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So I am here again with new chapter of best friends and I very well know that I am late but with college internship and everything I don’t get time to update it every day. PLEASE READ THE NOTES BELOW. IT KINDAAAA IMPORTANT.
Besides I am working on my two new books and many short stories. I can’t share my incomplete novels but I surely can update short stories time to time and for reading that you will have to either add yourself to my facebook group(id I will write later in comments) because tellyupdates cut sites while reviewing it or you can follow me on wattpad. You can find me on wattpad by either @Deepashrm or Deepa-Sharma. I have another good news for you, I have started updating best friends on wattpad too so right now it has just five chapters there but I will post all chapters there in coming few days. Okay another thing one of you I don’t remember name but I remember what she said, she did not like cover photo, I use for best friends so if any of you have some better suggestion please give me.
Another thing I am gonna reveal pair of why does it still affect in next chapter which I am sure many of you have already guessed but still if you want to know you can read it in next part of Why does it still affect? And you can’t read it here. Again for reading that you will have to either follow me on wattpad or add yourself to my fb group.

Now let me thank you properly….. Thank you…. Thank you a lot. All of you who liked best friends and trusted me because believe me when I read best friends I feel like how have you all read it?! It has so many mistakes grammatical…. Expressional etc etc. But still you guys waited for me to do better and read best friends continuously and I guess these are may be your trust that even for just a little bit but I can say that I have improved in writing. One of you told me few days ago that Best friends was first ff she has ever read and now she is crazy for all kind of fanfictions. So, sweetie if you are reading it let me tell you I am thankful and glad that you liked it and you read it. I am thankful to everyone of you. I hope you will keep reading it and will never stop giving me suggestions. I am thankful that you keep up with my irregular updating. THANK YOU…. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Now for the current tracks…. Amee and I guess few others are confused that why Swara is behaving like this. I really want to explain you but I want you to understand with today’s chapter b’coz I am gonaa reveal it today and many of you must have guessed why she is behaving that way. And if any of you is really worried that our bestiis are going to have a fall out due to these new love relations then please have some faith in them and in me, I don’t like to separate friends because I know how much it hurts and bestiis are bestie!!!! They can argue??? Sure. They can fight??? Sure. They can live without each other???? NEVER.



“You need to get your shit together” Swara mutters under her breath, chanting it as mantra as if just by chanting it everything’s gonna fine.

“Yeah!!! You really do!” Ragini says whispering in her twin sister’s ear from behind making her giving an ear piercing scream.

“What the hell do you think you were doing??? Giving me a heart attack???” Swara sighs as if relieved that it’s not a ghost or monster.
“Well… does not matter what I was doing” Ragini says and Swara knows beforehand where this is going. Swara can exactly tell what Ragini’s next few statements are going to be.
‘What matters is what you are doing’
‘What are you doing Shona’
‘What the exactly hell are you trying to do’
‘Do you even know what you are doing’ Blah blah blah. And again as many other times Swara was proved that she really knows her twin sister very well because those were exactly Ragini’s next few lines. “Okay chill girl we are not in CID and we don’t need to say ‘He is not breathing’, ‘I can’t hear his heartbeats’, ‘I think he is dead’. “Swara wanted to say but even she knows Ragini is a ticking bomb right now who will either manage to make Swara’s and Sanskar relation perfect by giving her some ideas or will rant out all her frustration on Swara. Even though after these many years she is not that afraid of Ragini’s wrath but she really need those killer ideas.

“Why are you really doing this…” Ragini asks “to him, to yourself to all 4 of us???” Ragini finally asks the question Swara needs to answer herself before her twin sister.

“Look it’s not like he forced us to bring Mathurs here” Swara starts and Ragini give a slow smile urging her to go on. “We did it…. I did it because I wanted him to be happy, you know?? Because that makes me happy. I wanted to do right thing and rightfully Sanskar deserved to live with both of his parents. Now when he has what he wanted but what about me… what about us??? Our parents have not talked to us more than 100 words a day since we have returned from Mumbai and….. it’s feeling like I am that typical, bad daughter who once gets her boyfriend she does not care about her parents’ feelings. Already everyone in society thinks that this Gadodia daughter is going to bring only trouble and pain for our family and it’s feeling like they are right???”

