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For those who have forgotten what was going on in bestfriends you can read last chapter here

“Hey Lovebirds!” Sanskar huffs, cursing loudly at his brother.
Swara blushes at the thought of Laksh seeing her and Sanskar like this. Swara and Sanskar were lying on terrace, star gazing, her head comfortable on his head; they were just talking… about anything and everything when she had felt a shiver running through her whole body… which she doubts was more from Sanskar’s breath on her forehead than the cold night breeze touching them and teasing them. And then as a nice or demanding boyfriend Sanskar is, he has pulled her in his arms, closing what distance they had between them and cocooning her between his body and his arm.
“Are you okay?” He asked. After giving her an almost heart attack, he was asking her ‘is she okay’. How could she be? She was having a cardiac arrest for god sake!!! She just couldn’t get her voice leave her throat so instead she nodded and hid her face in his chest, hoping he’d not notice her going all red with just hugging. So what if they were not in standing position and half of her body is over his??? It was just a friendly hug, right???
But it wasn’t! At least not for her, going with how her heart beat has skyrocketed!
Just as they were getting comfortable and have started talking again. Just when she was relishing the fact that she affects him as much as he affects her, going with the way how his heart has matched its speed with hers when she has put her head over his chest and snuggled more into him, she heard Laksh’s voice. She has done a lot of things and most of them have left her mortified but she has never felt this mortified as she was feeling now!
She and Sanskar got up before anyone could say quickly… all the while cursing Laksh, Swara in her head and Sanskar loudly.

“Woah! No need to make me feel so welcome, bhai!’ Laksh teases, his smirk aggravating Sanskar more.
“Why are you disturbing us?” Sanskar asks. “Go spend some time with lado and stop bugging us” Sanskar orders his younger brother, scowling at him.
“I have spent time with my girlfriend bhai. We are not so in love like you guys that we’d forget all about time and surroundings” Laksh teases them further.
“First don’t let Lado hear about you both not being so in love and second may be we are forgetting whose video are we going to delete” Sanskar replies haughtily.
“You are no fun!!! Shona, you tell me was something R-rated going on here?” Laksh asks, wiggling his eyebrows.

Laksh has always been like an annoying twin brother for her… they are best friends… partners in crime… do everything together! And him seeing her getting all cozy and lovey-dovey with his brother is not her ideal way to end her week. Moreover he will kill her from his teasing. But hey, we don’t always get what we want, do we?

” As if we’d ever tell you!” Sanskar exclaims but Laksh ignores him and keeps looking at Swara.
“It was nothing sort of R-rated!” Swara exclaims loudly to get this fact straight in laksh’s mind but his smile tells her that it doesn’t matter to him if it was truth or not, he is still going to tease her!
“Did I hear word R-rated???” Swara and Sanskar groans just who they needed right now. Please don’t ignore the sarcasm. “Shona, were you doing something with topper??? Something naughty like what you read last week in that novel?”
Shona looks at the entry gate, Ragini is coming near to that gate!!! Only if she has a wand so she could just kill her beloved sister by simple spell Avada Kedavra, because right now no matter how much she loves Ragini she would like to kill her!!!!!!
Swara tries to spells in her mind but nothing happens to Ragini, she is still coming toward them with a teasing smile. Oh, well wishful thinking!!! And she always knew, she is no harry potter so she will have to do with something real. So she thinks something real….”is it possible to hit someone to memory loss without actually hurting them???” Swara wonders in her mind. She would like to do something similar with Sanskar. “Not possible” Her mind answers her and suggests her to keep going until she gets something real… really real!!!

Gathering up all the courage she has, she takes a peek at Sanskar’s face. If she wasn’t feeling so awkward and embarrassed she would have laughed out loud. His face is changing expressions every now and then as if he doesn’t know what look he should have on his face.
Right now his face is calm and composed as if whatever Ragini is saying has not affected him … not even a bit but his ears have turned red telling her that he is not as un-affected as he would like to show her and then there is twitching of his lips clearly telling her about his urge to laugh. Swara is glad that he is controlling his laugh b’coz hen she would have felt mortified not that she is in any less mortified now!!

