Best Friends 76

Best Friend 76

I know two episodes in a day won’t be able to compensate for how late I have posted but I have tried.
Reply to all your comments on chapter 75 and 76 will be given in chapter 77.

Here it is!

“Mission accomplished!” Laksh comes toward Ragini and Swara, who has come after doing her part. His face relaxed and happy, exactly like a 8 year old who has managed to get his hand in candy jar. He looks at them and his expression changes suddenly when he sees that something has gotten both sisters worried. He follows their gaze to look at the object which has gotten his girlfriend and his best friend worried.
“Oh god” Laksh gives a very loud squeak which would have made Swara laugh if only she would not have been in this position.

“We did it” Sanskar comes toward them with a wide grin.” Can you believe it? We did it and no one even got to know!” He exclaims, way too proud of himself. This was the first time he has done this kind of sneaking and he was successful.
Sanskar also notices their face, all white, as if they have seen a ghost. “What happened to all of you?” Sanskar asks. “You are behaving as if either guards or Dadi or Dida got to know what we did!” He jokes but when Swara nods her head, he realizes, Dadi and Dida have really woken up and right now glaring at all of them.

“What were you guys doing? Wandering at mid night???” Dida asks as in disbelieving tone as if she can’t believe that all 4 of them can do something this stupid.
“And what is all these scarfs doing in your hand, Ansh?” Swara and Ragini looks at those scarfs as if wishing it just go invisible.
“We were ….” Swara starts to explain but doesn’t get any excuse.
“Playing!” Ragini adds with full conviction so that Dadi and Dida won’t be able to see through their lies. “Yeah Dida…we were playing sorta scavenger hunt but in this game bot brothers had to find all these scarfs which we have put in every corner of the house” Ragini adds the rule just so no one will ruin her excuse by their inability to lie.
“Yeah and we will compare the time, we have taken to find these scarfs, to the time both Swara and Ragini have taken to find our stuffs earlier” Sanskar adds and Ragini looks at him as if impressed.
“Okay so who won???” Dadi asks, her voice heave with sleep.
“They took forty minutes to find these scarfs where as we took 38 minutes to find their stuff” Swara answers in hurry.
“No you both took 42 minutes… we won!” Laksh contradicts as if losing is not acceptable… not even in a game which has not been played yet.
“Liar! We won” Ragini looks at Laksh in such a way, like he really has lied. All the while who was silent was sanskar wondering in his mind how he got trapped between these three.

Dadi and Dida looking convinced that they are really telling truth, and what convinced them most was their fight, allowed them to go to their rooms but not before increasing their punishment. Now four of them have to arrange the files in certain way in file room and cook all the meals.

Without getting chance to talk about something else, four of them retires to their room and eventually to their bed.
Swara and ragini happy to delay the conversation as much as possible but both brothers upset as they wanted to end the awkwardness and any wrong ideas in girls’ mind.
Ragini tries to talk to Swara in their room but she gives in to tiredness and let herself fall to sleep without apologizing to swara.
All this planning and adrenaline rush has surely tired all of them because remaining 3 also fall asleep as soon as their heads hit pillows.

“Good morning” Dadi wishes in sickengly sweet tone making both of sister startle and wake up from their deep sleep.
“Good morning!” Ragini grumbles and tries to fall asleep again but Dadi pulls her away from bed; Dida does the same with Swara.

“We made breakfast today as you guys were taking your own sweet time in waking up but don’t think that this won’t add up to your punishment” Dida warns before giving them breakfast, making all of them groan.
“Yes… now you will have to arrange the files and also clean the library”
“And we will manage the meals and anyway at our we should not take chance with our health by eating food like yesterday’s lunch.” Dadi teases making Swaragini groan and Swalak laugh.

“We both should do files since we know about it most and you both brothers should do library… if we are finished earlier then we will come to help you” Ragini proposes trying to delay the conversation with Laksh.
“No! You tell me how the files are arranged and I will help you there where as Shona and bhai can start with library and then when we will be finished we will come here to help them” Laksh smirks at his girlfriend understanding very well that she is trying to run away. Swara and Ragini opens their mouth to argue but both brothers pull their respective girlfriend to their destination.

