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Dadi and Dida comes discussing that how, sometimes even good security can be a problem!
“Maa Sa and Maa, how was social gathering???” Sumi asks her mother-in-law and mother, giving them glasses of water. Dadi and Dida looks at each other as if asking what social gathering Sumi is talking about and then realization dawns upon them.
“It was amazing!” Dadi says and Sumi raises her eyebrow mocking Dadi, b’coz she knows that Dadi does not enjoy these social gatherings and if she is saying that she liked it that means something is fishy.
“yeah! You know what I met Ms. Banerjee today, she was just walking by and came here to see both of you!” Sumi continues with her questions just like very well trained officer.
“Yeah???” Dida extends the conversation dreading what excuse both old ladies would give for their lies.
“Yeah! And she told me that there was no brunch in the morning”
“There was! But she was not invited!” Dadi quickly makes the lie and looks at Dida as if to say ‘see! I saved you”.
“Oh! I see!” Sumi let it go very well knowing that they are lying about them being at social gathering b’coz Mrs. Banerjee is wife of MLA and no one would take the chance of not inviting her.
‘They are doing something and only god knows what’ Sumi walks away smiling in herself thinking about Dadi’s and Dida’s crazy ideas.


Laksh looks at Swara, Sanskar sitting on different benches and groans loudly making Ragini look at him as if he is mad.

“They have fought, again! God why is it that we have to sit away from each other because of their fight?” Laksh asks to Ragini. Ragini just rolls her eyes.
‘Thanks god! We are sitting away from each other because I don’t think I can sit with Lucky and not tell him that his statement of not marrying me has hurt me’ Ragini thinks and without saying anything goes to sit with Sanskar. ‘Before doubting his intentions I should talk to him. Yeah, I would do that! But would he think that I am desperate to marry him if I will tell him that he has hurt me by saying no to marriage???? Is he even serious about me??? I am not his first girlfriend after all. What if I am just like her other girlfriends for him? What if he does not love as much as I love him?’ Thinking all this Ragini groans loudly, making whole class look at her. Not liking the attention she ducks her head and uses her hair as curtains to hide her blushing cheeks which have turned crimson red due to embarrassment.

Sanskar looks at Ragini, amusement clear in his eyes and waits for Ragini to sit beside him so that he could tease her about being lost in Laksh’s thoughts as she loves to do with him whenever Sanskar is lost in his dreamland with Swara. Just thinking about Swara, fills his full self with guilt and regret. He should not have shouted at her! He is really sorry for talking to her harshly. He is never gonna do it again. It pained when she flinched away from him. God knows his boring self does not deserve a bright angel like her but still she want to be with him. And Sanskar is not gonna make her realize the truth and run away from him by pulling another stunt as he has pulled today.
He has to apologizeto her! But he is not sorry for not letting her travel alone. Her safety comes first for him, even before their relationship and he’d do anything to keep her safe.

Ragini keeps her hand on sanskar’s shoulder softly, for she does not want to startle him and pull him away from his dream world harshly. By the longing look he is sending Swara’s way, Ragini can guess that whatever he is thinking does surely include the love he has for Ragini’s twin sister.
A soft touch on Sanskar’s shoulder pulls him away from his thoughts, making him look at Ragini who is through her hands, asking him to shift so that she could sit. One look at Ragini and Sanskar can tell that whatever thoughts she was having about Laksh were not so good. What happened?

‘What happened’ This question was not by Sanskar and neither it was by Ragini. It was the look on Ragini’s face, so real that Sanskar could actually hear those words, that look was asking Sanskar to tell him about what happened between Sanskar and Swara. For one second Sanskar was tempted to tell his best friend about his mistake but then he remembered thinking how fierce Ragini can get when it comes to Swara and Sanskar really does not want to face wraths of both gadodia sisters. One at a time is enough. Sanskar makes face and gestures her that he can’t exactly tell her.

Before Sanskar could ask Ragini about what happened between Laksh and her, ragini, herself gestured him that she can’t tell him. She does not want Sanskar to think that she is desperate to marry his brother and maybe she is the one, who is overthinking about it, maybe Laksh did not mean it like that. She tried to find every maybe to decrease the doubts she is having about their relationships but no maybe could help with the doubts and insecurities she is having.

Swara keeps mumbling under her breath about how this is 21st century not 18th for Sanskar to act like caveman, how she can take care of herself and how she wants Sanskar to be just a boyfriend to her not a bodyguard, if she wanted a bodyguard she could have asked her father for it.

Laksh looks at Swara amusingly. He does not stop Swara from continuing her monologue since he is completely enjoying it. It’s been so many days since Laksh has spent some alone time with Swara and even if initially he was not looking forward to being away from Ragini but he is really happy for the time he is going to spend with his best friend, Swara.
When four of them came in relationship with each other, Laksh always thought that he and Ragini are going to be the couple who has fights every next day not Swara and Sanskar. As, neither Laksh nor Ragini is calm and none of them are going to back down from fight, on the other hand Sanskar is too calm and level headed to upset Swara. But see! Here Sanskar has somehow managed to upset his girlfriend in few days.
Laksh looks at ragini and smiles at her. But the smile she gave him in return, (which was more like a grimace) let Laksh know that some Laksh ALSO has managed to upset his girlfriend.