“I WAS NOT reading it… YOU were reading it and I just happened to have a peek at it!” Swara is looking at Sanskar as if trying to give him, her explanation.
“Liar!!! We both were reading it!” To Swara’s amazement and embarrassment, Ragini keeps giving teasing smiles to them, ignoring Laksh and his startled look. “Did you forget you wanted to read it???” Ragini mocks her, again ignoring Laksh behind her.
Sanskar’s choking on his spit distracts her from wondering how Ragini is confessing all this in front of Laksh. Ragini turns to Sanskar too. “We were both reading it topper! Shona even liked it!!” Ragini jeers at both of them making Sanskar coughs loud.
“Well now Sanskar can’t pretend to be unaffected by all this” Swara thinks and glowers at Ragini.

“Lado! Baby?!” Ragini’s smug look was removed successfully from her face by laksh’s voice and quiet quickly too.
“Please tell me I just didn’t hear my boyfriend’s voice… Please tell me that my boyfriend is not behind me lurking in the shadows” Ragini pleads. Her face pale white, pleading Swara to say yes, nodding her head or doing anything to approve to her statement.
“Your boyfriend is not behind you!” As soon as Ragini was going to take a relieved breath Swara adds “And that is a lie”.

Ragini is exactly looking like a kid look when he is caught by his bully ( A/N: I don’t consider bullying a joke).
“She was so busy with teasing me and Sanskar that she didn’t see Laksh leaning against the wall” Swara thinks. Her mortification is suddenly halved. “The predator has become a prey” Thinking it’s gonna be fun and now she will have her revenge on Ragini, she gives he sister a teasing smile of her own all the while patting Sanskar’s back who has forgotten all about his ‘oh so calm composure’ and right now looking bit root red.

“What are you doing here?” Ragini asks, her tone bossy in the hope of pushing current topic out of Laksh’s mind.
They don’t say wrong in tv soaps, the one to dig in hole is usually the one to fall in it too! Just like Ragini has!
Why? Why did she even start the topic?!
“I thought you were downstairs to check on Dadi and Dida” Laksh looks gob smacked at her accusatory tone and her not so subtle attempt to change the topic.
She thinks her voice is gonna fool him. She thinks, only because she is sounding composed Laksh can’t see her knee shacking from nervousness, her fist clenching and unclenching. Oh please, he should get some credit! She has known this girl and has been her best friend for his whole life… loves her so her attempt is not fooling anyone… at least not him. But still he gives in.
“Yeah… I was there and they are now sleeping so I came here to inform these two that now we can start” Laksh explains.

Ragini looks at everyone, Swara is still scarlet red, her lips pressed in line which Ragini knows is to stop herself from laughing.
Sanskar has now stopped coughing and right now looking at Swara with teasing smile and adoration in his eyes. That dude is whipped!!!
Laksh, still looking confused about his action and expression. A cute frown on his face and blush covering his cheeks which Ragini can see in spite of his light stubble. Only Laksh…. only her Laksh can pull out a look of s*xy, gruff man and cute, next door boy together; and all the while looking so… so desirable. Or maybe this is just Ragini who’d find anything done by him desirable and s*xy.

She senses the tension and awkwardness in the air and sighs internally. She has done this! Why did she even start teasing her sister?! She has messed this up for god! She just hopes Laksh won’t find her too… too eager and Swara will still talk to her!
Laksh and Sanskar looks at each other and smiles trying to end all the awkwardness. Sanskar takes Swara’s hand and making her walk beside him, Laksh doing the same with ragini. Both brothers very well knowing that their girlfriend needs their support and love now.

