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“Where are your families?” As soon as the words were out of Principal’s mouth, Laksh, Ragini and Swara felt that they are gonna have a heart attack thinking how would Dp and Sumi will react. Their eyes widen as they hear the knock on principal’s office. Their gulp can be heard and principal’s smirk looking at their scared faces.
“We are here” All of them release their breath as soon as they realize that neither Sumi nor Dp is there it is Dadi and Dida! (Congratulations to those who has already guessed right and sorry to those who expected it to be someone else).
Swara smiles and Sanskar breath catches in his thought seeing how beautiful his angel looks when she smiles. God, few hours without seeing her smile was difficult and was messing with his head!
She can make him do anything with her smile and the fact that he won’t mind to do anything she wants is scaring as well as satisfying.

Laksh gives a lop sided grin to Ragini and Ragini gives a wide grin of her to him! Laksh frowns wondering about the time when he will be able to understand Ragini’s mind. Just few hours ago he was looking at Laksh as if Laksh has kicked her puppy and now she is grinning at him as if he has given her a guitar! Everyone says right no guy can understand girl’s mind but then again Laksh does not want to solve Ragini, he wants to love Ragini.

“Come in, Mrs Gadodia, Mrs Bose!” Principal greets Dadi, Dida and gestures them to take a sit. If you are one of Kolkata elites, there is no way you won’t know who Gadodias, Boses and Maheshwaris are. So it was really obvious for Dean of most popular college of Kolkata to know them.
“What have my grandchildren done, Mr. Goswami, that you had to call us?” Dida asks Principal, even though she is giddy from inside that they got a chance to enter in college and now they can find Swara’s bad boy lover. Since morning they have thinking about how to enter in college, without making Swaragini doubtful and these children have given Dadi and Dida an opportunity, that too golden and easy one.
“They did not just created chaos in school by picking up a fight but also broke a rule and last but not least they did not even apologize from their heart!” Principal says and stresses at last part as if to say that his biggest problem is that they didn’t apologize ‘from heart’.
‘Last time I checked our hearts don’t speak so how its gonna apologize?” Laksh mutters trying to keep his anger in check and also trying to be not loud but with the way principal’s eyes were narrowed on laksh, Laksh could tell he has heard everything.
‘He is saying as if we started a WWE in college lobby and then we murdered the opponent.’ Swara thinks and grumbles slowly not repeating Laksh’s mistake and only be audible to Sanskar, Laksh and Ragini….
‘Who would not break his so called rule of not bringing outside food in college cafeteria?! Has he ever tasted what that lunch lady makes? It tastes like $hit’ Ragini mutters, not audible to anyone except Swara, Laksh and Sanskar.
“I just hope, this does not go to my credit list! In all these years I have not gotten any bad point in my credit list whether it would be my middle school, high school not even in my summer camps” Sanskar did not need to say loudly to make Swara, Ragini and Laksh know what he is thinking. With the scowl all three were giving him, Sanskar knows that they know what he was thinking.
Dida and Dadi’s reaction were totally epic and quite opposite of each other. Dadi was bewildered seeing that her grand-daughters and two boys, Dadi loves the same, have broken so many rules and Dida, quite opposite of Dadi’s reaction, gives a wide grin to them showing how ecstatic she was to know that all of them has done something memorable! But before all these emotions there was a similar emotion playing in eyes of both grandmothers and that was concern, when they were sure that none of them are injured then they let another emotion was over their concerns.
“Broken rules???” Dadi asks, still not able to hide the bewilderment on her face. Breaking rules were surely not the first but it was a long time ago and it’s a first in college. Dadi sighs shaking her head, these children can never grow up!
“Yeah they have brought outside food in college canteen and not just that they also started a food fight” Just as the words left Principal’s mouth, the expressions on Grandmothers’ face changes automatically. Dida raised her eyebrows, stifling her laugh “yes ma’m and not just that when that kid started shouting at them they threw some more food at him, can you believe it?” Dida shakes her head, fake-pitying the principal.
All the while Dadi had same expression of bewilderment, first because she thought her grand-kids have done something big and now because she is thinking about how the principal is making such a big fuss of some small thing as a food fight.
This all ended when Dadi and Dida promised that none of them will do anything like this ever again… Principal lectured them on how they should be careful about not breaking rules specially major ones and all of them (including Dida and Dadi) except Sanskar were about to say that it was a minor rule breaking and nothing in front of what they have done in school but looking at the face of principal they thought he would get heart attack if he ever came to know what the trio of SWARAGLAK can do!