Ragini shakes her head to stop her but swara interrupts her
“No lado, first let me complete…. On the other hand, I also feel like since Sanskar has come out as Ansh our whole world is revolving around him. On Laksh’s b’day more than laksh we wanted Topper to be happy, on our birthdays we had our full concentration on hiding Topper from media and since the day we came back, we are focused on how Topper is happy, how we should not tell him about Laksh’s and Dp’s uncle conversation because he will feel guilty, how we should not tell him about our family because he will regret bringing Mathur with him!!! We are only focusing on how he’d feel instead of concentrating on how much happy laksh is and how much sad we are!!!! I am not jealous of him, lado!!! I guess, I’m just frustrated.” Swara huffs and cover her face with her palms, lowering her head.
Ragini takes a deep breath, taking all this in.
“Well that was a lot!!!” Ragini wiggles her eyebrows to lighten the situation.
“Tell me about it!!!”
“Look shona, you told me yourself that every decision has consequences and we can’t just demand to have its good one, we will have to suffer the bad one too. I know we are thinking about Topper more these days that is just because he was lost for 10 years shona, for 10 years and he needs time and our special attention also so that he could see that we have missed him in those 10 years. You know what, you were used to see Topper as just our friend…. Our best friend and now he is part of our family… he is a family. You are neither ready to share Sanskar with our families nor our families with Sanskar.”
Swara nods understanding that her sister is perfectly right. She never wanted to date one of bestiis and even though she loves Sanskar she misses the thrill when you love someone unknown and you introduce your family to him as your boyfriend just as your boyfriend not some long lost son. She knows that her wish is stupid…. really stupid and she really needs to get her mess clean.

“One more thing shona! Don’t make your insecurities, accusations! Whenever you feel insecure, you start to blame someone. Unfortunately, this time it’s our topper.” Why is it that when Ragini says something like this, she always understands!!!

“Ugh!!!” Swara sighs. She is stupid… really… really stupid. But atleast talking with Ragini has cleared her mind and now she can think about how she will apologize to her Topper.
Apology…. Apology…. Apology… A FREAKING APOLOGY!!!! Swara looks at Ragini with puppy eyes and in reply she shakes her head.
“You created the mess so only you will clear it”
“lado!!! You know how much I love him, right???” When Ragini does not get convince Swara starts whining about how much she loves him and how this is not fair that her sister is not ready to help her.
“You love someone???” Swara, Ragini turns with wide eyes to see the face of that so familiar voice.
“NO!” Swara shouts immediately.
“You totally do!!!” Dida wiggles her eyebrows mocking Swara.
“N-no Dida. I don’t!!!” Swara says more as a plead than statement. She begs with her eyes to god to let Dida believe that Swara does not love some boy.
“I am not believing it.” Dida squeals. “Who is the boy??? What does he do???? Listen shona, I don’t care about financial condition but he should have an educated background….”
“Whoever he is, currently upset with your shona” Ragini mutters under her breath mocking Swara.
“Why??? What did you do, shona” Swara gives Ragini a deadly glare which clearly says ‘I am gonna kill you in sleep’ and in reply all she gets is a sheepish smile.
“Nothing Dida!!!” Ragini tries to rectify her mistake but Swara holds her hand.
“Actually maa-paapa, dadaji, dadi and you, all were upset with us and I was upset with myself so I just…ummm, I ranted out all my frustrations on him” Swara says with a pout which can melt even a rock.
“Oh, my sweet shona!!! I told them that punishment is going over the top but they just….. Anyway don’t worry I will talk to them and everything will be normal tomorrow. They are not even angry anymore… they’re just trying to the you lesson and I guess that you have already learnt it”
“Yeah Dida… After all we are fast learner just like you!!!” Swaragini says in unison winking at each other.
“But don’t tell them about… you know uhmm… him” Swara again pleads and Dida just pouts because she did not get to brag it to their Dadi. She did not get to say to her that Swaragini loves her more and that is why they told her about Swara’s new love but not their Dadi. She knows she has heard it accidentally but their Dadi did not need to know that.
“Okay but I want to meet that guy!!!”

“Have breakfast Princesses” Their Dadaji calls her as she used to always, Swaragini shows thumbs up to their Dida and she just raises her head in pride.

Don’t hate me for showing Swara’s thoughts!!! I know you’re gonna think that her thoughts were illogical but believe me this happens with me. Whenever my mom gives me silent treatment I just can’t help and want to kill every person in front of me. And those were not exactly illogical. They were really prioritizing Sanskar’s feelings to anyone else… even more than their family.

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