“Why don’t you keep a watch on guards, discreetly?” Sanskar asks Swara softly. Swara nods but keeps her face down, her hair working as curtain and hiding her face from him.
Sanskar huffs finding her embarrassment cute and irritating alltogether. He needs to talk to her but that can wait. Right now deleting that video is important.
“Yeah and lado, you guard Dida’s and Dadi’s room… because in any case if they wake up and find you in front of their door they will ask fewer questions thane they will ask to any of us ” Ragini manages to say a yes in reply but hiding her face from him all the same.
Laksh opens him mouth to speak to her, tell her that there is no need to be shy or embarrassed but thinks to delay the conversation. Right now he should focus on deleting this video. He can’t imagine what’s gonna happen to him if someone sees it…. someone like his father, Dp! Even though, his relationship with his father is much better now but he is sure Dp won’t hesitate for a second if he sees the video. Laksh can face his father’s wrath but he doesn’t know what he will do if Ragini’s Nana will see it! Maybe he won’t be able to do anything anymore. No any conversation can wait…. deleting that video is most important right now.
“Lucky, you will have to cover all the camera from something first so we won’t be found walking in dark like some thieves” as soon as Sanskar says this Laksh shows him few colorful clothe, smirking at his brother as if trying to tell him that he is one step ahead of him.
Ragini and Swara scowl at Laksh. “Where did you get that from?” Swara and ragini asks in unison making both brothers frown at their sudden change of behavior.
“From your room to cover all the cameras” Laksh replies innocently.
“They are our scarfs!” Swara exclaims. Sanskar and Laksh again looks confused as if thinking what’s the big deal?
“You went through our closet without asking us??? Who does that?” Ragini looks like she can’t decide she should kill Laksh or cry at the turns of events this evening.
“We have all kind of things there! All those things that girls need, you know! Private things” Swara’s face is clear… she wants to kill Laksh!
“Shona! Baby, I am sure Lucky has just took them and have not seen anything” Sanskar calms her down. Oh god she would have never thought that she will be the one of those girls who turns mushy at endearments but here she is.
“Bhai… not just me anyone can’t see anything in their closet! It’s a mess… even messier than my closet. I was able to find these because they were hanging in there in front” Laksh huffs as if recalling the effort he has done to get those scarfs.
“Do you have a deatwish???” Sanskar hisses at his brother. “Look we will do this after some time after we have deleted the video, what say?” Sanskar proposes as soon as he sees Ragini opening her mouth to argue with Laksh. Everyone nods and hurries off to their destination.
Swara, Ragini and Sanksar wait in dark in silence, for Laksh to finish his task of covering all the cameras.
After forty minutes, Laksh comes back muttering to himself.
“Do you even know how many cameras are installed in your house. I am not sure that I have covered every one of them but I have covered those who could have captured us sneaking around.” Laksh groans but no one pays attention to his whining.

Swara walks up to lawn giving a smile to guards. Swara knows two of them. There has always been four guards to watch the property. Two at day time two at night time. But today there are more guards who she guesses are appointed by her father for additional help since he is not here. She walks up to them with Bluetooth in her ear, hidden by her hair so that she will be able to alert laksh if any guard decided to go for round.
Ragini stands in corridor with empty jug of water so that if anyone wakes up she will be able to make excuse of fetching water. Her ear piece in her ear, hidden by her long hair. She hope that the video gets deleted without any obstacle. Today has been as awkward as a day can go she surely doesn’t need more.

Laksh is sitting on a stool in front of security room humming a tone. He has already done his part but still he needs to stand here so that as soon as either of sisters will alert him both brothers would run to remove the scarf from cameras. Because cameras on almost all of the cameras of house will sure alerts the guard and then they will have a bigger problem than this video.

Sanskar’s hands are shaking!! He has never done anything like this and as thrilling this mission is, it is also scaring him. What if they got caught?! No, he can’t think negative!
He goes to main computer where all the data gets saved automatically.
While going through whole day on fast mode he thinks about his evening with Swara. It had been perfect…. his life is perfect as long as he has Swara beside him.
Finally he gets to the part and deletes it.
A/N: Thanks for reading it!

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