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70th Chapter, looks like kind of big deal, isn’t it???
Well I hope you all have not forgotten me because I have not and from now on I am going to try to update best friends and why does it still affect at least once in a week and I know I can do it because right now I don’t have any exams and nothing can keep me busy for next at least 5-6 month. I think monday evening per week would be fine for best friends and for why does it still affect – tuesday morning. What do you guys say???
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“Why are we wearing this black dress??? And that too with this irritating black hat??? Let me tell you this hat is messing with my bun! Why are you not saying anything??? Bangalan?!… Bangalan!” Swaragini’s dadi asks their Dida.
Dida has come one hour ago in Dadi’s room and brought few black things which Dadi now can see are burkas and hats for both of them. Dida just ignores Dadi and looks at her masterpiece at least it was to her!
“Answer me or I am not helping you with whatever you are trying to make me do!” Dadi smirks, very well knowing that she has got Dida now and Dida scowls at her, giving in.
“You can’t shut up for even two minutes, can you? And I am not asking for your help I know that you will want to do this as much as me when I will tell you what I am going to do”
“That’s why I am asking you to tell me! But you have to just make everything mysterious, don’t you”
“Mystery is fun and fun is me!” Dadi glares at Dida, who is giving her a evil smile, “Ok… fine …fine. I will tell you” Dida raises her hands in surrender when she notices Dadi’s death glare. “Look we are going to spy on our grand-daughters, Swara and Ragini. I think they are hiding something else from us. I have a theory that they have not told us the whole truth”.

Dadi narrows her eyes and thinks something. “I guess, you’re right! Even I felt as if they are hiding something from us”. Dadi responds positively to Dida’s theory and shakes their hand but can’t help and feel pain because it really hurts to know that their grand daughters who have always confide in them are now hiding something.
“So what are we gonna do??? How are we ever gonna find out whatever they are hiding from us” Dadi asks and Dida looks at her incredulously.
“I got the props, you make the plan!” Dida says and Dadi rolls her eyes.
“You are the one who is good in scheming and plotting” Dadi praises Dida in her own twisted way.
“I am good in everything” Dida says making Dadi rolls her eyes.


“Ansh…. get up!” Sanskar groans at his mother’s Ap voice, asking him to get up from his sleep and also to get out off his dream world where he has just gotten the award of youngest entrepreneur and in happiness Swara has kissed him square on his lips. ‘Oh, boy! I am turning into a pervert and a mushy teenager for my girlfriend but I can’t deny that he loves every second of it. I mean having dreams of kissing her!” Sanskar thinks to himself and smiles. Sanskar Mathur is having dreams about kissing a girl! It’s really surprising even for himself but then again his shona is not just another girl”.
“I am up, mom!” Sanskar shouts and starts getting ready for his perfect day with perfect breakfast made by his lovely mother.

“Lucky… get up!!! Get up, get up, get up!” One day she will be dumb shouting for her youngest son to get up, she thinks and can’t help but wonder how Sanskar gets up in just one call and how it takes more than 15 minutes of continuously shouting to get Laksh up from his dream world. Then Ap frowns at her own thoughts! She is not going to do the mistake of comparing her both sons again. They both are her world, however they are! And even if Laksh takes time to get up, he also spices up everything.