As the reply of Swara’s glare, Sanksar just smiles at her completely ignoring the fact that she is planning hundred and one ways to kill him by something Chinese and if that thing would be something food related then that would be icing on cake.
“Who told you to bring outside food in college food court?” Swara asks glowering at sanskar to which receptionist asks her to shut up.
“The fact that you were angry at me?” Sanskar answers more like asks her.
Laksh ignores everyone and think about all the shouting Dp is going to give him because of Swara and Sanskar’s food fight or Laksh would say whole college food fight. He should have listened to Ragini.

1hr ago………….

Sanskar was busy in trying to make Swara forgive him so he orders chinese from her all-time favorite restaurant.
“Shona, see I bought it for you!” Sanskar says thinking that it will at least make swara see that he is putting efforts in apologizing to her.
“Topper, you stupid! You brought outside food in college canteen?” Ragini scowls at Sanskar, making him frown at her in confusion. “This is not allowed, you fool!” Sanskar ignores her and looks at swara wanting her to forgive him. “Topper, I am telling you, go throw it before someone sees it. Lucky, tell him to do it na. You know what would happen…….”

“Love, stop disturbing my brother. For the first time he is doing something which is not allowed” Laksh interrupts Ragini, liking the fact that his brother can break some rules and do something crazy for Swara. Ragini scowls at Laksh and sit in her seat rolling her eyes very well knowing that these two brothers are going to get all of them in trouble.
After trying everything to make Swara eat the food, he throws one lumpy noodle at her which she ducks very skillfully. Smirking at Sanskar, she tries to say something but before she could utter even a single word someone throws leaves at Sanskar which hits Ragini.

“You threw noodle at me first” The guy who has thrown leaves says when he notices Laksh’s glare at him. Ragini who was still fuming at these 3 and that guy for ruining her hair, she takes handful of noodles and throws at the guy and also starts a food fight.
“What were you guys thinking?” Principal growls at every one of them, including the guy who has thrown food at Ragini. “First, you ordered outside food in college food court then started a food fight” Principal states as if all of them did not know what they have done and why is he looking so shocked as if they have done something unheard, Ragini thought. ‘I mean we used to have food fight every other day when we were kids’
“But that’s the problem lado, we are not kids anymore” Laksh says, standing beside her and making her realize that she has said it out loud.
Laksh looks at Ragini’s crimson red face and smiles, realizing that no matter how big the problem is, just one look at her face and nothing matters to him, not even the fact he is going to get a good shouting by his father when Dp will reach there. Princi has not delayed in calling their parents. What are they? 7! Calling parents seriously????
Ragini looks at Laksh when she senses his eyes on her face. But what she sees fills her with regret. The content smile on his face, as if seeing that she is here with him, makes him the happiest. She regrets ever doubting his intentions with her. The way he sighs dreamily when he holds her hand is enough to tell her that he loves to be there with her. The way he inhales in her hair whenever they hug, the way he never want to let go of her, the way he smiles when she gives in his sweet kisses, the way he does not take any step further without asking her, the way his eye glows when he sees her, the way he gives his boyish smile; Aren’t all these things enough to tell her that he loves her and he is not going anywhere.
May be he has not thought about marriage yet, so what this is not their age to think about marriage. And what if he has said that he wants to marry her then would she have agreed to marry him? NO! She does not want to marry him now and not in near future too!

Finally clearing every what ifs of her mind, she holds his hand and leans to put her head on his shoulder, to let him hold her. She will see what Sumi has to say about this food fight later but right now she loves it here, in his arms.

Sanskar looks at Swara, who is looking blankly at principal. Sanskar groans inwardly on how he has messed his plan of apologizing to her by himself. He can’t do anything right, can he? He has wanted to apologize to her for his behavior with her in morning then give her lift to her house. And while riding with her, he will hold her hand to make himself believe that she is here with him, then he will stop car in a secluded area, ask her out on a date and hopefully they will have a make out session, god he is surely a pervert, Sanskar groans inwardly again thinking about how he has thought to give her a perfect date and here he has landed her in Principal’s office. It would be miracle if she still wants to be with him,
Swara looks at Sanskar under her eye lashes, not wanting to be seen staring. She does not know she should be angry on him or fall for him more. I mean which boyfriend does this much to apologize for being ‘EXTRA PROTECTIVE’. She knows he loves her… a lot, in-fact though she does not know the reason but hey, she is not complaining! The way he looks at her as if she is the center of his world, the way he holds her tightly as if he does not want her to go away from him, she knows he loves her though his behavior is problem but she can manage little protective.
Sanskar feels her holding his hand he smiles contently and shakes his head.

“Where are your families?” Principal asks all of them and voices come from behind.
“we are here”!

Guess who has come as guardian????
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