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So here it goes……

Recap: Swara and Ragini discuss where they have gone wrong with their decision about Mathurs, Dp apologizes to Laksh and requests him to give one more chance and he will be a good father to Laksh.

Chapter 65:

Gadodias have been avoiding Swaragini since that night and with college and classes at orphanage going it was not that hard. It’s not like they have been acting rudely to girls, no… it was just the less enthusiastic reaction of their family through which they can say that their family are avoiding them and are still upset. Swaragini also tried to make things normal but after few attempts they also left the hope and gave their family space to understand Swaragini.

It’s ironic actually how Swaragini always considered themselves as the most childish 18 years old girls but just one situation and they are starting to consider themselves as the adults they are… not just by age but also mentally. Thus situation has told them a lot about human psychology. Like when Laksh told them about Dp’s behavior they learnt that to understand anyone’s situation you have to be in their shoes or atleast you will have to imagine yourself in their shoes. One more thing they learnt from the situation is that guilt is the worst feeling any human can have. When Laksh told Swaragini about Dp’s apology, Swaragini forbids him from telling this to Swaragini because they knew he would have felt guilty when it was not even his fault.

That was the last long conversation Swaragini had with either one of Sanskar and Laksh. With giving lessons at orphanage, continuous classes at college and internal exams going on none of them had time to have long romantic or best fiend conversation with each other. Well it was also their decision to concentrate on studies first because with current situation they don’t want to upset their parents more by their low academic performance.

“I swear I am gonna kill either myself or the person who made business studies a subject if I will have to read this stock thingy for one more time” Swara says to her sister groaning and Ragini also scowls at her book.
“yeah!!! Me too! Like seriously girl. Don’t you think business is about experiencing it practically not about reading these stupid situations in business” Ragini says pouting.
They continue saying things like that all the while knowing that this study is important for handling their family’s legacy… their family business.

“I am just thanking god with my whole being because tomorrow is the last day of this torture” Ragini huffs and thinks about all the things she is going to do tomorrow just because their exams are going to end.

“Finally!!! We did it!!!” Laksh shout fist pumping in air. Swara and Ragini also cheers whereas Sanskar just smiles seeing them.
“I don’t understand that why do you guys hate exams and studies this much” Sanskar syas shaking his head and stuffing his hand in his jacket.
“Topper we all can’t be like you, can we???” Swara says bitterly. Even she does not know why she is having this bitterness for him. But from last few days she just wants to stay away from so that she could control herself and not hurt Sanskar.

Sanskar huffs, tired of Swara’s silent treatment and bitter reply but just let it go and continue talking with Ragini and Laksh.

“Okay so here is the plan, we are going to have our bestii time at our all-time favorite Chinese restaurant” Ragini says, trying to cut the tension.
“Lado, that is not our all-time favprite restaurant, that is just you and you sister’s favorite” Laksh says trying to stifle a smile. Ragini glares at him.
“And neither we are going to have bestii time, just tell us that you both sisters are going to have food timing” Sanskar and Laksh gives each other hi-five whereas Ragini glares at them and Swara starts walking away to the car. Sanskar shakes his head furiously.

“Lado I think you should drive with shona, she won’t appreciate me driving with her” Sanksar says in a fake calm tone, trying to compress his anger.
“You don’t need to Lado, I am gonna take cab from here” Swara declares without turning.
“Lado, she is not gonna get cab from here without advanced booking it” Sanskar says without looking at Swara.
“I can take rickshaw lado”
“Yeah and I will reach there in evening Lado” Sanskar says mocking Swara.

“Enough!” Ragini shouts and take deep breaths to calm herself. Even when Ragini can’t say clearly what is going on with her sister, she has a very good idea why she is suddenly bitter to Sanskar and the worst part is Swara is currently in no hearing zone where no matter whatever Ragini will try to make Swara understand, she is not gonna listen to anything.

“Shona, topper is driving you to restaurant and I will not hear anything about it” Ragini says with a finality in her tone. And swara pout finally turning to look at them.

“I don’t know what is wrong with shona but she is really hurting Bhai” Laksh says to Ragini and she nods but then smirks thinking about what she has planned to do after finishing her exams.
Ragini kisses Laksh’s cheeks and when she sees red creeping at the tip of his ears she smirks satisfactorily. Laksh scowls at her very well knowing what is she trying to do.

Ragini repeatedly does the same. “Do you want me to stop car at the corner of street because god knows I won’t have any problem in doing that and lado once I stopped car then I swear I am gonna kiss hell out of you” Laksh passionately says and Ragini’s eyes widens. AT which he chuckles and continue with the driving. Now he was the one with a smirk and Ragini with blush creeping on her face.

Swara and Sanskar silently sit in the car.
‘What the hell is her problem?’ Saskar thinks to himself. Everything was good, we were good and now suddenly we are fighting without even knowing what are we fighting for. No actually a fight would have been better but here his shona is looking at him with accusations in her eyes and he can’t handle that. Atleast she should tell her what wrong he has done. Sanskar looks at her longingly and thinks what they would have been talking about if not for Swara’s unreasonable anger.

Swara hears Sanskar sighing and guilt starts making its home in her mind. She knows she is doing wrong, she knows it that none of the mess is sanskar’s mistake but still she somehow finds it reasonable to blame him for everything swara is going through. She somehow feels better and light by blaming Sanskar.

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