Laksh groans hearing Ap shouting. He was just about to fall in his sleep and in dreams where he has made Dp proud and ragini has run to him, giving a wide grin and hugged him tightly. How Laksh has become from the guy who dreams about models and actresses to the guy who is loyal to his girlfriend even in his dreams, Laksh can’t say but he knows that earlier his dream was not real but now his dreams are going to be true. He is going to make them true by himself. He is going to give Ragini a dream world so she won’t ever leave him.
“Lucky, get up now dear!” Ap calls in very sweet voice. Laksh opens his one eye then other as if realizing that his mother has for the first time tried to wake him up sweetly. “Lucky, wake up plzzz” It’s really not a dream, Laksh thinks and gets up from his bed to check on his mother.
“Mom, are you alright?” Laksh asks, touching Ap’s forehead on which Ap swats his and away.
“What are you doing, lucky?”
“Mom, I don’t think you are alright. You are waking me up sweetly?! Something as happened to you” Laksh tells her with concern etching on his face.
“Don’t get use to it!” Ap huffs and walks away but not before ordering Laksh to get fresh and come for breakfast soon.
Laksh stays rooted at his place and looks at going Ap with concern as if sure that something bad is going on with his mother.
“Lucky!” Sanskar shakes laksh. “What are you doing here, go get ready otherwise we will be late for college”
“Bhai mom is going down with some flu” Sanskar raises his eyebrow, getting himself ready for one of Laksh’s crazy theories. “Believe me Bhai! Mom… let me say again Mom woke me up sweetly”
“What? Mom!!” Sanskar shouts and goes downstairs while Laksh goes to get fresh still muttering about how he is sure Ap is going down with something.
“What, Ansh! Why are you calling me so loudly? I was busy, na!”
“Mom, this is not fair! You woke up Lucky sweetly and with me, even if he takes like an hour to wake up! And me Mom! I wake up with your one call but still you just orders e and might I add VERY HARSHLY TOO” Sanskar whines like a child and scowls at Laksh who is coming downstairs.
“That’s because Mom loves me more!” Laksh claims and looks at Ap as if wanting her to confirm his claim. Ap just huffs and leaves both brothers to clear their mess.
“No, she loves me more!” Sanskar retorts back.
“Your mom loves ME the most!” As Laksh was about to deny it, Dp says it, making Ap stop from going in kitchen.
Both Maheswari brothers purses their lips to stop themselves from laughing and looks at all the servants all of them are doing the same.
Ap turns scarlet red and just rushes out of dining room making everyone laugh.

“Good morning dada ji!” Swaragini says in unison.
Ragini stomps swara’s foot and glares at her, reminding her to not be so chirpy, which Swara ignores and just goes downstairs.
“Good morning my dolls” Her dada ji says giving them kisses on their forehead but first Swara then Ragini on which Ragini whines as usual and swara gives her twin sister a triumphant look.
“Come on! Stop mocking each other and have breakfast before it gets cold” Sumi says, gesturing helper to serve breakfasts.
“Where are Dadi and Dida?” Ragini asks to no one sppecific.
“Oh, both of them has gone to some friend of your Dida’s social gahtering brunch” Shekhar tells them raising his head from newspaper, the same newspaper Sumi has been glaring on. When Shekhar sees it, he folds paper carefully, keeps it away and give an apologetic smile to Sumi.
“Dadi in Dida’s friend’s social gathering?” Swara wonders out loud.
“Your Dadi is gonna come back sometimes because she can’t handle those social gathering” Dada ji says then laughs without noticing that Ragini has been recording his statement.
“Really dada ji?”
“Yeah! You don’t know that incident where I took her to a tea party and she said it out loud ‘why so much fuss for a tea party, just give us a cup of tea and a place to sit’ and when I told her to stop criticizing she just shut me up and started telling everyone that this is not a tea party and if you want to have tea you should go to the dhaba few blocks away. I just wanted earth to swallow me that time” Dada ji says with a smile in his eyes and both sisters think that how much their grandparents still love each other. Even when their dada ji is making fun of their dadi, he is unknowingly giving a proud smile.
“I am gonna show it to Dadi” Ragini says and shows everyone her phone where she has recorded everything. Dada ji looks at her as if Ragini has just given him a death sentence.
“My doll… never show this to her! She will kill me!”
Saying this both sisters run to garage.


” See… lado. I think that black car is following us!” Ragini has noticed it too but did not take it seriously.
“You think?” Ragini asks and swara nods at her grinning. “Why are you grinning, idiot?”
“It will be fun to beat them. I have not had any action in forever” Swara huffs as it has been too bad that she has not beaten any guy in last few months. Ragini looks at her sister and nods in an unconvincing manner.