“Kids, won’t you show both of us, your college???” Dida asks, trying to find the way of wandering around college and seeing that bad boy lover of Swara.
“Dida?! You both have studied in this same college, right???” Laksh frowns in confusion! They have heard so many times about the great love story of Shekhar and Sumi and how base of all this is friendship between Dadi Dida and Laksh’s own Dadi! Dadi got married without completing her college to Dada ji, a marwari businessman, whose business was set up in Kolkata. Dadi has completed her college education after her marriage and in college she met Dida and Dp’s mom (who died many years ago due to bone cancer)! Everyone says that from the first moment Dadi and Dida saw each other, they had this same relationship of frenemy they have now and Dp’s mother has to always be mediocre between them! Then Sumi, Shekar and Dp were friends since childhood because of being in same neighborhood and also because of their mother’s friendship but love of Sumi and Shekhar blossomed in this same college. Initially any seniors from both family weren’t supportive of their love, thinking about the society and social norms but then Dp helped both his best friends in eloping but at the time of wedding parents of Sumi and Shekhar I.e., Dada ji, Dadi, Dida, Nanaji came and accepted their relationship and also agrred to marry both of them to each other! So the basic: all this family relationship has started in this same college and with friendship of Dadi, Dida and Dp’s mom.
“Yes you doofus but it’s been so many years of us studying here and I am sure many things would have changed by now. So we want to look around”
“But Dida, did you forget that every member of our family has come and checked on college security, all the hiding corners of college, crime record in last 25 years before enrolling us in this college” Ragini says in a self-pitying tone, remembering the embarrassing moment!
“Yeah!” Swara says flinching, at the memory of such embarrassment!
“Don’t you both dare to make fun of us or we will tell Sumi and Dp about your WWE” Dadi raises her eyebrow clearly challenging all of them to say even one word now!
“My dear Dadi and Dida, even you will have to agree that princi was making big fuss of small issue” Laksh says putting her arms on both grand-mothers’ shoulders.
Dadi give a sweet smile to him and pulls his cheek… quite painfully. “And my dear lucky that doesn’t make your rule breaking right, now does it?! Now you are showing us around or I call Dp and Sumi” Dadi orders in a tone which no one can ignore.
All this while Sanskar was taking relaxed breaths… He did not get bad remark on his credit list.

“It’s not like we are not thankful that you came and handled everything but where exactly are our parents” Ragini asks and all three of them nod their head, showing that they wanted to ask this question for so long.
“Yeah… Its not liks Maa and Dp uncle to ignore any call from our institutes” Swara says, frowning, thinking of the reasons why Sumi has not come. As much as she knows her mother, Sumi will never let any other family member handle their academic issues because her mother knows everyone in their family are too soft on Swaragini…
“Actually Dp, Ap, Sumi, Shekhar have gone to Jaipur to attend the wedding of some business associate’s daughter and your Dada ji is in New Jersey right now, with your Nana ji handling some business stuff” Dadi informs them, hiding a wide grin.
“What are you not telling us, Dadi?” Sanskar asks and everyone looks at him quite shocked.
“You still can talk bhai?” Laksh asks clearly mocking Sanskar! Sanskar gives his brother a look of ‘Seriously?’
“That you both are also gonna stay in our house for tonight and this weekend” Dida says loudly, clapping her hands and looking expectantly at all four of them.
‘3 days under same roof?’ The same question was going on in everyone’s mind making them blush. Its not first for Ragini. Swara and Laksh to stay at one another’s house but after being committed it’s the second time all 4 of them are going to stay in same house. First was when they were at Mathur’s and at time they were so worried that they did not get the time to cherish that time.
Dida stops her clapping, looking like the stand-up comedian who saves his best joke for the end of the show and when he shares his master joke, everyone frowns instead of laughing.
“You guys are not shouting like mad people?!” Dadi asks, well more like exclaims, not understanding their reactions.
Everyone fake-cheers and give fake laughs.

“Dadi, this is the theatre department” Swara informs and both grand mothers look at her as if she has gone mad.
“We know, we have seen everything in the starting of your session, did you forget?” Dida says and shoos all of them to their last class, saying they know everything about this college and that they are waiting for all of them in their car so all four of them should go and attend their class.

“There is something surely going on in their minds” Laksh says and everyone nods, wondering same thing.

Dadi and Dida smirk, they can now find out about bad boy now.

Dadi and Dida go to all hiding places where the so called bad kids hangout.
“Owwwww!” Dida groans in pain!
“Watch where are you going oldie!” Dadi and Dida looks at this guy from head to toe. Black t-shirt with quote ‘WATCH OUT! We have got a bad boy here!!!’, ripped jeans, chew gum in mouth, this kid was giving total impression of a bad guy. Dida and Dadi gives smug smile to each other clearly telling that they have found the right guy. He can tell them, who is the current “BAD GUY” of college.
“Who is… Who is the worst “BAD BOY” around here, son?”
“I am! Who else, grannies” That guy informs them, getting irritated at them.
“So you are that stupid guy!”
“You know, how much my grand daughter loves you” Dida says and Dadi glares at her. “I mean… ours, our grand daughter”
“Every girl loves me, so what can I do about that?”
Dadi gives him his infamous death glare and he gulps.
“My grand-daughter is now every girl for you? You were in relationship with her few days ago and now she is one of every girl for you” Dadi growls, making him take a step back!
“Now tell me, do you smoke pot or weed or anything”
“I don’t!” That so called bad boy looks at them as if both old ladies have gone crazy! “And who the hell is your grand daughter”
“Who the hell?! Who the hell?!” Dida slaps him square on his cheeks and he groans.
“I know your grand daughter, I know her!” That boy cries, nodding his head, desperate to get away from them and save his bad boy reputition.
“Do you love her?”
“I do! I love her a lot!”
“Now, give me your number and I will tell you where and when you have to apologize to her and YOU WILL COME OTHERWISE….” Dadi leaves her warning incomplete but still that guy gulps and nods his head then fastily give them his number and runs away.

“Shona is going to be so happy!” Dadi says, grinning.
“And she will not hide anything from us now! She will know that we can solve any problem” With that they both walks to their car and wait for every four of them!

This chapter was kindaa filler so it’s quite boring.
Let’s see what both Grandmothers do and how it effects all of them and most interesting part, SWARAG and SANLAK in same house for weekend. Get ready for some sweet and fun moments….

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