Swara scowls at sanskar to which he replies with a wide grin making her more irritated. Swara looks at library and sees that many books are misplaced. She is glad that library had lots of work to do… she can ignore Sanskar.
There is no label of specific departments on the shelves but Sanskar can see that books certain kinds are meant to be in their respective shelves.
Sanskar follows Swara and sees her picking up small moving trolley to get the books which are misplaced. He takes that from her hand trying to get her to talk to him but she just scowls and goes to first shelf.
She angrily takes books and put them in trolley making Sanskar more amused. After an hour when she got fed up of his amused look over her antics, she asks “What are you laughing about?” Her face red with embarrassment and anger. Sanskar’s face sobers up in a moment.
“What are you so embarrassed about?” Sanskar asks, his face showing concern for her.
“I am not embarrassed!” Sanskar gives her a look as if asking ‘seriously? You want me to believe it?’
“Okay, I am embarrassed!” She confesses.
“What are you so embarrassed about??? That you read them or that I got to know that you read them?” Sanskar asks softly, afraid that his voice will break her.
“It… not them!” She whispers but he still hears.
“What???” He looks puzzled as if she has suddenly started talking in elf language. If she would not be feeling this awkward she’s have laughed at his expression.
“I read only one novel which was… you know… R-rated not many of them. So it was a it not them.”
Sanskar laughs. He literally laughs making Swara huff in irritation.
“Sorry,,, Sorry but this is what I want to talk about what is this so big deal for you. It was a it or them what does it matter.”
“Of course it matters! I can’t believe you got to know that I wanted to read it and… and”
“So you are embarrassed because I got to know that you read an erotic book?” Sanskar asks as if he can’t believe it.
“It was not an erotica… it was a simple love story with few heavy moments” She explains making him more irritated.
“Exactly…. you wanted to read it… you read it! What does it matter?”
“I feel awkward knowing that…. that my boyfriend knows this”
“And it’s not illegal then why do you feel awkward. You are 18 + you can read whatever you want”
“I know it’s not illegal but it still is pretty embarrassing. And don’t you dare deny me the right to feel awkward. My boyfriend got to know that I like to read R-rated books when we have just crossed first base few days ago, this event surely gives me the right” Swara justifies lloking proud at her speech.
“And don’t you dare deny me the rights of being a boyfriend”
“Shona, baby! The fact that you read erotics” At swara’s scowl he corrects himself ” a certain kind of books is like a point I got to know about you nothing more than that. I love you and I love everything about you so you can’t be embarrassed about something I love.”
“I understand that you didn’t want to tell me and it’s alright to want to keep it private but now I know it and I didn’t make any kind of bad image about you… no one has the right to do so, so you don’t need to be embarrassed about it” Sanskar continues but stops when he sees a tear drop falling from her eyes. “Did I upset you?” Sanskar groans. “I didn’t mean to do that, shona! I was just trying to….” Before Sanskar could complete what he was trying to do, he feels something soft over his lips stopping him from rumbling. And when he realizes that the soft feel are his girlfriend’s lips, he pulls her closer with a groan and kisses her back. His both hands on her hips pulling her closer, trying to feel her, her hands pulling at his hair.
He coaxes her lips to open for him, which she does with a s*xy moan. He kisses her deeply until lack of oxygen stops them.
“I love you” Swara confesses breathlessly. Even if he knows it, it feels good to hear it again and again. Both of them look at each other until they catch their breath.
“I get it, I didn’t upset you” Sanskar answers his own question making Swara chuckle.
“No, far from it” sanskar leans forward to kiss her again but Swara pushes him away.
“These books are not going to get arranged by themselves, Mr. Mathur!” With a soft chuckle from Swara and a pout from Sanskar both of them continues the work they were here for but now with lots of fun and lots of stolen kisses.

“Ragini pulls her hand away from Laksh’s hold by which he was pulling her to file room ang giver him her infamous glare which doesn’t affect him in anyway. And if anything then that glare is kind of inspiring that very soon he is going to make her reach her limit and then she will talk to him. Ragini walks to shelf labelled 2010, Laksh exactly behind her and imitating her actions.
Ragini scowls at him but doesn’t say anything making Laksh put more effort in teasing his girlfriend.
Laksh pulls her hair but no success. He pinches her cheek but still no success. He kisses her neck which makes her blush but still she says nothing. He kisses her on lips, making her eyes wide. Initially she tries to push him away but when he doesn’t let her then she starts giving in to his sweet, sensual and familiar lips. She closes her eyes enjoying the sensation Laksh’s touch gives her. His right hand is softly moving on her back, tracing her spine where as his left hand firmly on her neck pulling her closer until she sits on his lap. Ragini raises her hand and let them go to his firm chest. She smiles in kiss when she feels him shivering with her touch. She opens her lips to pull him deeply in kiss but he pulls away.
“What the hell???” Ragini asks and leans in again, trying to kiss him but he turns his head. “What is your problem???”
“Exactly what is your problem??? What are so embarrassed and awkward about?” Ragini groans. He pulled away from that mind blowing kiss to continue this conversation. She wanted to shout at him but then she sees the look at his face and realizes that they need to talk about it.

“It is embarrassing! I never wanted you to know but I guess I deserved that after I spilled shona’s secret in front of sanskar” Ragini hides her face in his chest.
“It’s okay she will forgive you! But why didn’t you want me to know?” Laksh asks and Ragini knows that he, himself has almost figured out what she is feeling but he wants her to confess.
“I don’t know I just… I was not sure what you’d think about me” Ragini mumbles without raising her head.
“I am your best friend, I am your boyfriend, I am the guy who you love and I am the guy who loves you! You should have trusted me enough to know that I won’t think anything bad about you. I love you and … and what I don’t understand is how you reading R-rated books are gonna give me bad impression about you” Laksh’s statement hit her like a great realization. She should have trusted him. She should trust the guy who punched a guy without even listening anything just because he believed she is right. She should trust the guy she loves. She should trust her Lucky.
“I am sorry”
“Hey lado, no need to apologize. I understand that it must be awkward for you. But baby you must know that I love you and I am gonna love everything about you!” Finally Ragini raises her head and looks at Laksh with teary eyes.
“I love you too” Ragini again tries to kiss him and this time he leans in to respond.

Whole Saturday and Half Sunday went while having fun. After long time all four of them spent time together. Swara forgave Ragini but not before making her promise that she will have to share her secret stack of chocolate with Swara. All of them were having fun when Dida and dadi started to behave strange as if they are waiting for someone. They have even made extra effort with lunch.
Someone special is coming!!! All 4 of them thinks in themselves and sits to eat when Dida shouts

Guess who is he???
I hope you all liked it! Thanks for reading!!!

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