Dida and Dadi stops their hired black car in front of college gates waiting for some unknown boy to show up and meet Swara at entry gate but no one except Sanskar and Laksh is there.
“Now what?” Dida asks Dadi. “We can’t go inside without letting Swaragini know. Here security is too tight! Only students and staffs can enter without interrogation and before letting a family enter they will surely let the students know.”
“We have to come back in somedays with a well made up excuse so that Swaragini won’t doubt us and then we will enter college and try to find out that guy. What say?” Dida nods at her then they made driver turn the car back.

“See that black car over there!” Swara asks sanlak and when they nods she continues “we both think that person in that car has been following us”. At the enthusiastic tone of Swara both brothers raises their eyebrows as if to ask what is so exciting about this and Swara huffs muttering under her breath that no one understands her.
“Swara here thinks that when that guy or guys will get the guts to come face to face we will have fun in beating the $hit out of that guy or guys” Ragini explains and half closes her eyes knowing that both the brothers are going to burst any second now.
“No way both of you are going to do it!” Laksh says trying to look for that black car so he could end the matter now itself but huffs angrily when he notices that black car gone.

Sanskar pulls Swara, starts walking away from Raglak and when she tries to protest about how this is wrong, he shuts her off with his infamous glare.
“Either you are driving with me and lado with Lucky or I am telling your father to assign bodyguards for both of you” Sanskar looks at her angrily.
“But both of us can handle this and has been handling ever since topper. Both of us has learnt martial arts to keep ourselves safe” Swara protests looking equally angry. Even if some part of her is really feeling giddy about how protective her boyfriend is, but the feminist part of her is not liking the idea. That part is ordering her to show him that she can take care of herself and don’t need a guy to do the same.
“Take a pick, shona!”
“I am an independent girl, topper and I know how to take care of myself”
“Take. A. Pick. Shona” Sanskar says harshly, his eyes filled with anger. He is angry, too angry just with the thought of someone bothering Swaragini and his anger won’t subside until Swara will accept to either one of his offers. But when he sees Swara taking a step back at his harsh tone, his eyes immediately soften.
“I am driving with you and lado with Lucky” No matter how much angry Swara is on Sanskar for using that tone with her, she is not gonna choose bodyguards. NEVER!
Swara starts to walk away and Sanskar immediately regrets his way of speaking. “Shona… Angel” Sanskar tries to call her but Swara walks away with him following her.

“That was not my idea” Ragini tells to Laksh, when she sees that he is not talking to her and just looking toward parking lot with hard eyes and clenched jaw. Laksh looks at ragini and his eyes soften at the pleading look in her eyes.
“I am not blaming you, love” Ragini’s heart swells at his endearment. ” I am just angry with the idea of someone following you like a creep. It just wants to make me hit the person so hard” Laksh continues, his jaw again clenches and as much as Ragini thinks that her boyfriend looks hot when he is angry, she prefers sweet and naughty laksh over this one.
Ragini caresses his cheek with her palm and feels her slightly grown stubble, which is making him look incredibly s*xy. Laksh looks at her lovingly and sighs dreamily.
“If things go according to my way then I would not let you get out of my sight, not even for a nano second.” Laksh says pulling Ragini to him, ending any distance between them.
“And how would you do that? For that you will have to marry me officially” Ragini teases laksh. Her hand still caressing his cheek and his hand making circle on her waist which is giving her shivers.
“Marriage! Oh god no!” Laksh says, giving Ragini a mini heart attack.
‘He does not want to marry me? Or he said no because he does not want to marry me right now?! It’s not like I am ready to marry him but still it hurts. Lucky won’t leave me, right?” Ragini worries in herself. No matter how much she tries to keep the thought away it was creeping in her mind.
Laksh drags her to their class, her mind still going on with all the questions about their relationship.

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