Best friends 8


Thanks for your comments guys and your confusion will end soon so don’t worry and keep reading my ff. And I don’t know that there will be any love triangle or not but as name of my fan fiction is best friends so whatever will happen between them but they always will be bestfriend.

Recap: swaragini and sanslak are enjoying together.

Scene 1:
swara, ragini and laksh bids bye to sanskar and says bye topper in unison.
Sanskar is sad because he could not spend some quality time with swara but he is happy that he got three friends. And he is specially happy that laksh called him bhai. He is thinking in his mind, I always wanted a sibling but… Any way I m happy at least I got one here. And Ragini she is so sweet she is just awesome just like her sister and when he start thinking about swara he starts blushing.
Ragini, Swara and Laksh in Laksh’s car.
Ragini: Sanskar is so nice na??
swara feels Laksh’s mood and says
Swara: yeah lado. Lets just don’t talk I want silence as it was really a long day, it was fun but I m completely tired.
Ragini: don’t worry shona I will give you head massage when we reach home.
Swara: oh lado thanku.
Ragini: its okk shona.
Swara: no you are really awesome. Thanku
Ragini: I told you na its okkk.
Laksh: see princesses of bhutiya mahal your mahal came now go inside and just free me from your thanku lado and its okk shona
Swaragini can easily sense Laksh’s frustration in his voice so they didn’t say anything and just go inside their mansion silently.
Laksh leaves for his house.

Scene 2:
sawaragini at their swaragini mansion, laksh at his sanslak palace( yes dp has named his palace sanslak because dp believes that his son is still alive.) and sanskar at his appartment.

Ragini is thinking: Sanskar is so nice but I don’t think that swara will notice him, so I will have to make him noticeable in swara’s eyes. But how will I do this, I tried it last time also but swara just don’t believe in love and last time I have also given up because his truth came out but sanskar is so good and he will not ditch her ever but how will I make her believe this, how???
Swara in her mind: I hope lucky is okk, should I call him, no I should not as he like to stay alone this time I guess. What should I do??? Oh god please help me.
Laksh in his mind: bhai where have you gone??? see since you have left us, we all are living like hell. Mom tries to smile for me but she cant and dad he has made his heart of stone. Where are you bhai??
Then suddenly he sees his phone and look at the wallpaper of swaraglak together and thinks about swara consoling him then he starts thinking about her.
Laksh in his mind: swara is so sweet, she just always be there when I need someone. Oh god I should have not talked like this with swaragini, I should go and say sorry,
He then leaves with his car keys.
Sanskar got call of his dad,
Mr. Mathur: where are you beta?? When will this world tour end, come soon, you know na your mom cant live without you
Sanskar: yeah dad, I will come just few months more.
Mr. Mathur: okk beta take care.
Sanskar in his mind I should concentrate on the work for which I have came to Kolkata.
I should find them soon otherwise dad will find about my whereabout and will call me back. I have to find them anyhow.
Sanskar then sleeps and in his dream swara comes and laughs. Sanskar then sleep with smile on his face.

Scene 3:
Laksh at Swaragini’s mansion. He has climbed the pipe because he does not want to disturb anyone.
At swaragini’s room both are sitting and lost in their own thoughts and laksh thinks to make this entertaining and tries to scare them.
Swaragini in unison, laksh we know its you and if you are trying to say sorry then no need and look at him together and smiles at him.
Swara: laksh, you again through pipe.
Ragini: you will not stop, if anyone sees you then you are just gone.
Laksh : o lado maa stop giving me lecture and pull me up, shona yaar please
Swara: okk I m coming but first say sorry to lado for calling her lado maa.
Laksh: offf your swaragini bond, ok lado sorry now please pull me up.
Laksh comes up and hugs both of them and says sorry and swaragini again in unison no need lucky.
Screen freezes on swaraglak hug and sanskar sleeping with smile.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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