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Okay!!! I am so glad I could update today. Last month I was having the worst writer’s block of my life and I really did not know what to write… how to write. So I took the leave and then internal exams came up. So sorry for not writing but I am free now and I swear I will write atleast two days in a week. Please tell me that whether you liked it or not because I am still going from that lost phase, so I need to knoe that you guys are liking whatever I have written.

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“Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!!!”
“Topper….topper…sorry. Topper, I am sorry!!!”
“Topper… Topper”
“Oh! For god’s sake stop saying my name…..”
Swara does not even know, what should she be doing… taking a deep breath of relief that finally Sanskar ended the silent treatment or laugh because she is not even saying his name. But her urge to laugh vanishes with a very familiar person laugh and turns in urge to strangle her best friend.
“What… I am here in library with these ugly books on this fine morning when I could have been in garden with your beautiful sister, enjoying a perfect cup of latte” Laksh says with a frown and Swara scowls at him.
“Lado is with Mrs. Sinha with test copies. Do you want to have your perfect cup of latte with Lado, Mrs. Sinha and hundreds of test copies? If you do then please go, I think Mrs. Sinha can surely use another pair of hands.” Swara replies with a knowing and evil smile which Laksh returns with a horrified expression.
“no this is much better”
“So be grateful” Swara turns to continue her apology but finds Sanskar is nowhere in sight. “tell me one thing lucky, was this library made on a freaking large ground?! Because I can surely feel exertion taking over me after running in this hell after your brother” then she moves to find Sanskar without listening to Laksh’s reply.

“What do you want exactly???” Sanskar asks and Swara looks at him as if he is speaking one of very few languages about which she has no idea.
“Isn’t that obvious?! I want you to forgive me!!!” She replies with a Duh tone.
“I forgive you” He answers with a blank face and takes a seat across Swara.
“Woah! Really?! That was not so hard” Confused, she keeps looking at his blank face. “You have not actually forgotten me, have you??? You are still so distant…” With tears in her eyes she asks him. When she did not get answer for few moments, she realizes that she was so caught up in her own mess that she has lost him.
“No I forgave you but everything can go back to how it was, because I need to know what you were thinking this last whole month, what feelings you were having that you were ready to lose what we have…”
“No… I was not ready to lose what we have. God I did not even think about losing this” Swara cuts him off.
“Then why you were acting the way you did??? Don’t you think I deserve that explanation, after this last month of suffering”
“It was just a phase topper, just a phase…”
“I understand but don’t you think I need a ground to believe that you won’t pull something like this again” Swara holds Sanskar’s hands and caresses it with her thumb pad.
“Is this ground enough that I have a sister like lado who can kick my ass if I’d do any wrong with you?” Swara pleads with her eyes to him to believe her because she is not sure that he will still love her or not when she’d tell her why she was behaving the way she was.
Sanskar looks at her sternly and she knows that she can’t escapes him without giving him something.
“I will tell you but you will have to promise that you won’t think of me as some immature school girl or whiny girl” Sanskar chuckles at her pleading pouty look.
“Well if you are worried that I will think of you an immature school girl or whiny girl then you have nothing to worry about because I already think of you as that” Sanskar assures her with a amusing grin and Swara looks at him sternly making him raise his hands in surrender.
“I was frustrated with the situation at home and I-I gave you the same treatment I was getting at home…But you have to understand that is just because I thought you will understand” Well that’s not the complete truth but that’s not complete lie either. Swara did give him the same treatment she was getting at home.

“Oh god… I would have understood if you had just talked to me about it. I would have given you space… anything you want. Heck I could have been your punching bag if you wanted. Just never shut me out again okay???”
Swara holds his hand with both of her hands, assuring him that it won’t happen again.
“And by the way… you are not an immature school girl……….. you are an immature college girl”
“I might take your offer of making you a punching bag”


“You guys okay, now???” Ragini asks Swasan as soon as she sees the trio coming to her in canteen.
“I don’t kiss and tell” Swara says flicking her hair off from her shoulder.
“Because there was not any kiss to tell” Sanskar mutter under his breath, still irritated over the incident in library as soon as they made up and were about to kiss when librarian popped up loudly coughing and glaring at them.

“I missed you, my sweet little lado” Laksh shouts coming to Ragini and hugs her tightly.
“Hey, no PDA, please!” Swara yells at them scrunches her face in disgust.
“What! It was just a friendly hug!” Laksh defensively replies.
“Sniffing someone while hugging is not at all friendly act”
“What can I do?! You sister smells pretty amazing!”
All 3 chuckles at the Ragini’s scarlet red face.


“You forgot to ask him?”
“Sorry… but we were enjoying each other’s company after so many days and I just did not want to affect it in any way” replies with a sigh, Ragini is right Swara should have told Sanskar about Dida finding about him and wanting to meet him.
“I understand but…. I just don’t want Dida to tell anybody else in our families” Ragini shakes her head thinking about antics of their maternal grandmother.
“I don’t think… making her meet Sanskar will get her off our back. I think that the moment she will see Sanksar as the guy I love, she will shout in happiness and start planning our grand wedding and how exactly nine months later she will have her first great grandchild.”
“Chances are high” Ragini agrees with a nod and Swara looks at her with the ‘You are not at all helping face’. “You know what will help?!” Ragini suddenly asks loudly and startle Swara.
“I don’t know but Scaring me to death will surely not be helpful!!!” Taking swara’s scodings lightly Ragini continues.
“You should tell Dida that the guy didn’t forgive you today and dumped you then she will be so busy in mending your broken heart that she won’t demand to meet the guy” Ragini suggests and Swara looks at her as if she has gone mad.
“I am not an actress lado so how would I act as if my heart is broken and that too today of all day when after a whole month my heart feels good and mended” Ragini presses her lips in thin line and looks at night sky pleading to give them an idea.

“You won’t have to act just don’t speak too much, don’t laugh and give only small smiles… left will be assured” Swara looks at Ragini as if asking to find some other way because not speaking too much is really not her style. “That’s the only way and do it just for few days… after that we will make up the story that you were confused between infatuation and love and now you have realized that it was just a childish crush”

“I just hope that it would work out without any mess…… these days our every plans pull us in bigger mess” Swara and Ragini wishes together.


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