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“Let’s go!” Sanskar says, and for his surprise in a really calm tone when all he wants to shake Swara and ask her that what the hell he has done to have this silent treatment.
Sanskar goes to open the door for her but Swara opens it by herself and run toward the restaurant without even looking back. Sanskar’s deep intake of breath is audible and Swara hears it. Again guilt creeps over her and all she wants to do is go to Sanskar and tell him that she is sorry and that she knows that it’s not his fault but she can’t… she can’t. She can’t help but blame him. Maybe because she just needs to blame the situation on someone and Sanskar is the most preferable victim of her false accusations.

The food was amazing as always but the tension between Swara and Sanskar was visible and that is why for the first time Swara and Ragini were not enjoying Chinese of their favorite restaurant. For the first time they wanted to leave that place as soon as possible.
They were scared of exactly the same thing that once they will turn their relationship in something else they won’t be able to enjoy their bestii time. If you involved in two relationships with same person, then you can’t help but mix one relationship with other. It’s in human nature. There is no way you can enjoy bestii time with a person and his/her sibling when moments ago you had lovers’ spat with the same person.

This time it’s Swara and Sanskar but next time it can be Ragini and Laksh, Ragini thought and there is nothing they can do will save them from this.

“That is why I could not find” Laksh says and everyone looks at him questioningly “sun in the morning in east. Ragini is not interested in eating then sun must have risen in west” And every shakes his head at him. Clearly not expected him to be this childish!
“Everytiime when I think that you are not thaaat childish” Ragini says “you prove me wrong lucky and mind me ‘every single time’” Laksh scowls at her and ragini stuck her tongue out in reply.
“It’s better than shona’s glaring at food and praying every 5 seconds to be anywhere but here and thinking that it’s not audible” Laksh starts about how everyone is behaving strange “it’s also better than Bhai’s deep audible breath which he is taking to calm himself after listening to shona every 5 second and FYI my childish sense of humor is way better than you squirming in your seat to avoid this awkward scene my little lado.”

Swara lowers her gaze and bite her lower lip whereas Sanskar’s eyes are helplessly fixed at Swara’s lips which she is mercilessly biting. Oh, how he wants to do the same with her lips!!! How he wants to punish her by giving her a punishment kiss and he will not show any mercy because god know she deserves it today. “And to be frank you squirming in your seat is not a beautiful sight to see or I would rather call it turn off” Laksh continues, clearly knowing what he is doing to Ragini. Ragini scowls at him all the while with red cheeks clearly feeling embarrassed.

Who says you don’t want your loved ones to die? Because only god knows how much Ragini wants to kill Laksh right now and she already has a plan. She can kill him with the chop sticks in her hand in a similar way as she has seen in many Chinese movies.
As a lone tear is about to flow down from her eyes she gets up, throw her chop stick at Laksh and run outside. Well so much for killing him with that chop stick. She leans at her car letting her anger comes out in form of tears.‘How dare he insult me like that?’
‘I am gonna kill him and throw his body from Howrah bridge’
‘No that would be too… too cold hearted. I am never gonna talk to him’
‘Well yeah lado, here your boyfriend calls you a major turn off and the maximum you can do is not talk to him! BRAVO’

Laksh looks at Swara and Sanskar pouting. Swara just scowls at him and Sanskar who has turned his eyes from swara’s lips to Laksh and let’s add with much difficulty orders him to go behind her.
“We should go home???” It was more a question than a statement. To be honest Laksh has really helped with lightening the situation and now neither Swara nor Sanskar wanted to go home leaving each other like this but neither of them has guts to stop the other person.
Swara wanted to be with him but what should she say that let’s hang out so that I could rant out my anger on you.

And how can he ask her to stay when he knows that she is upset with him and reason is still unknown to him. One thing Sanskar has known about Swara, Laksh and Ragini is if they are upset on small things they will let you know themselves by announcing it 1000 times and he quotes ‘I am not talking to you b’coz I am still upset with you’ but if they are not talking to you at all that means that reason on which they are upset is really… really huge.

“Yeah” Swara replies with uncertainty in her voice. They both walks to the car and this time Sanskar does not even try to be a gentleman and open door for her.

Sanskar stops the car in front of SWARAGINI mansion. Swara stays in car playing with her fingers and neither try to start the conversation.

‘Enough is … enough’ Sanskar thinks.
“What have I done?” Sanskar asks and Swara becomes more miserable seeing Sanskar like this. Lost, vulnerable and…. defeated just because of her.
Swara wants to tell him that he has not done anything and she tries to do.
“No… Nothing Sanskar”

“Don’t give me that ‘nothing’ crap, shona. Okay it’s been almost month. We were good in Mumbai. We were good when we returned here then suddenly we are not good. It has just been and a half month of our relationship and we are already facing all this.” Sanskar says putting all his frustrations in his speech. “I don’t how we will manage this for long time” Sanskar mutters under his breath but swara still hears it and all her fear and insecurities of not being the one for long relationships comes back to her. So she runs, runs away from Sanskar, from all her fears, from everything. She does not want to be the one left behind… again at least not right now when all she is feeling is her family leaving her and her sister.

Sanskar sighs but not runs behind her. He knows she has heard his last sentence and as soon as he saw her face going white as sheet he wanted to stop her and tell her that never in million years he will leave her or even let her leave him. He knows it will be difficult to be with his Shona but he does not expect any less. He loves Swara, however she is and wants her to be her real self with him.
He tries to hold her and hug her but before he even could touch her, she ran out of the car and left him alone thinking that she is again running away from their relationship.

Laksh founds Ragini leaning over bonnet of her car and walks toward her.
“Hey!” Laksh gives her a sheepish smile.
“You… You jerk. How dare you call me a turn off. I am your girlfriend dipshit, everything I do should be a turn on to you” Ragini turns toward him with red blazing eyes. And he gulps audibly.
“Well… you and anger is really a hot combination baby and right now I am really… really turned on” Laksh fans over his face.

“You perv! So if I will be sleeping with my hairs sprawling all over pillow like ghost and drooling like a baby then I won’t be attractive to you, right???” Laksh raises his eyebrow.
“Well that will be a sight to see and for your information my little lado I have seen that sight for like uncountable times and I still find you attractive” Laksh looks at her with smug look and Ragini struggles to reply.
Well that is true, he has seen her in her worst and in her best but if he still says that he loves her then he must have seen something in her which she still has to find, by the way.
Laksh mocks her after seeing her gaping like fish and Ragini groans while hitting him on chest.

“You were crying because I don’t find you attractive or you can’t turn me on” Ragini narrows her eyes at him.
“No. I was angry at you and that was tears of anger not sadness, alright” Well that’s right she was just angry not sad. It’s not like she would have tried to change herself just because laksh does not like her anymore, right???
Who is she kidding?! Yeah she won’t change herself to make Laksh love her if he does not love her anymore but she surely will adjust with her personality if that makes Laksh happy and she knows Laksh would do the same but she also knows that neither of them need to change themselves because love is never about changing the other person according to you but it is all about accepting the other person however he/she is.

“Yeah… you were just angry”
“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, mister”
“So please kiss that lowest form of wit away, my most beautiful girl”
“I am your only girl!”
“I wonder….”

“Someone is not getting the kiss”
“Oh you are my only girl lado, one and only and always will be my only girl. Now may I get what I want?”
“You may”

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