
sanskar is staring swara n smiling at laksh’s comments on teacher and studies.
laksh is flirting with girls, through his gestures and commenting on teacher.
Ragini is trying to apologise to swara whereas swara is enjoying Ragin’s attention.

Scene 3:
outside the class.
Ragini is sad because swara is upset with her.
Sanskar: what happened lado
Ragini tells him the whole issue.
Sansker tells her a plan in her ears.
Ragini says thanks.
Ragini calls Laksh as laksh is busy in flirting.
After some time. Swara is sitting on bench in college garden.
Ragini comes there and sit on her knees. And says
Ragini: shona please forgive me, you know na I can live without eating gulab jamun but can not live with your angry mood. (And gives swara her favourite chocolate. She is still on her knees)
Ragini: take my chocolate also but please forgive( and tears roll down her eyes)
Swara: lado please don’t cry, I was just acting to tease you I m so sorry and get up yaar.
Ragini get up
Ragini: so you accepted my apology.
Swara: you do not need to say sorry. As I can not get angry to you. You know that.
They both smile and sanlak come from behind trees
Swara: well it was so filmy who has given you this idea.
Ragini: topper
Swara: so padaku except book you watch films also but it was nice.
Swara then hugs Ragini.
Laksh: hey you why do you call my bhai padaku n topper his name is sanskar.
Sanskar: see na lucky and hugs him.
Swaragini: ohooo

Screen freezes on separate pics of swaragini and sanlak hugging each other

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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